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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
This story leads to a whole different story, about six kids that get sucked up from their ordinary lives, as thirteen year old middle school students, and then vaguely get told to save the world. How will they save the world? What will happen in the story?

Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016




The tall building seemed to sway, but she knew that must be an illusion. Buildings didn’t move. What could be happening? Is the storm really that bad? The terror I held in the palm of my hands was frightening. What is going on?

“Everyone, stop staring at the building,” Ms. Cornrow demanded trying to get us from keeping our eyes off the building. This could not be possibly happening. Buildings don’t move. If a building moved, wouldn’t it… collapse?

Jordin Peters, a boy in my class started to cry. The tears went down him and they were endless. Why was he crying?

“My mom is in there.” He began to cry hysterically. The flow of tears was never ending, like the water that pours down from Niagara Falls.

“No I’m not.” I heard a quiet voice. “I’m right here.” We all turned around to see who was there. Nobody was there. Not even a shadow.

“Children, what are you guys looking at now?” Ms. Cornrow asked with frustration. Where was Jordan’s mom?

“Escape right now. Don’t ask me any questions. I am here and I am going to help you.” That time I heard a loud and clear rushed voice. Elena Peters`. Jordan’s mom. Where was she? It felt like I was hearing a thought, but not with the voices inside of my head.

We all suddenly looked around at each other and then at Jordan. He nodded. That was the signal. We ran away.

We followed Jordan out of the school and passed the lockers that stood there. We ran passed the papers that were on the floor. Where were we going? Ms. Peters, where we were going?

“Everyone run as fast as you can. Leave town. This is not a joke. They are out to get you. They already got me. I figured you guys were special. Just like me, just like all your parents. You guys however are original. There is no one like you in the world. Don’t hesitate. Run. Come to Penn station and get a ticket to go to Philly where I will be. You can use your minds to buy tickets. They will appear in your hands. Don’t ask why, just go. Don’t hesitate. Don’t worry. Just go. Don’t hesitate. Just run as fast as your legs can take you. Run. I love you all very much.” We all heard the voice and led by Jordan we sprinted. We saw people running after us. That didn’t stop us. The building would not stop swaying that didn’t stop us. We saw people running to catch us. They were close to us, but there was an invisible air bubble blocking us from the people. We were unreachable. We were extraordinary. We were amazing. We were on top of the world. We were in our own bubble that no one could break. Why… that is just something for us to all figure out, but right now all we can do is run…



I heard endless thoughts in my head. The thoughts came to my head as if they were messages from other people. I wish I understood.

“RUN! CATCH THAT TRAIN! KIDS YOU ARE IRRESTRUCTABLE, NO ONE CAN CATCH YOU, RUN! Ms. Peter’s was screaming. If only I knew what she was talking about.

She was right. We ran against the screams of many. Many tried chasing us. Police officers, soldiers, everybody left and right, we were in our own bubble that no one could break into. It was beyond cool. It was sick.

I could see a train coming at Penn Station. We jumped onto the train and magically were able to walk through the walls and be sat down on the train. We were the only ones on the train. Two hours. We have two hours to figure out what is going on with us.

Sadie, my best friend was sitting next to me. It was amazing. None of us were even out of breath. I feel like I’m on top of the world.

The train was moving faster than the most accelerated rollercoaster. You can say the train was our revealing time. Revealing our feelings about what just happened and trying to figure out what is going on.

We all looked at one another. We were all sitting their smiles planted on our twenty-three faces. We were not remotely out of breath at all whatsoever.

“That was…” Jordan began.

“Extraordinary,” Ms. Peters filled in our heads. The curiosity and questions that us children were asking were filling up the air. Little did any of us notice, we were the only ones on the train. There were no conductors. We wanted the train to move… so it did.

“This is amazing…” Sadie looked at me. We were inseparable. We hugged. I closed my eyes so everything that just happened can come together. I should be tired, but I was restless. I could run all the way to England and back with the energy that is filling my brain. The thoughts were zooming in my mind, like rain pouring down my head in a huge rainstorm. The only thing I wanted to do was run. Who cares what’s going on? We should just let it happen? We all want to know who we are, where we were going and why, but trying to analyze this all, is pointless with the lack of information we have about ourselves.

“We can run faster than the wind itself. We are amazing.” Jonny Markowitz smiled at us with the greatest bit of excitement you will ever see. We were faster than the speed of a train, taking over everywhere. I never felt this special and had no idea that I will ever be this special. Having all of this action occurring the time period of thirty-five minutes, is absolutely amazing and the best moment us twenty-three children will ever experience in our lives. Who knows what will happen next? I can’t wait.

“It says, two hours we will be there, to meet my mom, so let’s talk everyone. Once we get there, hold on,” Jordan paused to think. Was he getting some sort of message that we were not? Of course he was, his mother was the messenger. “Once we get there, we will not have time to talk. So let’s begin. My mom won’t tell us who we are yet. It apparently will ruin everything. So, you all saw that no one could catch us. I felt like there was an invisible bubble protecting us from the rest of the world-,”

“I thought that too!” I exclaimed.

“So did I!” Sadie cried.

“It felt amazing!” Julia cried!!

“We were unstoppable!” Emma exclaimed with the most exciting voice.

“We’re amazing!” Ben cried as everyone in the train flashed a smile that was bigger than smiles can go. We flashed our mouths and teeth’s without a care that these are the people we were scared to embarrass ourselves in front of thirty minutes ago. With crushes, and different friend groups, people try to make sure they don’t embarrass themselves too much. You wouldn’t see anyone’s ginormous smile anytime, anywhere in school. Right now, we don’t care. We are with each other. We are safe with each other. We are one. We are basically family now. Even with the experience so far we will forever live this and have this amazing memory to share. This is a memory that is not humanly possible to forget. We don’t care. We are insanely happy.

