A chronicle of my Dreams (First I)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Chronicle of Dreams...


I am walking down a dark alleyway, it is foggy out and it’s also lightly raining. I see a light from a lamp post in the distance but it seems like I can’t get there fast enough, it appears that with every step I take the light grows farther away. I come up to a dumpster and hear a noise inside, so I stop and call out “Is there somebody there?” but I get no answer so I ask again “Who’s in there? But silence is all I got in return.

I didn’t dare go up and open it, I just started to walk off then heard a sound again from the dumpster, but this time it sounded like a baby crying.

I walked back to the dumpster and slowly opened the lid a bit. It was so dark inside that I couldn’t see anything, and the noise went away again.

I was shaking from the cold rain and the fear of what was in that dumpster but I asked again “Is there someone there? A gurgling sound came from the middle of the huge trash can but I couldn’t see anything.

I closed it down and looked around for a stick or something to move things around in there but I couldn’t find anything. I walked back up to the dumpster and opened the lid all the way back, and when the lid slammed into the back I heard the squealing sound of a baby crying but not loud, the sound was very faint. I started to realize that someone had thrown a new born into the dumpster and I had to try to save it, but I was afraid to crawl over into the dumpster in total darkness. The sound was getting more faint by the minute so I went over to another building and got a trash can and brought it back then climbed on the trash can to try to see where the sound was coming from.


I bent over as far as I could into the darkness of the smelly can and lost my footing. I fell into the dumpster head first, and landed into a soggy mess of unidentified material and immediately got to my feet and started out of the can when I bumped something, I still couldn’t see anything but I reached down and felt something and the gurgling sound told me it was an infant child. I picked it up and held it in one arm and made my way out of the dumpster. After getting out I started to run toward the light and now I seemed to be getting closer quickly. I got to the alleyway exit and into the street where I noticed there wasn’t a person on the streets, and there was no traffic on the streets either. Under the light I now could see what I had in my arms. It was enclosed in a thick bloody blanket, I unwrapped the blanket to see what kind of shape the child was in and what it was exactly. Once I peeled the blanket away from the child I noticed it was a little girl, she was barely breathing and very weak, too weak to even get a good cry out.

She was still covered in bloody plasma like skin but seemed to have all of her extremities, so I put her up upon my shoulders and started to walk down this street to find someone, anyone that could help me with this situation.


I felt the child suckling my neck as if trying to get milk from her mother’s breast, I let her do this because it kept her quiet while I searched for someone to help us, then I suddenly felt a stinging to my neck and tried to pull the baby away but she had attached herself to my neck so hard that I couldn’t pull her away with it hurting me, Then I felt it. She was actually sucking blood from my neck and I couldn’t pull her away!

I started to scream “Hey!! Hey!! Let me go kid!” but her grasp on my neck was so tight it felt as if she was a part of me.

I fell to my knees and finally onto my back with this monster child sucking me dry in the middle of a rainy street with no one to hear me scream for help. I tried again to pry this child from my neck but there was no pulling her away, she just kept on tightening her grip and feeding on me.

I finally lost my will to fight, and lie there with the soft rain falling directly into my eyes and burning while this demon got healthier and healthier on my blood.

Everything seemed to start to get blurry, I felt myself fading away into the foggy night. I thought to myself

“wait, I am dreaming, I can just wake up and everything will be fine”

So I started to blink my eyes, open and shut, open and shut, then I opened my eyes and found myself in bed. I got up and walked over to the window and looked out and noticed that it was foggy and rainy outside. I looked down at the corner light pole and for a split second I thought I saw a child

Standing there under the light pole looking up at me. I closed the shades and then reopened them and there was nothing there, so I went back to bed.

Submitted: December 07, 2008

© Copyright 2022 alexandablackman. All rights reserved.

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