"El Lau Mistique"

Poem by: Alex Sharpe


Submitted: October 28, 2013

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Submitted: October 28, 2013




El Lau Mistique -- by Alex Sharpe (C) COPYRIGHT 2013 by Alex Sharpe El Lau Mistique

El Lau Mistique.jpg
"El Lau Mistique": "Crystals of the Ocean Moon"
By Alex Sharpe

Wonderful wizards wavy of love
The Earth and the skies hell thunder cries
Sinister mist ferries of the dark
The purple moonlight gleaming through my heart
Mountain tops filled with a glowing golden art
All come down to cross a part

Becoming my evil is not so easy
My misty eyes can be so mist easy
Is this dream a gleam of light in which I will find
You had better just not look behind you

Layers of lizards and lady farewell
We all just share the very same hell
Heaven and Hell all rain down hail
But there is nothing like this feeling of stale
Gleaming lights brought me down to Earth from my hell
These gleaming lights brought me down to Earth tonight

De borro de call a de senswuade zalla
Bakraft lo vindice le nih hos se swalla
Co horde lo coh no via las leh ho lo no
Befraft of die dawn le ro horrocco

Befraid the night of awareness of day
Beware of the Dawn that meets its Dusk
Before you see yourself disappear in dust

Alarming noise daylight’s sound
Blue light’s dawn of chirping around
Black light on dawn on which they elate
Black lilacs of valley of villay of orange

The universe it calls the stars they come around
Their journey they scourge the journey that makes them their day to night
For the endless life-long bounty-less fight
Lust worthy zust swurvy very so much curvy
But this orange warm twilight feeling
It is swurvy

Day light breaks on dawn’s dearest dreams of décor
The greatest most unbelievable leastly abhor
Trimming the treetops leaves of green
The vanilla highlight it makes it seem

Vanescent twillings of endless nights
Clouds burning in the sky
If it is this than what am I

Drilling done-light of dilly bugs
Curling up like one big rug

Endless happening nothing of full
Seems to exist to someone no more

The vamomenescent daylight shun these scars
Ela mystique de la quar
De la mystique ela quar
This is the view that I see from afar

nature sense.jpg
“El Lau Mistique II”: "Nature Sense"

Vanilla Daylight Wraps Around the Warming Sun
Winter Howl Lights Teeming Moon
The Winds That Blow Across the Oceans Moon
Mysteries of the Seas Soon Rest Ease
The Earth Cries May Hell's Sunder Rise
Beautiful Brown Leaf Lay Around
Light-Dark Twilling Heart Play a Sound
Take These Waters Away and Hence Forth Drown

This Ship rises, it Sinks to thee
This Rain Drop Soars by My Eye
Becoming the Tear that I cry

Might the Sun be So Far Away
Yet Little Yellow Stars Please Walk Away
This Road is Dark You Don’t Want to Know
Please Just Go and Never Come Back

Innocent Daisies Fills the Lot
Bugs fly around, looking at rot
What Love Goes as Far As Heavens Reach
Sucking the Blood from Humanity Like a Leech

De borro de call a de senswuade zalla
Bakraft lo vindice le nih hos se swalla
Co horde lo coh no via las leh ho lo no
Befraft of die dawn le ro horrocco

(Call My Home and Make Me Sane
This Rain it Burns Right Through my Brain
It had its Turn then Left then Came
I had Died and Forgotten my Name)

These Days they Darken My Inner Soul
They Sleep With Me They Seem They See
Riveted by Holes My Mind is Gone
Or is it My Mind that has Won
De la mystique Le ela quar

“El Lau Mistique III": "Earth-Rise"

Blue Dawn Twilight Particles Float over My Life
The Rains On the Horizons Sweeps With Strife.
Black Swan Obey Life’s Rules, White Sheep Does Not Know A Thing
The Inner Peace of Quiet Trees Heals the Soul
The Pain – A Feeling of Witched Woe
Riveted by Holes Leading Into Endless Nulls

