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its about a 8th grade kid named as mark, some people specific ones were bullying so he survives throughout the story.

Submitted: April 20, 2013

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Submitted: April 20, 2013





A guy named mark he was in 8th grade, this guy loved school, all teachers respect, and he is really good at his studies he has few friends not much.

The worst thing he hates is people bullying him, a specific group they were the strongest people in school, they were doing really bad things, they take his stuff and throw to each other, some were beating him up it was a mess. They told him: if you snitch to the teacher about us the next day we will beat you up harder.

He spend at home all day crying, and when he goes to sleep in his mind he thinks that they are going to bully him again, he was afraid of them.

Next day, he decided to tell the teacher about what is going on although they are going to beat him up harder if he told the teacher, but  he never cared about what they said, he told the teacher those guys were all suspended from school for one week plus the counselor phoned their fathers.

During this week, life was pretty good for mark; however after a week those guys came back from the suspension they were pissed about what mark did to them, they were seeking revenge. He was scared to death; they cornered him in the corridor.

And then this kid showed up out of nowhere and told them to stop bullying and show tolerance and respect, they laughed so hard and said: we are going to beat you both, this kid had skills he fought them and he beat them, and then those people ran away.

And then this kid handshaked mark and he told him: well I am sick of those guys bullying you it was time to stop, and that you have to stand up for yourself because friends are not always there when you need them, secondly you don’t get to a lot of friends without making a few enemies, and then he said: come on let me introduce to some people who are going to protect you.


The End

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