This Is An Abstract Me

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This is me.

Submitted: December 29, 2012

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Submitted: December 29, 2012




I get these feelings 
Where I know I shouldn’t be saying such heavy things
Or doing such insane actions
But I can’t help but wonder
How much regret will fill me to the brim
Over such little in the moment things
Had I seized the moment
So I think. Over think. Rethink. 
Or don’t think. Just do. Go. 
And wait.

Looking out windows
Talking behind houses
Sneaking over fences
I couldn’t tell whether it was right or wrong
Maybe morally
In church they teach you right and wrong
In school they teach you new rights and wrongs
But in life, they just let things happen
And believe me, they do

People slip by, people hold on
They look frantically for someone
Or refrain and observe
And I never know what I want
Because it’s so in the moment
So I do what I feel

And boy has that not worked out
In my favor, not so much
But it shaped me
It made me who I am
Each decision 
It was all me

So however conflicted I am in my own thoughts
I have been what I have been trying to be,
Feel that I am,
And believe myself to be
All along

Wandering, the entire time.

© Copyright 2017 Alexa Burch. All rights reserved.

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