“Ahhhhhh!” Liana shrieked happily! We were all so happy. Matt and Luke got out of there seats and started dancing.

“Mom says save your energy men and don’t get hurt,” Jordan laughed hysterically. This may have been the best bonding experience I will every have in my life.

“Guys, the train says rollercoaster mode!” Olivia shrieked!!

“I thought it was already on rollercoaster mode!” I laughed hysterically.

“Everyone, sit down and buckle up, loops or no?” “LOOOPPPPSSSSSSS!” We all screamed.


All of the sudden we were on a red rollercoaster. It had a very high hill. Sitting next to Sadie, we were all sitting in a car and we going up. Higher and higher. The excitement about to pour down in a massive drop. I couldn’t wait. Higher and higher. We were almost there! I couldn’t wait. Me and Sadie held hands waiting to get to the top. We were getting higher and higher. And then.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It dropped. It’s going…………………………………………………………………. That was so cool. I felt weightless. I felt like there was nothing there stopping me from falling so gracefully. I LOVED IT!!! It was the biggest drop I have ever experienced. It was so cool! It was sick!! Then the rollercoaster went on for a loop. It was bigger than your average loop. It went so fast and it made you feel like you weighed nothing. The loop made me think I was flying. Well technically I was flying because this was a random rollercoaster, where? Who knows and who cares? It’s so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“OMG!!” We all cried. There was another drop. It beat the impossible. It was even higher than the other drop. This is amazing. We went up… up… up…. “higher, higher, higher, higher, higher….” The boys started to sing. Why not? We joined in and started singing. “higher, higher, higher, higher, higher,” We were almost there…. “Higher, higher, higher, higher, higher ….” We were there. “We hit… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Oh. My. Oh. Me. That was. Oh my. It was so amazing. You have no idea. This was the most amazing feeling in the whole universe of living. This was the highest drop. Oh my goodness. This is the best rollercoaster in the universe. That was amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!

Next we were going up and down. Up and down. We were going so fast; we make jaguars seem like slugs. We were going so fast and we were having the absolute time of our lives. You have no idea how much I enjoy this. Going up and down so fast. It is amazing. It is unbelievable. It’s unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been down about thirty more drops and twenty-five more loops and this is has been the most absolute best fun I have ever had in my life and probably will ever have in my life! Imagine going on a train, but it’s a rollercoaster!! OMG! I think we are almost there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe this. As we were continuing on the rollercoaster Jordan finally said “We are almost there!” Then, started by Luke, we all shouted “ONE MORE DROP, ONE MORE DROP, ONE MORE DROP, ONE MORE DROP, ONE MORE DROP!” I guess the rollercoaster listened. It felt like we were going past the stratosphere. We were going into space. We were so high. We were getting so high, and we felt lighter and lighter as we were getting more above earth. It was quite cold up there, but the coldness felt amazing. We were getting higher and higher and we going above and above the clouds. The clouds were white air so up close. I touched one and it was nothing air. It was so cool. Taking it in. It is beautiful. Then all of the sudden…



“You guys are here!” We heard a voice.



We all looked at each other when we got there. We had no idea where we were going and why but we are here!! Sadie and I held hands because there was no way we would be separated. We saw a huge building, but it wasn’t like your typical skyscraper. It looked almost… futuristic. It looked 3-D. It looked like a mine craft building I can just change around and fix if I wanted to.

“What is this?” Luke finally broke the awkward silence. What is this?

“Better question, where is my mother?” Jordan looked around hoping to see a sign of his mother Elena. I want to see her too and have something’s explained to me.

“WELCOME!” We heard a loud noise. We were greeted by hundreds, if not thousands of kids. What was going on? What this some sort of prank? It can’t be. We heard so many voices in side of our heads, with other people’s thoughts. What is this?

All of the sudden the kids melted away into the walls of the building as the car that we were in (the rollercoaster car, which we were still in for some reason), went towards the large entrance of the building. A lady came out from the front of the building.

“Hi kids. It’s me!” Up there in front of us was the one and only Elena Peters.

“Mommy!” Jordan cried as tears were pouring down his bright blue, beautiful eyes. He must have been so worried. He didn’t know where she was and that obviously scared him.

“Hello, baby,” She started to cry. Out came from the building three other kids.

“Georgie!!” He shrieked. Who was Georgie?

He ran to hug a little girl. She looked around 10, but seemed much younger. I think I know who she is now. In school, Jordan mentioned a little sister of his getting taken. No a little sister of his kidnapped, or dead. Oh my goodness.

“Jordan!” She cried hysterically, and then I started to cry. This was such an emotional time for the family and a sad but happy time for them. Brother and sister reunited and Jordan seeing his mom just brings up so much emotions. Little did I know that everyone in the whole group was crying, including the boys.

“I love you,” Jordan cried to Georgie. Jordan is so sweet. He has always been. He is so nice to his family and so caring and sweet. Awe.

“I love you to Jordan,” They hugged for an hour. It was an hour. I guess with all this telepathy I can automatically tell time mentally. It’s so cool.

“Okay everyone,” Elena began through tears. This was sad. This was happy. “You are all here today, and first you must all be wondering,” We all cracked up. She knows what we are wondering because she read minds.

“That wasn’t supposed to be a joke, but I can see where you guys were coming from,”

“Clearly,” Ben joked around. Then we all cracked up. She can read minds. We can read minds. We are one giant mindreading family.

“Okay-, “Elena laughed, “Time to be serious.” Elena’s voice is very soft and kind. I have known Elena for years. Our mother’s have been friends for years. I wonder if my mother knows she is here. I wonder if my mom is worried about me. No worries, no worries. I heard in my head. I guess I can hear her thoughts from a whole different state.