Blue Streams of Water Light Shine Through
The Fish They Jump All Colors of Hue
Beautiful Mounts Snow Covered Tops
A Little Yellow Duck Sits in a Pond
Sea Mist Eyes the Oceans Glorious Dawn
Shimmers of Light as they are Tonight
Wishful Lizards they Fall Before Me
Birds they Hover Their Shadow they See Me
Waiting Before Me I See the Rain
Your Eyes So Dark Their Light Keeps Me Sane
A Monster Inside You Is Tearing You Apart
It Heals You Up and Sows You Shut
The Little People they See they Hear
They Wash Away With the Drop of a Tear
Butt Will this Work Out in the End
Capable People Do Nothing But Send
Spiraling Downwards Into Eternity
Up Through the Places and Spaces Continuously

They Cannot Keep Me From the Dark
Where Scary Creatures Hunt and Lurk
In this Place Where We Are Going
Wretched Beasts They Hunt They Kill
No Matter Your Level or Your Skill
Laces of Lazzsae Spread All About
Everywhere in Places Inside and Out
Come Out to thee and Take Outeth My Evil
These Pink and Purple Shades They're Equal
So Let's Take A little Break
For A While You Don't Have to Think
We've Lost So Much Time In These Hellish Pits
It Won't Matter If You Were Hit or Bit

Can You Hear Me? Do You See Me?
I Am Here!
I Am Here!

Your Soul Will Be Here for A While
Stopped in Place and Stolen from Place
This Hole In Space and Time It's Place
El' Lau Mistique De La Quar

“El Lau Mistique IV”: "Waves of Peace"

Wonderful Wizards Wavy of Love
Hell Rain Down Hell Thunder Cries
Beautiful Blue Butterflies in Melodramatic Skies
Bashful Blackened Bird Wishing As It Flies
Tranquil DelusionsTerrifyingly True
Singing Birds of Song, Sincerely Very Blue
Misty Mysterious Cloudy Crescent Skies
Westward Window-meres Wistfully Wasting Whys
Something So Serious Seeming Such A Sigh
Waking Meadows In Lurking Layers Nothing Such To Hide
Colorful Cloudy Creations Searing Through The Skies
Orange Oblong Oceans Lapping With A Sound
Morning Mist Meddling Along Making Many Dew
Vanilla Vaporescent Twillings Overwhelming Dillings Golden Dawning Mood
Misty Aerostatic Elevating Hues
Deep Daring Ocean Waters Vibrant Colors Of Each Hue
Dancing Playing Gently Prancing Forever More Can Do

“El Lau Mistique V”: "Misty Orange Gliss"

Mountains filled with lunar dreams

Pretty Horses, Fog and Steam

Rising from Places, Spaces, Seams

Like Beautiful, Unknown, Mystical Dreams

Meeting People, Places, Times

Shattered Glass in an Empty Desert

In Space and Time, Full of Peace


Helpless, Aerostatic, Levelistic Views

Raging My Words Like Colored Hues

The End of the Night is Nearest to Day

Back in the Forest with It's Wicked Ways

Irritating, Terrifying, Unsolving Screws

Impossible, Imposterous, Nominating Nearly Done News


Solicitlly Blinding, Stark and Bright

Unforthly Unwinding, Dark and Blight

Super Starry Waterfalls

Silky, Sparkly, Skylit Scores

On Beaches, In Skies, In Rain Pour

Wishing, Wondering, Weighing Ways


Majestical Peace Flowing Through

Ages of mystic, Cacryn Dues

I wish upon the night to rise

End in front of my very eyes

And in this to be done

Will hence forth never be won

El Lau Mistique De La Quar

Spring Water Source
Fresh, Cold Ice
A Misty Forest, Rain-Filled Glow
Continuing from a Mountain
To a Better Youth
Sparkly Skies, Lit With Light by Stars
They Own the Night Tonight
Gold and Silver Water Falls
Liquid Purification Knows it All
Suspicious Nights and Glorious Flies
Sparkle-Lit, Tale of Light
Beautiful Stars and Galaxies
Clusters of Stars and Gravities
With Dust Orbiting in Waves that Lap Against
Calmly, Quietyly -- Ever Since
Sea-Shells Floating in a Calm Blue Water
Slowly Falling and Sinking Down
With Air Bubbles and Quiet Renown
How Quiet the Sound
They Gather Dust, and Hit the Ground
Blue Dream.jpg

“El Lau Mistique VI”: "Blue-Dream"
Atomic Ocean.jpg

“El Lau Mistique VII”: "Nuclear Sun-Set"

© Copyright 2016 Alex Sharpe. All rights reserved.

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


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