Angels, Dreamer1031,s Music Video Challenge

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For Dreamer1031,s 'My First Music Video Challenge! =D' Song: Angels - Within Temptation.

Submitted: January 09, 2010

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Submitted: January 09, 2010



As I lay here unconscious, the little that I feel is my hair blowing in the wind. I can’t open my eyes nor move, but the little I feel I know what’s coming soon. When we arrive to where the other victims have suffered, I’m still unconscious. I hear a door slam but I can’t determine it, I know you’re walking away from the car though. After a few moments I hear you a few feet away digging my destination. But little did you know that my ‘Supposed’ destination would be you’re end..

Earlier that day… 7:54 am.

“You’ll be okay shay” Darrin comforted me.

“I’m sure I will, just are you sure?”

“You’ll be fine” He comforted one last time before speeding down the road on his motor cycle.

We stopped a little bit down the road, where I will soon be waiting for a certain car.
I jumped off the bike, and as soon as that was done, Darrin was off.

I waited and waited for about 2 hours before a car started coming down the road.

He started to get closer and closer, before you knew it, he was less then a foot away, his car started to slow down to a walk before it stopped in front of me.
I looked up to the person in the car, to make out an older man in between his 50’s and 60’s, he looked kind enough.

He opened up the door for me gesturing for me to get into his car.

“You need a ride?” He asked after he realized I wasn’t going to get in the car so quick.

“Yeah,” Was all I mustered to say.

“I can give you one, I’m not busy, and there’s no sense to leave a pretty girl out here all alone.”

“O-ok,” I finished, I went over to the door that was already open and hopped inside.

We sped down the road at lighting speed, which I didn’t think was possible. Because his car model must have been somewhere in the 60’s but I wasn’t too sure.

“So, where-ya headed?” He asked out of the blue.

“Oh, no where in particular, just wherever I guess.” I responded, my gaze drifting out to the horizon,.

“I see, so, what’s your name?”


“Shay, ok shay, so then you wouldn’t mind if we dropped by my house for a few minutes?”

“Um, no I guess not.”

“Good” He smiled. But surly not one of comfort.

10:19 am…..

“We’re here” He said, turning into an old church, from what I could muster up to see.

“A church?” I asked getting out of the car.

“Yes, well I’m a priest”

“Oh, I see”

“Well, follow me”

I nodded following him into the more then unwelcoming place.

We walked through the front door that was barley hanging on, I started to wonder if living like this was really pleasing to him.

“Would you like something to drink?” He offered walking away out of my sight.

“Um, sure” I smiled unsure.

“Why so tense dear? Loosen up” He stated, coming back into the room with two glasses, setting them down on the table he poured us both some water.

“So, tell me, why were you alone on the road like that?” He asked, taking a sip from his glass. His eyes staying focussed on mine.

“Well, a friend dropped me off, and I was supposed to meet with someone” I smiled

“I see, Well if you’ll excuse me for a moment I have to go get something.” He said getting up from the table.

“Ok,” I gave an assuring smile.

About 15 minutes had passed before I decided I was going to look around for a few minutes while I was waiting for him to come back.

I got up from my seat, glass in one hand. I walked out of the dining room, and started walking down the hall. I went past various of rooms before I got to one that caught my attention. The door was at a crack, and that’s when my curiosity kicked in. I walked up to the door slowly, inching more of it open before I stepped in. When I got into the room, it was a sight I wished I’d never had to have witnessed.

Pictures of people that had been taken or murdered littered the walls of the room. Circles and lines wrapping around the faces of the people, pictures of people as they were being tortured. Their faces of pure terror and fear marked the pictures. The pictures that showed the people that were murdered were checked. It was a sight that scared more then the life out of me, then in one flash all these pictures of a clown, a judge, police officer, doctor and priest, flooded into my mind.

My mind finished seeing all these pictures and I knew at that point that those were the disguises he had used to capture all these people, makes sense, no one would suspect a doctor or even police officer to do these things. I realized that I had to get out of there quick.

I started backing up until I hit something hard. Two arms came around my face and the next thing I knew I was being suffocated by a cloth. I dropped my glass, shards flying everywhere, I start to struggle, but it’s no use, I feel the life being drained out of me until I drop into a world of unconsciousness and black out….

So here I am listening to my killer dig the whole I will lose everything in, my life, my dreams, my goals, and my dignity. And then I start thinking about all those people, and what they must have thought as their last thoughts of life.

I hear faint footprints making there way back to where I am; I dread what’s coming next. I hear the side of my door being yanked open, then a tight grip going around my arms, I feel myself being yanked out of the car, then I slam on to the ground as if I’m a rag doll.
I feel my body being pulled and yanked with no care or consideration at all, just my body being dragged across the scorching dirt.

We stop at the hole, and I know that my life will soon end. Knowing that I’m going to be buried alive.
I pray my last prayer. Then I faced the fact that my end is here.

I hear him lift himself off the ground, when a big gust of when blows in, I lay there sucking in and enjoying the beautiful wind before I leave this world.
All the sudden I felt all of my senses return and I opened my eyes.
I felt alive and brand new like I had been given new life.

I lifted myself off the ground, adverting my gaze to the man who had captured me. His eyes dead set focussing on what was in front of us with pure terror. I looked up to where his eyes were looking to see Darrin, and the rest of my gang.
I sighed a sigh of relief, when I lifted myself completely off the ground and joined them, my back now sprouting my wings.

Staring face to face with my attempted killer. I started walking up to him, the fear on his face growing with each step I took.

“Why? why must you do these things?” I asked, my voice full of plea and knowing.

“What…What a-are y-you” He asked full of terror, backing into the edge of the hole where my life was supposed to end.

I appeared right behind him, “Is this what you wanted?.” I whispered into his ear. Appearing in front of him again. He started to back up even more to where the hole laid, barley missing it by inches.

“Now, it is time for you to suffer, what you’ve made people have to suffer” I stated, all of the sudden spirits of the people he had murdered filled the area, going after one thing in particular…Him.
Swarming around him indulging him, shooting past him. Everything he had done bursting in one moment. Everything he’s committed falling to pieces right then and there. Everything about him destroyed.

“Goodbye” I whispered before he crumbled into nothing.

“Shay, we have to get going. We’ll file a report on what has happened and where the murders have happened, but as of now it would be in our best interest if we leave” Darrin assured.

“Yes, you’re right” I agreed turning around heading back to our hide out.
I walked up to Darrin’s bike jumping on it. With Darrin and the other’s following me.

5:26 PM

I sat there watching the next killer to be, grabbing all the important things he’d need to be the next killer.

“You ready?” Darrin asked from in front of me.

“More then ever” I smiled. Darrin revved his engine then we went flying down the road.

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