“So I have four beautiful children.” She began. “There’s Jordan, who you guys are all familiar with obviously,” She smiled as Jordan flashed a smile of brilliant white teeth and a kind face. “Then there’s Sophie.” She showed us a little girl, who looks about ten. She had a sweet face and was missing a couple of teeth. “Then, there’s Zach.” He looked a little older than us. He was about fifteen, I can say. We are 13. Zach was really cute; almost as cute as Jordan. His eyes were bright blue, like Jordan’s, and his hair was gelled up in a very stunning, charming way. Zach and Jordan could be twins. My older brother Damon is friends with Zach. He comes over a lot. “Finally, there’s Georgie. Georgie is as sweet as a gem and obviously gorgeous. She went missing. Someone took her when she was five years old. She was sitting in her bed and she was kidnapped. We were told she was dead. We didn’t take that as an answer and we searched for years and years, in every country around here, every city, every little town that is in America. She was no where to be found. I was devastated. Every day I would go sit on the couch and cry. It was so hard explaining this to other three kids. Jordan took the news the worst. That’s okay. And then one day I am sitting there on my couch and I was praying. I was praying that my baby girl would come back to me. There’s nothing I wanted more in this universe than to have my baby girl back. I prayed and then all of the sudden, I heard a voice. Nobody was home. It was in my head. ‘Mommy, come into Philadelphia and run. Take everyone with you and run here as fast as you can. Run to the train and you guys will automatically be here. There’s a rollercoaster mode on the train. I am safe mommy. I am in a better place now and you all will come and join me. It’s a better and bigger society then America. Listen to what I say immediately. Leave the house now! Keep on running. You are under a spell. No one can see you. Your kind of invisible. You have the power to jump on the train and get it moving alone. You’re not alone though. I’m right here.’ So I ran. I came here. About three hours ago. The powers up in the sky, well we are sort of magical, but they were mad that I came here, I’m magical and so are all your parents. So, by the way, the powers of the sky are not gods or whatever. There are a group of people that run the sky. Like there’s a council. They run everything. They made the buildings turn as a… as a warning. They want us back. They don’t want us to reveal ourselves. We are sort of… legendary. There’s kind of… nobody like that. Anyways it was a warning. But were way more powerful than those fools. So anyways, you all are telepathic, you have the power to run on air, you can read minds, you can create things, you have super speed, I don’t really know what else there is to tell you. So welcome to the Magic. The magic is this place. It’s the center of town. You can also time travel. Your also not from Earth, by the way, if you wanted to know. We kind of have to save the world. So welcome to the Magic!”



“So we are like superheroes?” I asked Elena.

“Yes, Emma.” So we are superheroes. That is awesome!!!
“I’ve always wanted to be a superhero!” Ben literally sang.

“Will we ever be able to see our parents again?” Julia worried. I almost forgot about them. When will I see my mother and father? My siblings, Miranda & Ryan? I really want to see them right now and tell them all about my so called powers.

“Oh, yeah, there here. And so are your siblings. They each contain one power. But you my friends, have them all!” I don’t know why we have them all and they don’t. How did the whole class have the powers? What planet are we from anyway? So many questions and so little answers.

“Thank god.” I looked at Sadie, who also was so happy. I’ll get to see my parents, but I am so confused. How can a thirteen-year-old girl contain this much power? Is it true.

“Poke me.” Sadie ordered.

“Why?” I asked.

“To see If the super strength thing is true.” I wasn’t exactly thinking that, but okay.

“OWWWWWW!” I literally poked her. She looked seriously hurt. Her face was bright red.

“Sorry, Sadie, you asked for it,” I stared at her. I wonder what will happen next. I wonder if there are more surprises to fill this strange, but awesome day.

“No I know this is so cool!” She beamed. I wonder why she wanted to be so strong. What was her battle that she had to fight with?

“Sad, why do you want super human strength so badly?”

Someone keeps on hurting me.

I heard in her head. Who? I want to give them a piece of my mind.

“Wait, do you know?” She asked me. I do now.

This guy has been hurting me and leaving me on the ground for years. My sister Alicia finally found me and someone compelled me to forget. I pretended to forget, but it didn’t work. I don’t understand. I knew about the powers, before they actually happened to us. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you Em, I just was scared. The guy was some sort of monster. On the outside he looked fine until he starts talking to you. The amount ive been through and nobody knows about is scary.


Oh my gosh.

“Sadie, come here baby,” I hugged my bestfriend. Why didn’t she tell me? I feel so bad for her? I’m scared.

“It’s okay. Your safe, your strong. Poke me.” I ordered.

She took her fingers and… it felt like I just got punched in the cut. “OWWW!” We are so cool!

“Wow, that’s incredible. Let’s keep on moving Em, I want to see mom & Dave, and especially Alicia. Dave is her beyond awesome step father. She should call him dad, but she loves calling him Dave.

“Yeah, and we’re awesome. You can save the world Sadie!”

“Stick together no matter what,” She held out her pinkie. I held out mine. We always pinky swear. This time there was a shock of electricity between us.

“Oh, Emma, and Sadie I’m grateful that you just did that. Now when you are in danger, you will always find your way back to each other.” Yes! I’m glad that it is no one else besides my best friend Sadie. We kept on walking.

The Magic was beautiful. It was a real town filled with superhuman people. There was a vampire shop. There was a werewolf grooming center. What am I in Halloween town? There was a superman center, to get new capes, if they are in danger? There’s a school on how to take down villains. There’s a batman people store, spider-mans, iron mans, and there is basically a store for every super hero you can possible think of. I am in awe. There is a wizard shop.

“Like it?” A boy appeared. This guy seemed about 16. He looked pale, but his voice was hot, but a bit cold.

“Yes! Who are you?” I looked at him. He was pale, but extremely good looking. Sadie held my hand.

“Sebastian Hayes,” He held out his hand. How old fashioned?

“Emma Lockwood & Sadie Greene,” I shook his hand. “What’s your super power Sebastian?” I asked the boy. He looked around and smiled.

