College Sucks

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It does.

Submitted: December 29, 2012

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Submitted: December 29, 2012




In a sense, college is almost worse than boarding school. 
I thought horizons were supposed to expand 
And dreams were going to turn into a reachable reality
But it’s really just a huge bubble 
That you and all your classmates are trapped in
You have the news and can leave of you want
But after a while the mentality gets to you
You start to accommodate the mindset
And it begins sinking in without hesitation
Then you make a visit home
And remember all the things that made you so you
You realize there’s more than what the bubble gave you

How anti-college of a thing to say

You’ve never felt so free
So important and loved, so full of life
And so promising. 
So you begin to miss it all-even though you’re sitting there with all those you miss
Because you aren’t the same person anymore
You’re another phase of yourself
And you’re trying so hard to get back to the old you
Because your friends and family missed you
And most of all, you missed yourself.

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