The Zombie Quiz!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
how would you fare in a zombie epidemic? fine out!

Submitted: February 12, 2009

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Submitted: February 12, 2009



There is not a Key for this quiz, but I will “grade” you depending on your choices and give you an A, B, C D, F or for the best of the best outcomes a grade of Z, along with a brief summery fo your survival style. Try to be honest in you awnsers

The zombies are rising! What was once a small string of bizarre killing has exploded into an epidemic. People bitten by zombies are dying then suddenly reanimating to hunt and feast on the living! The government and military have declared your area a quarantine zone and pulled out, leaving you and those you know on your own. Can you survive the zombie apocalypse?

The zombies: the zombies you are assumed to be dealing with are the usual slumping, stupid, slow moving but relentless and immune to any attack except one that destroys the brain. They are no stronger than an average human, but they do not tire. They are attracted by noise and hunt by sight and sound, they let out the trademark moan when prey is in sight. The virus is transmitted by body fluids entering the body, usually from bites but also from ingested blood or open wounds. There may be a cure, but you do not know, all you need to know is that you need to survive.

Tip: More people in a place = more of everything (including zombies)

Question 1

The outbreak has just hit the breaking point, there is panic in the street as people are eaten alive. Before you do anything you need to hide out somewhere until thing are calm enough for you to move, you gather your supplies weapons and any loved ones you may have and head out. Where do you go to hide?

A) The Hospital

B) the police station

C) a small office building after barricading the stairs

D) Your barricaded home (if you select this answer pick the answer below for the kind of home it is)

i) Suburban

ii) Rural

iii) city apartment

iv) mobile home

E) The shopping mall, its looting time baby!

F) a Bank vault

G) a Church

Question 2

When getting dressed for the zombie takeover you choose:

A) tight fitting clothes and short cut hair

B) large baggy clothes so you can carry more stuff and short hair

C) baggy clothes, and im not cutting my hair!

Question 3

you cant fight zombies with fists! What kind of weapon would you prefer for zombie killing up close?

A) A crowbar

B) A medieval Mace

C) and Ax or Machete

D) a carpenter hammer

E) A knife

F) Chainsaw!

Question 4

killing zombies is not always best done up close, besides a pistol sidearm, witch weapon would you choose to fight off the hordes of the unread?

A) An assault rifle

B) Bolt action hunting rifle

C) A Semi-automatic Rifle

D) Pump action shotgun

E) Flame thrower!

Question 5

You decide that you cant stay in the same place forever, its time to get moving! How do you prefer travel? (either alone or in a group)

A) a sedan

B) A motorbike

C) A pedal bike

D) A horse

E) ye old SUV

F) on foot

Question 6

You cant travel very well without a destination. The last scraps of radio broadcast you get is from the military telling everyone to get to a large city nearby so they can be better defended. Where do you go?

A) The city that the military plans to defend

B) A nearby small town

C) The closest military base

D) anywhere outside the infected zone, your not big on specifics

Question 7

when traveling you:

A) travel alone

B) travel with one or two friends you trust

C) a moderate sized group

D) a large group of people

Question 8

You need food, medicine and supplies, your out of canned goods and hunting is not a favorable option right now. Where do you look for supplies?

A) a large mall

B) a grocery store

C) a small local store

D) a hospital

F) abandoned houses

Question 9

While scavenging for supplies you have managed to remain undetected by the zombies wandering around, but you come across a lone zombie staggering around right in the path you need to take, how do you deal with it?

A) Shoot it in the head with your rifle, boom head shot!

B) make a distraction and sneak by while the brain numb zombie is distracted

C) Get the zombies attention and kill it when it gets closer

D) sneak up behind it and bash it's skull in.

Question 10

You best friend has just been bitten! Hes only got an hour or so before he turns like the others, what do you do?

A) shoot him in the head without a second thought

B) *Sniff* goodbye old buddy (Blam!)

C) lock them in a closet and wait for rescue, and hopefully a cure

D) try and treat him yourself

F) Cut off the bitten limb in hopes of stopping the infection.

Question 11

While traveling, you (and your group if any) come across a small band of survivors, how do you react?

A) Ignore them

B) Wave to them to get their attention

C) sneak up on them, aim your gun at them and tell them to drop their weapons and no one will get hurt. Then if all goes well apologize for the precaution and join up with them.

D) Kill them in a sneak attack and take all their stuff!

E) Tag along with them but use them as bait in the event of a zombie attack

Question 12

A swarm of zombies is hot on your tail and you cant fight them all, you need to lose them fast! How do you do this?

A) use the old Molotov cocktail, that will slow them down

B) scramble over a medium sized wall to separate yourself from them

C) push your buddy in front of them to take their minds off of you and concentrate on their new snack.

D) Stand and give those undead bastards a taste of the grape!

Question 13

you have arrived at your destination, but things are not as you expected. The place is abandoned and filled with zombies. You:

A) move on and try tog et as far from the infected zone as you can

B) clear out the place of zombies and fortify part of it

C) find somewhere close by to hide out and wait for rescue

Question 14

what is your gender?

A) Male

B) Female

Question 15


Question 16

Physical condition?

A) I am in my prime and I exersize every day!

B) I'm in okay shape, I can run for a while and have okay strength, but im not an athlete or anything

C) I'm out of shape a bit, I'm not grossly obese but I could use some exersize

D) im so fat my blubber can deflect bullets

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