“If I told you, you would know how to turn it against me.” Whatever his point in saying that was, a pit of confusion entered my brain. I feel like there is a blank question that I am waiting to be answered: who am I?

“Okay, Sebastian, do you have any friends there that would care to join you for showing us around town?” I asked the boy. He would be either mine or Sadie’s and we both needed a man. It’s a bit peculiar for me to think about love and boy’s when I just ran into a town of fantasy.

“Yeah, sure. Milo, dude, lavalasora.” He called to somebody. Before my eyes appeared a boy. He looked around my age. He had bright blue eyes that made me want to fall into them. His hair was gelled up like every other boy. His arms weren’t like the boys in my class. They were muscular as if he could lift up a car with his two bare hands. He was fit and wore shorts and a kind smile. I have a weird feeling about this kid.

“This is my friend Milo. Milo, introduce yourself to my friends.” We’re friends? Okay then.

“I’m Milo.” That is all he managed to say as if we didn’t know already.

“Oh, I had no idea.” I eyed Sadie and she smiled. I didn’t want to be rude, but I couldn’t help it. “I’m Emma.” I shook his hand and felt like he could break it off. What is he? I’m betting on a werewolf.

“Sadie.” Sadie shook his hand. “Your really strong!” Sadie looked as if she just shook hands with the rock. I love that man.

“Thanks. Full moon is tonight and I’m getting ready!” I knew it.

“Same.” Sebastian laughed as if this was an inside joke.

“Does it hurt turning?” I watch the Vampire Diaries and teen wolf. It was always painful turning into a werewolf.

Milo laughed as if I just asked what date the fourth of July was. I did when I was six okay? Laugh all you want.

“What’s so funny?” Sadie blurted with a threatening town in her voice. These are men. These men are big and strong. Sadie should be careful.

“You see, we don’t-” They continued to laugh. “We don’t turn, we aren’t werewolves. Why would we tell strangers what we are?” Sebastian laughed. I am starting to despise Sebastian and Milo.

“I seriously wonder why I would talk to do dimwits. Let’s go to that store, it looks fun.” I dragged Sadie to the werewolf store. It had warnings about the full moon. We walked in and saw a guy there.

“Be careful tonight and get back to Elena now!” The man ordered. Why did he just say that? Did he know something we didn’t? Sadie and I locked hands and ran out of the store.

“Running off before you are supposed to will always get you into trouble.” Sebastian scared the living (word I shouldn’t say) out of me.

“Was someone just talking to us?” Sadie asked me. I shook my head as if I didn’t know. We were here for 20 minutes and we already have an enemy.

I looked around me. We were back at the castle. Fear suddenly crept into my skull and exploded into my entire body. Where was everybody?

“There probably inside. Mom and Dave are in there and your parents are probably in there too. Why did we even meet those guys?” Sadie suggested and then asked me. I had a weird feeling as I had to meet them. I had to run away. It was as if…

“I think they have mind control. They made us so mad… they wanted to. They were playing us like we were nothing.” Sadie nodded and I had a feeling of pure anger and range fill up my head.

“We’re girls. Let’s go give those boys a piece of our mind.” I talked before I could think of another word. I ran to where those boys are. To my surprise I made it there in a heartbeat.  They were standing right there and punched there face. They fell to the ground. I ran away and Sadie followed me. That was totally normal.

“What do you think your doing?”  Elena appeared. I’m officially dead.

“They were messing with us, Ms. Peters. I’m sorry.” Tears were about to fly into my eyes. I am in this dream land with dream abilities and I already created a mess.

“It’s okay Emmalove (that’s my real name), they know mind control. They are called forces. They force you to do things. You are stronger than them. Now come inside, we have something to show you.” Thank goodness. They are forces and I am stronger than them. Interesting. I am amazingly relieved that Elena wasn’t angry at me I didn’t want to make a bad impression already.

I followed her into the castle. It was as blue as a clear summer sky. It shined like fire works on the fourth of July. It was just dazzling. I walked up the steps. One foot in front of the other. These were the most beautiful steps I have ever laid eyes on. They looked as if it was a waterfall, with no water. I walked into the room and saw a familiar face. “Mom!” I ran into the arms of my mother… except the fact is I couldn’t feel her. What was going on? Why can’t I feel my mom?

“Elena!” I screamed her name and she was standing right next to me. She looked utterly concerned… well she should be utterly concerned.

“Emma, she’s here, but she isn’t actually here. Zora & Petro had to do intense magic to bring her body here. She can’t feel anything but she can talk to you.” Okay, then.

“My beautiful daughter. You have to save the world from the others. They want to create more of You, but unnaturally. They are invading towns and cities. I love you my darling. If you ever want to speak to me tap your shoes three times.” All of the sudden my mom’s beautiful face vanished into the air. What had just happened?

“Your friends are feasting my darling. Why don’t you go join them?” Feasting? The fact that I have to tap my shoes three times like Dorothy if I ever want to see my mother again. I can’t even hug her. I have no idea where I am and why. I am starting to think I should play every moment at a time.

“Okay, Elena.” I hurried to the feasting room, or the dining hall. There was a big sign on it. It literally read the words “Feasting Room”. I slowly walked in. I saw Sadie standing there waiting for me. Why hadn’t she sat down?

“Sadie, thanks for waiting for me, but why didn’t you take a seat?” I asked her. There was something off in her eyes. It looked like pure fear. As far as I know I am not a psychic, or a mind reader, (I could be, because who knows), but she looked as if she had just been robbed for her life. What is going on?

“Oh, I couldn’t sit without you.” She smiled. She opened her mouth and showed her teeth. Her eyes weren’t it’s usual blue color.  They were spacy. They were wandering around as if they were looking for somebody… or waiting for somebody.

