A Husband Shunned

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
The Madness of a Husband Shunned...

Submitted: December 07, 2008

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Submitted: December 07, 2008



It is just after twelve midnight and I am still parked out side the home I use to live in just 1 month ago. In that house is my soon to be ex-wife Anna and my two children, amerika, 8 years old and Brent 4 years old.

For the last two weeks, I have been parking here and watching, watching for whatever I can see. I use my binoculars to see the children running around the house playing until she comes along and closes the shades.

I have been ordered to stay away from the house, my own place! In addition, that makes me very angry, and very confused.

She told a judge that she was afraid of me, and needed a restraining order, so until the divorce proceedings I have to live somewhere else. No man, this just isn’t right.

Listen, I might have grabbed her and put her up against a wall or something when she was being a total bitch, but I never hit her! Not once did I lay a hand on that woman.

However, my wife, on the other hand did lay her hands on me.

She slapped me; hit me in the face, and on many occasions pulled a knife on me.

She has also put her hands on the children saying that’s the only thing they understand, and that I didn’t know what she was going through while I was at work trying to discipline two children.

I told her there was never a reason to lay her hands on a child.

But the judge somehow thought it was best for me move out and have no communication with my wife, and stay a minimum of so many feet away from my own damn house! This isn’t fair man!

My life has spiraled into a total mess, I’m heart broke, angry, confused, suicidal,

And feel I am capable of doing something unethical and downright against the law of God.

I look at my watch and notice it is now ten minutes to three, and all the lights are off in the house except for the one on her side that she always keeps on.

A car pulls into the driveway and quickly cuts off the lights, which causes me to sit up from my slump. I was concerned that this might be a prowler or something.

When the car door open I noticed through my binoculars it was a man, and judging by him standing next to his car he seemed about six-five and well built.

He walked up and the door opened as he arrived there and he just walked right in. The door closed and I was looking through my binoculars and noticed two figures in an embrace.

I’m thinking, two weeks and she already got a man visiting at three in the morning? With my kids asleep down the hall? Oh hell no! This is not happening!

I get out of the car and approach the side of the house that my bedroom in on with my mind all messed up.

I have now pulled out the infrared binoculars and hoping she left just a crack for me to see what’s going on.

Luck was with me there they stood holding each other in my bedroom.

He was squeezing her ass as he hugged her and then he pulled her little nightie, the pink one up to her waist, knelt down, and started to kiss her navel area.

I watched as she undressed him right there in the middle of the room and giving him a feeling she never even attempted to give me.

They finally made their way to the bed that I bought and he drops her down at the bottom of the bed and quickly throws her legs up on his shoulders and I watched as he pleased her and then climbed on her and made love to my wife for what seemed like an half hour.

I finally walked back around the house with my eyes full of tears and went to the front door.

I took out my key and put it in the lock and it clicked, she hadn’t changed the locks.

I slowly opened the door and left it a bit ajar as I walked into the hallway and approached my bedroom door.

I reached down to my lower right leg, pulled out my army knife from its holder, and held it up to my eyes, and I looked at the mirror image of me on the blade.

Then opened the door slowly.

There they were just laying there panting in each other’s arms.

I softly walked up to her side of the bed and stood there as her head lies on his chest.

She slowly turns and looks up at me, screams, but my army knife thrust into her jugular stifled it. He rolls quickly out of the bed onto the floor and jumps up screaming “please don’t kill me man!” Don’t do it dude!

I walked around the bed to his side and he lunged at me as I buried the knife into his neck, blood shot out and blinded me for a moment but I wipe it away as I continued to stab this huge man continuously.

I got up after he was completely still, went to the bathroom, and washed my face and hands. I look at myself in the mirror as I wash the blood away thinking to myself what have I done. Nobody will believe that I did this; nobody that knows me will ever come to grips with the fact that I murdered my wife and another man while my children slept right down the hall.

However, I have done this, and now, like a coward I have to escape this world.

I went to my kids rooms and noticed that my wife had drugged them.

When I kissed them they never woke up even though I was crying, loudly neither one ever opened his or her eyes. I walked to the living room, picked up the telephone, and called 911.

When the lady answered and asked what was my emergency I puzzled her by saying” life” she said what? How can I help you sir?

I said please put this on tape, and then told her what I had done.

I told her there was two children in the house and that their mother drugged them so she could have an affair with another man.

She asked was I the husband and I told her yes and that by the time the police got there I would be gone.

She tried to keep me talking but I knew that trick from the cops coming to our family disputes.

I put the phone down as I heard her still pleading for me to talk to her, went over to the gun case, got my favorite revolver out, and put one bullet in the chamber.

I put the cold steel against my head and said a prayer even though I was brought up knowing God didn’t approve of this.

I put my finger on the trigger and… BANG!


© Copyright 2020 alexandablackman. All rights reserved.

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