Jodie's Magical Wand and her Fairy Dolls

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This is the continuing adventure of Jodie's magical wand.
In this story Jodie finds that her fairy dolls have become real fairies and her room has changed...

Submitted: July 19, 2011

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Submitted: July 19, 2011



Jodie's mummy had bought her a fairy costume and wand, and on her first day of trying on her fairy costume and waving her wand she found that the wand had magical powers.  Her mummy didn't know of these magical powers, because Jodie decided to keep it a secret for as long as possible.


One night before going to bed Jodie was playing in her room with her fairy dolls.  She had been collecting them for the past five years and had six fairy dolls.  ' What would happen if I waved my wand over my fairy dolls,' she wondered.  Jodie had thought about that the first day her mummy had bought her the costume and wand, now it was time to find out.  Picking up the wand, she waved it over her fairy dolls, a strange light came from the wand, and when it cleared her whole room had changed.  Her dolls were now real fairies, and her room had changed in to an Enchantment Forest.

Large toadstools were their homes, and all the animals of the Forest spoke to the fairies in a strange language only the fairies understood.  ' Come Jodie,' one of the fairie's said to Jodie taking her hand, and she lead her to a large clearing in the Forest,where a waterfall flowed down from a high cliff, and flowers grew everywhere.  Near the waterfall stood the most lovliest white horse Jodie had ever seen.  'Oh, he is so lovely,' she said to the fairy who was flying above Jodie.  ' Can I sit on him?'  The fairy flew down and sat on top of Jodie's right shoulder and whispered in her ear.  All of a sudden she began to feel strange, 'what is happening to me?'

The fairy took her hand once more but this time Jodie had changed in to a fairy, and the fairy costume that her mummy had bought was now made of silk worm and spiders web, the wings made of the finest gossamer and her blonde hair was now down to her tiny waist, and her ears pointed.  Jodie now found that she could fly, Nariana one of Jodie's fairy dolls lead Jodie towards the white horse and they both flew up and sat on top.  ' This is Starlight,' Nariana told Jodie, you must sit on it's neck.'  Nariana, flew up and sat among the horse's mane and Jodie followed, then Nariana took from a pouch made of bats wings, gold and silver dust and sprinkled it over starlight.  Hidden wings spread out and Starlight began to fly   He flew over the waterfall, andover the Forest, then he came back down in the fairy village.  Jodie was so happy and she wished she could stay forever.

Jodpe's fairy dolls were standing in a circle when Jodie flew down from Starlight, a stange light appeared and touched all her fairy dolls and Jodie.  That was the last she remembered, when she finally awakened she found that she was back in her room, and all her fairy dolls back on the shelves where Jodie kept them.  This was another adventure that Jodie was keeping secret.

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