“Sadie, I love you so much. You are my best friend. If there was anything ever wrong, you would tell me, right?” I looked at my pleading best friend. She still looked spacy.

“Of course, Emma. Stop being so paranoid.” She shook her head. She was lying. I don’t know how but I just knew she was lying. There was a voice in my head saying, Emma, she is lying to you. I believe the voice.

I looked around the room. There were nice tables, with tons of food on it. It ranged from seseme seed bread, to the most scrumptious bagels, to pasta stuffed chicken, to a nice beautiful chewy burger. Where am I? There were multiple tables, of girls and boys and other creatures that I don’t have the energy to identify. So, I could tell nobody likes to tell everyone what there powers are. I don’t even know what mine is. Why can’t I hear all my friends thoughts?

Nobody talked. It was the weirdest thing. They were talking telepathically. I couldn’t hear them.

“You know I can hear what you guys are saying about me.” I lied to Sadie. She paused and looked as if the principal caught her making out with a teacher.

“No you don’t.” Sadie smirked evilly. What is going on?

“Selda is dead.” Selda is her dog. I have to see if something is up.

“Awe so sad.” She faked a frown. What is going on here?

“Your not Sadie.” I flipped out. She couldn’t be Sadie. She just couldn’t.

“I know, I’m not. Serena is the name.” She looked exactly like Sadie.

“Then where’s my best friend?” I jumped up in panic. I don’t even want to know why this girl looks exactly like Sadie.

“You’ll never know.” The Sadie look a like vanished from the table. I must have had a dream.


“Emma, wake up!” Sadie was hitting my head excessively.

“What happened?” I shot my head up. I looked around. Everything looked normal.

“I was getting food and you were so rude to me in the lunch line. Now I am here and you are sleeping.” It wasn’t me.

“Sadie, it wasn’t me. It was my clone…”

“I know her name is Zoe, by the way, and she is going to ruin your life.” This is crazy. I just want to go home.

“You should meet Serena.” I shook my head. This is was so weird.

“This was a trap, and Elena didn’t send you here.” This can’t be. “It was her evil clone, what’s her face…?”

“Marcela.” Jordan Peters interrupted our fearful conversation. How did he know her name? Where is his mom?

“Jordan, is that really you?” I touched his face. He got a scar when we went skiing when I was five. I sort of hit him in the face accidentally with my skis. Those were not so great memories. He had the scar.

“Yes, I need some air.” Before another word could be said he grabbed my hand and Sadie’s hand and we escaped the feasting palace, or whatever it is called.


“So, we have to find your mom.” “And Georgie and the rest of the clan?” I confirmed with Jordan.

“They told me to meet them at the Vampire Grill.” Okay, then.

“And why didn’t you go there?” How could be so stupid to meet his fake mom in a feasting room, instead of a vampire restaurant.

“Well, I couldn’t exactly.” Jordan voice was shivery as if the fear was trembling in his words.

“Jordan, I am Emma. I hit you with skis when we were five and now you have this beautiful, hot scar on your face-,” Did Emma just say that?

“I’m Sadie,  I had a huge crush on you in fourth grade and would always talk to you.” He nodded. Confessions, amongst confessions.

This was even weirder. Jordan started hysterically laughing as if this situation could not be funnier. Is this even Jordan. His laughs sounded like his, it was as if he was on and he couldn’t be turned off.

“Jordan!” I slapped his face trying to get his sanity placed back in him.

“I knew you like me and you me that Lauren liked me. And I avoided her and she never did.” Thank goodness, he just said that.

“Well, girls can never tell. And you never liked me back. That is why I like Alexander Fell now.” I knew that, but she never told anybody but me.

“Your probably never going to see him again, so I would stop liking him.” Jordan suggested kindly and absolutely, 100% harmlessly.

“Thanks, your so kind.” Sadie rolled her eyes and made a frown.

“Bingo! You guys should date!” They both looked at me like I had five heads.

“I think you should date Jordan.” Sadie looked as serious as a scarecrow.

“Yeah, we should date.” Jordan agreed. I totally feel the feelings. I don’t have time for a boyfriend.

“I have an even better idea. Let’s go find Elena Peters and try to figure out why there is another version of me.” They all nodded and we headed off.


“Where is this vampire freak place?” Sadie began as we began running for our lives.


“Hey, I like the Vampire Diaries, take that back.” I replied.


“Sorry, I just hope Damon Salvatore is there.”


“No, Stephen.” We both started hysterically laughing and Jordan rolled their eyes. Even if you are in a sucky situation, you can still laugh at the randomest things.


“Where even is the vampire grill?” Jordan asked us. I thought out of all of us he would know.

“Why don’t you ask Stephen?” Sadie laughed.

“And to think you were ever innocent.” I looked around us despite my lack of focus. We were next to Hocus Pocus market and then Ab-ra-ka-debra which looks like a party place. Werewolf lounge is right over there.

“It’s on the next block. If you think about it they would not put a werewolf place next to a vampire place.” It totally makes sense.

“Let me guess because a werewolf bite kills a vampire.”

“EXACTLY!” Sadie and I cheered in unison as we began to run. We ended up being by the werewolf place in a matter of 1 second.

“How are we so fast?” Jordan asked not even slightly out of breath.

“Good question, but so few answers.” I sighed. I looked around. My eyesight can’t extend a block away to a specific restaurant. Just remember not to underestimate the power of your eyes.

“Does anyone see that?” It was as if I had x-ray vision. I could see that the Vampire Grill was five blocks away. Not one block, but five blocks.

“No, but I can see what your thinking.” Jordan casually added as if it was typically, you know… typical.

“Say what now?”

“I can read minds. If I chose too. You are thinking about how confused you are and how much you want to meet the Salvators.” That wasn’t a lie, but that wasn’t exactly on my mind. Well… it was.


