A Slice Of Depession Please.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

The feeling of depression and anxiety. I wasn't on medication during this time, and found myself in an extremely dark place. If you are easily triggered or easily susceptible to becoming depressed or sickened by others sadness...Please turn away now, Thank you for everything and all of your support through(out) these times. All My Love, Alexis M Leeroy.

Close your eyes

and let the silence surround your entire body.

Stop your breathing.

Shut Yourself Up.

Scream with the cuts,

Cry with the blood stains that you tend to always leave behind.

Ans simply Sleep for Eternity.

Nobody will ever love you,

Absolutly no one can ever even begin to slightly love you.

Youre Gross.

You deserve absolute crap.

You are an unworthy dirty little whore.


There's absolutely no hope for you in this hell hole any longer my dear.

You are only 16!

What the hell did you expect?!?

Did you honestly think that you would be treated like a little pretty princess?!?

Hell No Darling.

You're the lowest of the low on this stupid "Society Food Chain".

Shut Them Up!

Make Them Stop!

Cut Them Out!

Bleed all of there screams,

Simply keep fighting on,

And suffer with the pain and the loneliness that they may cause you.


You are a girl,

A woman.

Learn to let go.

Because, you'll always have to let go.

What else did you expect?

That your life would be easy or something ?????

That you would have been the queen? 

The girl/women that was/is constantly on top of everyone and everything?




Black And White.

It isn't true.

Your life sucks,

And you suck at life.


Why don't you just/simply end it...

End it all...

Right Now Baby.


Submitted: December 09, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Alexa Leeroy. All rights reserved.

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