I'm Over You

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Lost love

Submitted: September 18, 2012

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Submitted: September 18, 2012




Well guess what, it finally happened,

The sky turned a bright, shining blue;

No storm clouds on my horizon,

I’ve managed to get over you.


No lying awake thinking of you,

Heart pounding, leaving me haggard;

No pain piercing deep into my soul,

Like the blade of a razor-sharp dagger.


The crush of unbearable sorrow,

No longer weighs down on my spirit;

The tears in my eyes are all dried up,

And when the birds sing I now hear it.


No more do I wander the night streets,

Crying “My God, why did she leave?”

The kaleidoscope colors of springtime,

Are something I once again see.


A smile was amazingly spotted,

Briefly, last week on my face;

And all of the stars that fell earthward,

Are surprisingly back in their place.


The moon is now back hanging upright,

Instead of being upside down;

The dreams for the future that left me,

Have incredibly come back around.


The friends that thought I was done for,

Now see me as a brand new man;

We laugh, we talk, we party and play,

As hard and as oft as we can.


I now can go back to those places,

That you and I used to go;

And wonder of wonders my composure,

Now stays well above zero.


So, when I say I no longer love you,

Why don’t you believe that it’s true?

Except for these 9 short verses,

I never have lied to you…..


© Copyright 2018 Greg Shelton. All rights reserved.

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