“Don’t say it… what is your power? Well I think it is knowing what people are going to say… before they say it.” Interesting.

“What am I going to say next?” Jordan echoed.

“Well you can lie. So I’m going to tell Emma, and then she is going to confirm if I am correct.” Sadie walked over to me and whispered something in my ear.

“How are we like this?” She whispered so quietly, I know Jordan didn’t hear.

“Go!” Sadie cheered.

“How are we like this?” Sadie and I glanced at each other. Then unexpectedly we did our Sadie and Emma happy happy dance.

“We are special, we are special!” Jordan looked like he could not have been annoyed more than we are annoying him now. I need to take a moment. I could see very far away places. If whoever we are supposed to be fighting that my moms supposedly warned me about, were about to approach us, I could see them from miles away. Jordan could read my thoughts. That makes me feel good. In the future if I am ever worried about you know… girl stuff, Jordan will be right inside of my head. And Sadie… her power interests me. If someone is breaking up with her, she can do it first. If someone were to betray her, she could betray them first. This sounds so selfish, but I want their powers. Knowing my powers leaves me with an empty, selfish pit in my stomach. There is a voice nagging at me saying “you know you want those powers.” Something is not right. I need to find Elena Peters.

“Jordan, buddy, do you mind trying not to read my mind right now.” I patted him on the shoulder and looked into his eyes pleadingly.

“Well, I can’t.” Did Jordan just lie to me.

“You just said you could read minds and are you saying you can’t?” This is cannot be happening. I thought I could trust Jordan and right now is a terrible time to lie to me.

“I can.” Now he can? Why is playing mind games on me?

“I am about to ditch your butt, because I see your mother in the Vampire Grill. I know where it is you don’t so keep on talking Jordan.” That was so threatening and powerful. I scared myself. How am I that stuff and scary? How did I get this way? Why am I here? How did I get here?

“I can read Sadie’s mind. You love the feel of your town as if you were destined to be here. Sadie, is that correct?” I could tell Sadie wanted to fight it, but she nodded. Tears swelled up in her eyes.

“Sadie, what’s wrong?”

“When Jordan asked me, I wanted to say no, but he somehow forced the truth out of me, and it hurt.” Jordan suddenly looked utterly concerned.

“I swear I have no idea how I just did that.” I gave him a look. I hugged Sadie hard. Sadie is very sensitive. When she is stressed or scared, she makes waves on the ground. It’s her way of releasing her anger, don’t judge.

“You know what Jordan don’t lie and say you could read my mind. If you ever lie to me again I will leave you here to never find your mom. Understand?” I don’t understand what is happening.

“Emma, you are not being yourself.” Jordan was totally right. I have no idea what is wrong with me.

“I know. But I can’t be myself. But I know I’m not being myself.” He looked utterly offended and annoyed.

“I’m sorry.” Jordan shook his head. I kept on walking. Then I started to run. I was so close in a matter of seconds.

Jordan caught up. I turned around. Sadie purposely stayed behind. I have a feeling she wanted us to make up… or make out. Thank goodness Jordan can’t read my mind.

“Listen, Emma, you got tough. You don’t let people mess with you. Stop running.” The pain was lingering. He could tell me what to do, but I don’t have to listen. I don’t know why he can force Sadie to stop running and not me.

“I don’t understand.” Sadie was about to cry. She is so utterly confused. Who can blame the girl?

“You can’t read her mind or stop her from running. Em, your… your special.” I know I’m special, mom and dad have been telling me for years.

“You know what, fine, I’m special. But we have a mission and finding out that I’m special makes me feel special, but since I have no idea what you are talking about, I want to find Jordan’s mom, Elena.” I ran and was there. Sadie and Jordan were beside me.

Vampire Grill… Don’t go near the kitchen.

“I’m going to guess, they suck people’s blood near the kitchen.” Jordan just educatedly guessed.

“We have a winner.” I couldn’t help but to have utter sarcasm in my voice. What happened to super sensitive super sweet let’s people bother her and shows that she’s annoyed Emma? I like the new Emma.

We walked into the bar. I was hoping to see the usual fam of vampires. Instead I saw waitors and waitresses seeming to think about blood. I can’t read there minds, but I can read their lips.

“Can I help you?” One hot waitor asked. His eyes were ocean blue. His hair was gelled up. He looked like a mixture of Ian Somerhandler and Steven R. Mcqueen. Look them up if you don’t know what I am talking about.

“Find us Elena Peters table.” Jordan didn’t say please. The waiter did as he told him too. In front of us I saw the whole Peters’ family including, Jordan’s father and stepfather. Okay, then.

“Mom.” Elena’s Peters face dropped and then her lips curled up to form a kind, genuine smile.

“I was so worried about you. I wanted you to be happy because I thought you were mad at me.” Elena frowned at her son. She pulled him in for hugs and kisses.

“Mr. Peters and Ric what’s going on?” I fiss pumped the fathers and they looked at each other.

“Emma Sims… is that you?” Mr. Peters asked as if I was wearing a Spongebob mask.

“Yeah, why?” I asked uncomfortably.

“You used to never be confident enough to say hi to adults. Ric and I were waiting for this day.” Ric and I? They’re friends.

“I didn’t know the dad was friends with the stepdad?” Did I just say that?

“Clearly you didn’t know that Ric is my brother.” Say what?

“You thought Ric was my husband?” Elena laughed hysterically.

“Well that’s what Mom told me.” “Your never home so I just assumed.” Did I just say that out loud? Emma.

“She was kidding and I did work here this summer.” Mr. Peters laughed hysterically.

“Then I’m an idiot. Elena care to tell me where I am and more importantly how I got here?”

“No. You have to figure it out for yourself.” Excuse me.

“No, you are going to tell me, so I don’t flee in panic and face Zoe or whatever that girls name is. Do you know who-,”

“EMMA!” Georgie ran into my arms.

