Your Worst Nightmares: (Can You Survive?) -- Book One

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From being stalked by evil clowns, doctors who want to secretly perform operations on you - school teachers giving you more than just cruel assignments - to being on a plane nose-diving to the ground from 40,000 feet in the sky and much more... can you survive... Your Worst Nightmares?

(WARNING: This project can get more dark than you think. Mature Content Warning)

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Your Worst Nightmares: (Can You Survive?) -- Book One

Submitted: October 28, 2013

'From being stalked by evil clowns, doctors, and school-teachers, falling out of the sky from 5,000 feet in a plane without power, meeting/being put under spells by witches/wizards, having a murder/stalker/killer stay in the same house as you, being buried alive, seeing ghosts and/or premonitions of yourself dying -- to living the whole rest of your life up until your death, then waking back up to find that it was all a dream; or -- how about falling down a deep, dark cavern/hole in the ground with jagged rocks sticking out of every side, threatening to carve/on carving you up as you fall down into the deep-dark unknown ---- "Can You Survive..... YOUR WORST NIGHTMARES?"' Read Chapter