Alex Sharpe's Best of Poetry

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Best of Alex Sharpe's Poetry. Everything you read in this book is copyright and subject to penalty under law.

Submitted: November 14, 2013

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Submitted: November 14, 2013



Forever is never, at night they are clever. They will take your mind to the deepest, darkest pits and rape your soul. Their hands will bust open and break your skull. Their bloody fists will replace your face, and your soul will, forevermore, be an empty place.

The Darker the dark, the better they see. From their mouth, their eyes, comes the pain that they bleed. The more they want, the more they need, and the more they hunt, they see, the better they feed.

Eyes of rage, eyes of blood. The more they feed, the faster they run, churning mud. Their skin will fall off, baked by the sun. Their brain, and mind, turned into mush, fucked by a gun, and in their endless pain, will forever, never have fun.

He hunts you down. From this fucked up world he comes from, he runs around, chasing his instincts, chasing the sounds, and killing in strife in the endless pain, taken of life.


The next day was the funeral, no one showed. Behind a dark door, where no one goes. Where I laid my head to rest and no one ever thought of any less.

Motionless flows of exuberant knows. In between where the river flows. Thoughts of mindless wood in rows.


I find not the truth, lie on the ground, but somewhere much more than anything profound. Written in dust, nothing near sound.

The trees are just tombs, dust in the wind. These memories, just wombs for something hell-sent and hell-bent on finding my truth. The truth that I seek, forever weak. The same truth of which I cannot speak.

Wishfully wondering, sundering, dundering. Everything eventually evolves into everything. Is this rhyme in which I speak? Harrowing, narrowing, making me weak?


Wonderful wizards wavy of love. The Earth and the skies hell thunder cries. Sinister mist fairies of the dark. The purple moonlight gleaming through my heart. Mountain tops filled with a golden glowing art. All come down to cross a part.

Sea-shells falling and sinking down. With air bubbles and quiet renown. How quiet the sound -- the gather dust, and hit the ground.

Mountains filled with lunar dreams. Pretty horses, fog and steam. Rising from places, spaces seams. Like beautiful, unknown mystical dreams. Meeting people, places, times. Shattered glass all along the lines. In space and time, full of peace. Where the fluorescent blue water tames release. Solicitlly blinding, stark and bright. Unforthly blinding, dark and blight. Silky, sparky, skylit scores. On beaches, in skies, in rain it pours. Majestical peace flowing through. Ages of mystic, cacryn dues. I wish upon the night to rise, and melt upon me in front of my eyes and end in this to be done. Will henceforth be never won.


Could I bring the branch up to my face? To see, not heareth my wicked stance? An oblong creature, none a feature, stands -- not sits -- in front of me... not a chance.

He sits there in front of me, out of reach. A lizard upon me sits in a tree. Where else am I or what not to be? A wretched creature, nothing to me. For what art thou but something I cannot see?

Am I free? For years and four wars have torn my glee, piece by piece my vision was blurred, and slowly crept away from me, assured I was never going to recover from these endless nights without a lover. Yet be my vision blurred the very next day. No, here I am, still -- no -- forever a slave.

Nye myself cannot rely. What clocks tick, tick with time. I wish, I wish I would not die to this sound of a clock ticking time. When the future comes to me tonight, the past, the present will join in the fight.

Sentence this old hingey bag. Troubled by life my eye-bags hang. Wishing for another time, of softer more lazy reside. I wish myself upon this rhyme. No, I deny.


Alarming noise daylight's sound. Blue light's dawn of chirping around. Black light on dawn on which they elate. Black lilacs of valley of villay of orange.

Vanilla daylight wraps around the warming sun. Winter howl lights teeming moon. The winds that blow across the ocean's moon. Mysteries of the seas soon rest ease. The earth cries may hell's sunder rise. Beautiful brown leaf lay around. Light-dark twilling heart play a sound. Take these waters away and henceforth drown.

Blue dawn twilight particles float over my life. The rains on the horizons sweep with strife. Black swan obey life's rules. White sheep does not know a thing. The inner peace of quiet trees heals the soul. The pain a feeling of witched woe. Riveted by holes leading into endless nulls.