“Georgia Rose!” I squeezed the living cuteness out of the little girl that I have worried about and mourned over every single day and night for the past year. Having her in my arms made me forget about all my worries. I have never felt so safe.

“So, guess, what… can I walk around with Emma alone please?” Geogie asked her mother. Thank goodness.

“Be careful.” That is all Ms. Peters said. Brief and serious.

I took Georgie’s hand and started to walk around. What do I say to the girl that I have been worried about for a whole year?

“Where would you like to begin?” I asked the girl.

“You’re the only person I can trust Emma.” Georgie suddenly sounded serious. “You and your friends, or the Originals, have to save the world from the clones. We need to get out of here. My mom refuses to let me out of her sight, but Zara gave me a whole day to save the world. I have no idea how to do that, without hurting anyone. We have to get out of here and we can’t tell anyone.” That was a lot to process.

“I have telekenisis.” “I can talk mentally and here what other people are saying. And just say pickle.” Georgie instructed.

“Pickle.” I casually said trying not to sound like an idiot. Whateve Pickle meant, I would like to know.

“Now you have my powers. Talk to me.” I thought something in my head, I like Cheese and I’m really hungry, are you?

Yes, very! I heard, great.

“Now we have to go.”

“Why me, Georgia?” I asked her more seriously.

“You’re an original. I love all of your friends, and my own brother I absolutely adore, but you are special. You are powerful and confident and together let’s conquer those bitches.” What did she just say?

“Your eight.” I am so confused right now. She sounded like an adult or a teenager.

“I am, but just watch.” She led me into a store. It said Wizards Magic. I am beyond confused right now. My confusion was boiling in a pot ready to explode.

“E, M, 2, C.” That’s what Georgie said. What is she saying?

“Okay. Hello, Emma.” Oh my goodness. Sebastian. The boy. He was so rude to me.

“Ew, what are you doing here?” Damn, Emma, you are sassy.

“I’m on your side. You are really tough, Em.” Did he just have the odassity to call me Em? Okay, um, no.

“Listen, the name is Emma, and I really don’t like you.  Can I replace you with…?” I looked around and hopefully would find a better hot guy. Finally X marked the spot. “You, red shirt, cute hair, bright blue eyes.” The boy stopped and instantly went to my rescue, as if he was waiting for me. Who was he and why do I feel like I recognize him?

“Hey, do you want to help me save the world, because Sabestian isn’t my best friend and I hate his guts.” Emma, what is going on with you?

“Of course, love…” Oh my goodness.

“Damian.” “You’re my soccer trainer. Wait a minute, you aren’t supposed to be here. Your bad, you’re a clone.” Help us!

“So, we have to take you down.” Fear swept through me like a burn from a hot stove. It was fast and in the moment. It was frightful. I can do this.

“It is really your soccer coach, Damian. Love, I am magical.” I am so freakin confused right now. All I need right now is a latte. I am so sick of these clones. They better go back to where they belong, before I get angry. I already am angry.

“Okay Damian, if you are on our side, then why don’t you come with Georgie and I? We want all the clones to be free in the world.” Lies amongst lies.

“No you don’t!” Damian looked utterly confused. His scheme wasn’t working.

“Listen, the reason why we look like you guys is because of Lizzie. She’s the had of all heads of the world. And she controls all of the Uni’s and she wants them to invade the Main so a war breaks out. Lizzie’s immortal, so she wants drama to happen. She wants to find a hero, that can help run the world.” Damian, my soccer coach’s clone twin type thing, just explained that to me.

“And how am I supposed to believe you Damian?” Is that even his name?

“Hello, Lizzie!” Damian shouted into the air. Where was this Lizzie?

“You aren’t going to send out your little minions to destroy us. And I would love to meet my brother. What’s his name, again Damian Mercer?” I’m confused. What does he mean, his brother?

“Damian, wait what is your name?” Damian looked at me. I have always secretly crushed my trainor.

“Damian, and I are twins. Zoe and you are twins. Of course, when you came out of your mom’s tommy, it was in magic, but your mother escaped, but it was an illusion. She had one child, and since you were born in magic, than you doubled up, because Lizzie’s most powerful wizard Charles casted a spell on you, and Lizzie wants to see you save the world, so she can run it better.” Okay, that wasn’t a lot to take in.

“And yet, Damian, how do I know you aren’t lying?” Damian took out his cell phone. He is magical, and he needs a phone.

“Call Damian Mercer.” He told Siri. Siri did as command. What was going on here?

“Hello Damian.” Damian told to himself, kind of sort of technically, I don’t even know. Why can’t I wake up from this nightmare?

“Hello, me, well kind of, so is Emma there?” Thankgoodness by british boyfriend is there to talk to me. Emma, what are you thinking? The fate of the universe(s) is in my hands and I am happy to here my childhood crush talking. I am shallower than a kiddie pool.

“Yes, and I am really confused, why I am here, and I just want to meet a vampire and a wizard and become a wizard, and I just want to escape.” I didn’t even know what to say. Emotions were pouring in my head, like a never ending water fall. More water keeps coming, and less water is leaving. Come on emotions, leave. It can’t, I’m way to confused.

“Okay, well I have a plan.” “And by the way, can I have a break? I’ll stop at the Witches Brew and maybe I’ll talk to Alex Russo? Justin Russo? Someone, please, I am actually begging you!” I sounded so desperate. Damian knows me well. I was his favorite player.

“No, you cannot. Your coming home.” Damian ordered. I am confused.

He can’t just tell me what to do? Who does he think I am? If he thinks this chica is weak, he better watch his but.

“No, you cannot tell me what to do. Damian, and his wicked twin. I am allowed to stay here. I do what I want, you controlling bastards.” Wow, Emma, you set them strait. I walked out of the building beyond furious. Nobody on this earth, not even my beloved mother, who I have no clue where she is, can tell me what to do. I am independent women, and I shall not be bossed around.

