"Nuclear Dawn"

Status: Finished

"Nuclear Dawn"

Status: Finished

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Submitted: October 28, 2013

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Submitted: October 28, 2013





I wake the morning walks with dawn

I circle the globe my journey is won

I cannot recall all of the fun

From days not in times all but gone

I wake, the morning's nuclear dawn


I take myself to another place

I roam around, empty space

I retrace my steps as I fall

I relieve myself, I stand and draw


I cannot overcome this wicked wall

Breathing edges crust and raw

I tear my skin off to the sound

I shed these years pound by pound


This nightmare becomes my very own

I am traped in this golden throne

All but happy as I should be years to come

I weep and moan, I reap the same old tone


I dance with the waves and solar rays

I enter the cave, deep and rave

The light dashes with me as I behave

So becomes the things I crave


The seagulls fly overhead

They stare at me I am dead

I see in there a golden thread

I am anything but alive, I am dead


I am alive no doubt in deed

I have planted my body like a seed

In the ground, where I am, is fed indeed


I wish for nothing more than it

I can not take another breath

As morning passes night comes with

The days and nights they mix and rift

© Copyright 2016 Alex Sharpe. All rights reserved.

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