Fly Far Far away

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A story about a man and a fly

Submitted: November 16, 2012

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Submitted: November 16, 2012



Far Far Away (Fly)


Far, Far away in a distant land,

  There was a man by the name of Dan.

He looked up to the cloudless sky,

  And on his nose there landed a fly.


He waved a hand in front of his face,

  But that old fly remained in place.

He caught the bug between his fingers,

  And then it stung him with its stingers.


From his pocket Dan pulled a spray,

  And told the fly to go away!

The fly's wings just buzzed with laughter,

  So Dan was determined for it to capture.


Dan lifted the can and sprayed the spray,

  All into his face, and without delay.

It seeped into his mouth, nose, and ears,

  Into his brain, his knowledge so dear.


His body twitched, shrunk, and reshaped,

  Anyone watching would have open mouthed gaped,

From his back sprouted wings,

  He liked the smell of nasty things!


His eyes bulged and his skin turned black

  He grew new legs and his mouth went whack!

When he opened his eyes he saw a fly,

  Standing before him with a twinkle in its eye


And Dan knew that he was a fly.

  With a buzz of his wings he flew to the sky

He flew until the sun had set

  Several fly’s he had already met


And looking down from his lofty height,

  He saw a man staring up to the night,

Dropping from the sky, he landed his toes

  Ever so gently on the man's nose.

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