I walked out of the place. Just kidding, I walked speedy, meaning I actually ran out of the place, without meaning to. I am ridiculously fast. I can’t even believe this. I spotted a place, called the Witches Brew and ran in there.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” A girl asked to a mirror.

“You Madame Alexa.” Alexa? She must be the Alex Russo of Magic. That didn’t really make any sense if you think about it, but it makes plenty of sense.

“Thanks Darlene. Ooh, we have a customer, talk to you later Darlene.” She was having a conversation with her mirror. That is casual. Yet, apparently I am a super hero that can run in an invisible bubble. That is also extremely casual.

“Hey, Alexa, sorry I overheard your mirror-,” That sounded weird. “I’m Emma.”

“Wait are you Emma Lockwood?” How does she know me?

“Yeah, Alexa, why?” She grabbed me by the hand and hid me behind the counter in front of the kitchen.

“Listen, Emma, you are wanted by everybody. They all need you. Stay with me, because I am a very powerful wizard. I can get you home, if you want. But Damian is looking for you. He needs you to save the world.” Okay, then.

“Can I eat a sandwich first?” That sounded dumb but I haven’t eaten since I was at home this morning with my family like a non super mega hero, or something.

“Of course, Emma.” “Do you know a boy named Tyler Greenfield?” Do I? I don’t recall. Wait a second…

“Yeah, he’s my cousin’s best friend. Why?” How does she know him?

“Well he works here too. He’s my boyfriend. He’s also a wizard. And by the way, he is kind of obsessed with you.” Okay, then.

“But he’s your boyfriend.” She shook her head. “NO not like that, he loves me, but he really needs you to help him, so pretend you are someone else.”

“Like my clone?” I suggested. She nodded.

“Emma Lockwood, it’s such a pleasure to finally meet you. Can you save our world?” No I can’t. I don’t even have any powers.

“No, well maybe, I don’t have any powers.” Alexa eyed Tyler.

“Say Pickle.” Alexa ordered.

“Pickle.” All of the sudden words started bursting in my head.

She is so powerful, should we hide her here?

How is she that powerful?

She can fly right?

“I can here you guys just saying.” Alexa and Tyler looked shocked.

“I thought you were the one that could tell what was going to happen before it did.” Alexa shook her head.

“I guess you can read my mind.” What’s Earth like?

“It’s very green. And blue, I miss it a lot. I miss my family.” That was so true. But I do love Halloween town.

“Did you meet the most stunning vampire in town?” IS it Damon Salvator?”

“No, who is he?” Tyler looked agitated.

“Mark Greely.” “He’s such a charmer and he is coming any second.” Alexa looked up and made me stand up.

“Hey Mark,” This man looked around sixteen, but he was tall, muscular, with compelling blue eyes, that I really want to swim in, and hot brown hair.

“Emma, hey, I called you last night, but you didn’t answer.” What is he talking about?

“Oh, no I never met you before. But that would be fun if we met. I have to go save the world now, bye.” I jumped for some reason I feel like I had to. I was flying. I was like superman. It felt amazing. I felt free.

Go home!! Save everybody back on Earth!! Alexa instructed to me. I was finally escaping.

“You’re not going anywhere.” I saw Damian’s clone. What was he doing in the sky?

“Watch me, weakling.” I dove under him and rushed away speedily. Then I did something beyond sneaky, I landed on Earth, in my house. I figured out where it was.

“Hey mom, what’s up?” I walked into my house.

“Emma?” Alexa called me. I wasn’t home. Damian was taking me to save the world.

I punched him and he instantly fell. That’s so cool! Magical powers make me feel, I don’t know… magical.

“Emma.” Alexa ran down the stairs with endless tears running down her torn bright blue eyes, into puddles of never ending sadness. She was home all alone. My parents set off to look for me, or some parallel universe in mystery land.

“Listen, Lexi. I love you.” At this point Damian was putting his arms around me in moral support. Maybe he wasn’t such a jerk after all. “But, I have this moral obligation. It’s kind of I don’t know to save the world.” Not really a big deal.

“From who?” Good, great, excellent, fantastic question.

“Bad, bad people, that want to send clones out in the world to confuse people. In addition, us magics, or you can just call us superheroes, are undoubtfully, trying to make the world a better place. Lex, you can’t be here alone. You are 12 years old. Come with us.” What am I doing. I reached out my hand.

Damian snapped his fingers.

“HALLOWEEN TOWN!!!” Alexa broke lose and starting exploring Magic like it was Disneyland on top of Disney World, within Cinderella’s castle. It’s every child’s dream land.

“Alexa, mom and dad will not be happy, if they found out I brought you. That is why, you are going to go with…” “Chad, take my sister, you guys are both twelve. Curfew is 10. Do whatever you want. Get a bucket load of ice cream for all I care, see you in a couple of months hopefully.”

“Are you sure you are okay with letting your little sister roam Magic alone with my little brother?”

“Eh, doesn’t bother me. It’s called magic after all.” This whole clone thing is seriously starting to get to me. I don’t understand what the purpose of us being here are.

“Jordan.” I cannot believe I finally see one of my classmates. He lifted me up and spun me around as if he we were the best of friends ever created. To my surprise, and especially Damian’s he planted a large kiss, not a friendly kiss on the cheek, but a more than friendly kiss on the lips.

“What a day I had.” He grabbed my hand and started walking off without me. I do need Damian because he knows an extensive amount about the clones and what the head of the whole universe council is trying to do to everyone.

“I found out the reason we were chosen was because we are above intelligent and we are the most extreme intellectual thinkers that had ever existed.” “Or main goal is to spread this intellectualism, by teaming up with another group, who are called the Super Six.”




© Copyright 2020 Alexa Grayson. All rights reserved.

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