A Gathering

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A uninvited vistor comes to recieve his bounty.

The rain falls hard against the roof, and the wind blows hard enough to cause the limbs of the old oak tree to scrape the window outside my room. I walk over to my second story window and look down to the ground, and there in the steady rain stood a figure holding an umbrella looking up at my window.

I quickly jumped back for a second and then peeked out to see if the figure was still there, but it wasn’t.

I looked left and right for this figure and it simply just vanished into thin air.

I closed the shades and went back to my bed, sat down and grabbed the television programmer and put the television on the weather channel. The person said that the rain wasn’t going to let up for about three hours, and that there was a tornado alert for the surrounding counties. That was scary, but the figure that I saw below my window had me more nervous than the storm.

I asked myself why the hell would somebody be standing in the pouring rain below my window?

I decided to go to my closet and retrieve my pistol and load it.

This was something I hadn’t done in more than five years, it hadn’t been loaded or shot since I bought it from a gun shop years ago. After I loaded it I felt a bit more at ease, but still a little edgy, so I went downstairs and checked all the doors and windows just to make sure the house was secure.

I made myself a sandwich and went back upstairs to my bedroom and immediately checked the window again.

When I opened the window shade I dropped my sandwich at the site of this figure sitting on a branch in my old oak tree in the pouring rain!

I feel back to the floor, then got up and ran over to my desk and got the gun out and slowly walked back over to the window to let this figure see I was armed. I wielded the gun in the window to try to scare this figure off but it never moved so I went to the phone and call 911. When I finally got a person on the line I said “I have an unknown person in my tree outside”….

The voice on the other end after a pause said “What?”

“There is a person sitting on a branch in my oak tree outside my window man!”

He said “Sir have you been drinking?”

“No! Please man I know what this sounds like, but this is real, I got a gun and I don’t want to use it!”

The operator’s voice suddenly changed when he heard gun, and told me “Calm down sir I am sending someone there please don’t have the gun in your possession when they arrive Okay?”

I Told him that I wouldn’t and to please hurry.

The storm right then intensified! Lightning struck and I could see its shadow in the tree.

I switched off the television and quickly turned off my lamp.

Now I was in total darkness with the rain, the winds, and the scratching sound at the window. Thunder and lightning strikes and this figure drawing closer to the limb that meets my window sill. I grab my pistol and squeeze the handle while waiting for someone to come and rid me of this phantom like figure that has trespassed onto my property.

I shouted out to it “The Cops are on their way, and I have a gun!

You need to leave!”

Just then I heard the wind pick up and the tree was swaying heavy to the right, but the branch it sat upon never moved, that shook me to no end. The door bell rang and I got up and hurried down stairs to the door. I could see the flashlights and spots that lit up the night. I grabbed and flung open the door and waved to the officers and heard a shot then felt a hot stinging sensation to my chest, I fell back to the floor and looked at the gun I was still clutching in my hand, then let out a grimacing scream… No!

I looked up into the lights of officers that were standing around me and felt one of them kick the gun away from my hand.

The next person I saw was the paramedics they were frantically trying to save me. I tried but couldn’t speak; I just stared into nothingness until slowly I felt my sight dimming, and finally darkness. That was the first time I saw the figures face.

Submitted: January 30, 2009

© Copyright 2021 alexandablackman. All rights reserved.

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