Starbucks Girl

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This is a letter that I wrote in my English class. This boy has a crush on a girl, but is too afraid to talk to her; so he does what anybody does when he is in love. he stares at her and envisions her in his mind. Enjoy

Submitted: October 12, 2009

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Submitted: October 12, 2009



Dear Starbucks Girl,

Since I'm too scared to go up to you and ask you your real name without falling over myself, I decided this would be the appropriate name for you since i always see you the same time each day (11:30, before the real lunch break) at Starbucks. So the name fits, until I get the courage to talk to you.

Now I don't know if this would qualify as stalkerish, but I've been watching you for about a couple of weeks. You always order the same thing, (a chi tea without any milk or sugar), pay in cash, thank the cashier and sit in the corner table, sometimes in the shade, but sometimes in the sun. You always sit alone, but keep looking at your watch every so often, like you are late for an appointment.

After fifteen minutes of deciding that you aren't late for an appointment, you grab your bag, usually sitting in the seat next to you and start whatever homework assignment you have to finish. your long blonde hair covers the left side of your face as you lean over to embrace yourself in your work. Occasionally, you'll come up for air and your hazel eyes will look around the crowded area to see if anyone was watching you. Obviously you don't see me, but then again I'm not the kind of person you would notice right away. Don't be sorry, I don't mind. You decide as your eagel eyes scan the area that it is a perfect time to finish your chi tea. Your pink ipod ear buds hang out of your ear and your lips are speaking the words that probably is flowing through the Ipod. Your neatly manicured nails glide across the paper as you rapidly finish the rest of your assignment.

After the assignment is complete, you would usually get up and leave Starbucks, but occasionally, you stay longer and either stare out the window to people watch (my favorite thing to do) or take out a book to read. I always love when you put your reading glasses to the bridge of your nose, your eyes flying from line to line, page to page. You cross your legs, usually right leg over left leg, but you would get uncomfortable after a while and switch legs. Your jeans usually sport gapping holes from much use and you would wear mismatch converse all star sneakers.

Now this has always bothered me. I can imagine people wearing mismatching socks (which you do also), but never mismatching sneakers. You would always wear the red sneaker on the left foot and the blue sneaker on the right foot. The weirdest part is that you don't seem bothered by it at all. I wonder how many of your closest friends, family members even complete strangers ask you about this strange fashion. Do you ever notice that you are always putting the red sneaker on the left foot and blue sneaker on the right foot? Is it part of your routine? Do you ever wear the blue sneaker on the left foot and the red sneaker on the right? These are the types of questions I want to ask you, but I have a feeling these questions wouldn't be a great conversation starter.

Maybe one day I will ask you these qeustions. First I'd have to actually talk to you first instead of only writing my thoughts to you in this letter.


Dunkin Donuts Boy

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