Blue streams of water light shine through. The fist they jump all colors of hue. Beautiful mounts of snow covered tops. A little yellow duck sits in a pond. Sea mist eyes the ocean's glorious dawn. Shimmers of light as they are tonight. Wishful lizards they fall before me. Birds they hover they see me their shadow below me. Waiting before me I see the rain. Your eyes so dark their light keeps me sane. A monster inside you is tearing you apart. It heals you up and sows you shut. The little people they see they hear. They wash away all of your fear with the drop of a tear. But will this work out in the end. Capable people do nothing but sin. Spiraling downwards into eternity. Up through the places and spaces continuously.

Beautiful blue butterflies in melodramatic skies. Bashful blackened bird wishing as it flies. Tranquil delusions terrifyingly true. Singing birds of song sincerely very blue. Misty mysterious cloudy crescent skies. Westward facing window-meres wistfully wasting whys. Something so serious seeming such a sight. Waking meadows in lurking layers nothing such to hide. Colorful cloudy creations searing through the skies. Orange oblong oceans lapping with a sound. Morning mist meddling along making many dew. Vanilla vaporescent twillings overwhelming dillings golden dawning mood. Misty aerostatic elevating hues. Deep daring ocean waters vibrant colors of each hue. Dancing playing gently prancing forever more can do.

Helpless, aerostatic, levelistic views. Raging my words like colored hues. The end of the night is nearest to day. Back in the forest with it's wicked ways. Irritating terrifying unsolving screws. Impossible imposterous nominating nearly done news.


Soft. Curtlin. White and lovely. Tumbling softly, blowing aloftly. Streching far -- stretching wide. Growing tall and growing high.

Dimmer. Dimmer. Fainter. Fainter. Growing high. Darkness falls. Darkness rises. Soft. Curtlin. White and lovely. Pale. Mysterious. Tumbling aloftly, blowing softly. So magical, so mysterious.


Mystical sky fairies call out your name. Flow through my heart and then make it slain. I have never felt the same. Since that very first night that you came.

Mystical sky fairies call out your name. My heart is riddled with holes all the same. Your breath blows through my cruel past. Follow my dreams they now or last and come to learn. My dreams and magic that I have come to cast.


So stricken with evil so stricken with grief. Yet evil so much yet years before me. To hear my name and then be called upon. I come to this space between my name. To be read upon and then be insane. I blind myself with the future's past. And forever, not never, may I see at last.


He slowly walks the Earth. Carefully shadowing the grassy grounds. He slowly notices his birth. Noticeably listening to all of the sounds.


Haunting dreams of land ago. Liking of creatures and wretched woe. A feeling of darkness and nowhere to go. Taken of life and nothing to show.


I cry and cried as I weep and sighed. Wishful of nothing that I put behind. I looked down from hell and saw no heaven. Suddenly, I was doomed of life.


Evaporescent pawning, dawdling... Whispering while elemontic powers paddle by. Laces of lacau, lissea laid all over -- spread ataracable -- unbearable -- nothing near, nothing to fear. Covered in hues and beautiful beaus, lisquer and leud.

Powdered pebbles trickling down a mountain river -- A sliver of moonlight reckons the past, residing reasons of what comes last, in the rust and dust and ruins of bones and glory. Silver laying reasons creating the quiver -- streaming, teeming -- silently dreaming Quietly screaming. As terror runs and unfolds, a dark closet where a lone flower grows, tired of life, dies in strife. Covered in tar-filled snow -- nowhere to go, a trace of light vanishes into the darkness, where evil resides, tarnished too soon, a beautiful boon repeats the past -- and in a quick terr -- backlash of beauty, innocence flees.

Flippering chemicals, pools of dance. Second glance, shallow vance, deepened trance. Flying by this blight tonight, trying to dive to die to light. When castuaries and terror ferries. Isolated berry terries.


I wake the morning walks with dawn. I circle the globe my journey is won. I cannot recall all of the fun. From days not in times all but gone. I wake, the morning's nuclear dawn.


In a city i tear. Dark bright and barely unclear. Pedals of moonlight lie in the fog. By a log and a woodstop in a bog. The city i fear is near, and I sleep.


The particles fall, they float. They go onward toward the sea, by boat. Blow across the deserted lands. Hopeless of everything more.

The dust still floats. For years to come. Everywhere they are. They're here. The land rots.

The cities. They rot in ruin. And pain. Unaware of. Pain. And decay.

Becoming them. They are they're here. Seeing what they see. I am, I fear.

A plague, it rusts. In dust. While it floats on. Filling cuts.






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© Copyright 2020 Alex Sharpe The Dream-Writer. All rights reserved.

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