"Gulf War"

Status: Finished

"Gulf War"

Status: Finished

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Submitted: October 28, 2013

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Submitted: October 28, 2013



"Gulf War" -- A Poem by Alex Sharpe




Through all the beauties we face 

The memories we tend to erase 
My brothers fell into my arms and said to me 
Go on and keep fighting 
Tell my family I will keep writing 

I told myself I can't keep doing this every day 
Watching my friends -- my brothers die in pain 
All of my friends going home insane 

In my eye I see 
Everything I am 
Blown away 
In front of me 

Every generation of my grandfathers has fought in a war 
Every one of their faces torn from a war 
Why can't we stop fighting 
Most of my friends have stopped writing 
We've been here too long 
Lives wasted, Lives gone 
Brothers, Sisters, and sons... All Gone 

My friends and I keep asking why 
We are in a shallow memory 
I keep seeing sights that aren't seeing me 
Keep hearing voices telling me what to be 
From what I see we can't stop fighting can we 
Sadly this is my memory 

God's telling me why -- am I 
If ten-thousand years of war isn't enough to show 
Then tell me why 
Because my head is so sore 
I've never felt this way before 
When war came to my front door 

Never felt this way before 
I go and go and try and try 
But I just can't see the end in sight 
Relentlessly I'm fighting 
Fearlessly I'm trying 
But I just can't stop the dying 

If this is what we came here for 
To be in an endless war forevermore 
Ten-thousand miles an hour 
Bullets flying past my face 

Through all of the beauties we face 

All of the memories we tend to erase 

My soul has become an empty place 

When will we put an end to this war 

Before we destroy the entire human race 

Where has my soul gone 

Where did my friends go wrong 

Why do we want to die 

My brothers fell into my arms and said to me 


© Copyright 2016 Alex Sharpe. All rights reserved.

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