The revolution of Egypt

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Here i am telling u what is happening in Egypt?Why are people in the streets?What is the problem?Read my article i tell u about the revolution i answer the questions and i also tell u about to see what is happening on channels live Its History.

Submitted: July 26, 2013

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Submitted: July 26, 2013



The revolution of Egypt

Did u ever wonder what is happening in Egypt?

Well, a president of Egypt named Hosni Mubarak ruled for almost 30 years and a couple of months he has been stealing from his own country for a long time people really got tired, one guy in particular called wael ghonim, he started talking to people on Facebook about starting a protest in a place called tahrir square. He is the one who wanted to start it he wanted to force Hosni to retire from his current job as a president.

It was happening others helped wael ghonim to start the protest and they actually did, they place was tahrir square the date was 25 of January people started to come to tahrir square they wanted Hosni out a lot of people kept on coming and coming for it at last, Hosni was forced to leave because of all these people who doesn’t want him, he left the presidency it was over.

The moment he left all of Egypt was really happy some of them cried, some of them prayed it was the best day of Egypt’s history everything was back again to normal, some people in the revolution made posters, symbols, flags but it was over he left.

The old presidents had charisma and they died with dignity, no one thought of starting a revolution with these old presidents such as Abdel Nasser and al-Sadat they are the most mentioned presidents till now.

But still people were in the streets what is going on?

The election came after the fall of Hosni Mubarak he was jailed for what he did; however lines of people were on the door of the election they were so happy, people were voting for the president who they wish will rule Egypt fairly, people were voting there were a lot of people qualified for presidency the voting ended, there was only two presidents left Mr. Mohamed Morsi and Mr.Shafek.

So Mr. Mohammad Morsi was new his group was called the Muslim brothers the other guy Mr.Shafek was he worked for Hosni Mubarak, people they didn’t the old system they don’t want to go back to the old Egypt so they don’t want to vote for Shafek instead they voted for Mohammad morsi and he won the election everyone was happy because, it was a new generation, a new president, a whole new Egypt and a whole new era. 

Here we are a new day, but we were fooled by Mohammad morsi he started to make decisions for his group the Muslim brother or brotherhood, making decisions that favor them. What about the rest of Egypt? We kept on giving him chance after chance he never did anything for the country, decisions were all for his group, it was a disaster that no one can solve we thought he would be a good president after 30 long years someone could hold us in the right way but we were fooled really bad.

People were tired to deal with a guy like this so what did they do? They made a new revolution with the date of 30 June the second revolution, they made something called rebel where they give u a paper to sign on it that u don’t want morsi as a president anymore, the number of people who signed to rebel were over 15 million person, can u believe it? Over 15 million people don’t want morsi as a president.

People started making groups and going to tahrir square the place where it all started guess how many people this time? It was 33 million Egyptians in tahrir square they don’t want the president morsi, Hell we even entered the world of Guinness records for being the most number of people in a revolution.

However, he was removed now the military is with the protesters and they have morsi in a locked place he is doesn’t rule anymore I never said he retired from his job.

The president is supposed to be locked for 15 days in jail, all the people who is against morsi including me was really happy that morsi was locked up and that he can’t rule anymore, one of morsi’s speeches said that he will walk away if people don’t want him but I guess he never kept his word he never left he was left by force by the protesters.

Of course after he was gone his group went to their own square they want him back but there is no way in hell he will get back he was supposed to continue his remaining 4 years he didn’t even make it 1 year, he ruined Egypt in a matter of months.

Had enough? People are tired of what is happening they want to rest I guess that was 2 in a row presidents and revolutions that happened, no one can threat Egypt, no one can destroy Egypt, Egypt is strong it’s not a normal country.

If u just gaze into Egypt u will find a lot of amazing things happening there is revolutions, pyramids that people visit and more. Egypt will always be in our hearts.

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