A Lesson Taught

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A Story that teaches a very seriously funny lesson...

Submitted: December 07, 2008

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Submitted: December 07, 2008



**** blue, even though that wouldn't help the pain he caused. However, it would sure help my feelings.

My Name is Wallace Everson Taylor, and I am a twenty-five year old pizza driver. I Work for Gatti’s pizza and on the night of March sixteenth 1999, I delivered a pizza to 2205 Chase Street. A nice two-story home with a round driveway and a huge waterfall in the middle.

I got out, walked up the long walkway to the front door, and rang the doorbell. A minute later a woman opened the door and said come on in. I walked through the door and noticed her walking away in to the dining room, and to my surprise, she was wearing just a see through white top and nothing below. At first I thought she might have had pants on that was the color of her skin, but that soon proved false when she came back towards me and I saw her well manicured vagina coming at me.

She walked up to me and bent over the table to write a check so that I could see her huge breast. I scanned the room quickly and caught a man filming the whole thing from the kitchen area but I didn’t act like I seen him. She stood upright in front of me and said, “I will give you cash for your tip” I said thank you, then she said “how much I tip you is according to what you do.

I said, “Excuse me? Ma’am I’m not allowed to do anything with the customer. I could lose my job. She said ‘I won’t tell if won’t” She walked up next to me and grabbed my crouch and said, “My, my, you are excited! Then she slowly slithered down my body to my mid section and tried to unzip my pants, I said wait a minute now, I see someone with a camera and I don’t want to end up in a porn movie online. She called out to what was to be her husband and said he doesn’t want to be filmed cut it off! He walked out of his hiding place and said, “Sorry Dude, I just like to watch” then he sat down on the couch and told me to give it to his wife, and that she needs it bad from a young man like myself.

I was so uneasy about this but she was right, my member was solid enough to tear through my jeans. I looked at the guy again and said you all right with this? He said, “We will pay you well if you can satisfy her” by then she had unzipped me and reached into my pants, but she couldn’t get it out so she unsnapped my pants and pulled them down to my knees. “OH my God! She said as my member was at full salute.

She said, “Honey its huge! He said “WOW!” then she attack it with both hands around it, I closed my eyes to avoid the nervousness of a man watching me, not to mention her husband coaching her saying things like “See if you can get it all down honey” and make him give it up! Give it up I did and she never took it from her grasp. Then she turned and bent over the couch next to her husband and ordered me to give it to her with everything I had.

I walked up behind her and entered her with force, She screamed OH Yes! Then I pounded her for what seemed like twenty minutes without stopping, all the time with my eyes shut. Then I felt a cold material against my temple, I opened my eyes and looked sideways and it was a gun. A thirty-eight caliber snub nose and I heard him cock it.

Just then, I noticed he was behind me and he was spraying my ass with something. He said, “Keep doing my wife man!” I said what is going on man. He said I am about to give it to you, I said I am not in to that man! He said you are about to be in to it, or you are about to die, He said, “Man you break into my house, rape my wife and I came in and caught you and had to kill you!

As I kept on doing his wife but with not the same intent, he entered me and started to slowly dig deeper into my ass until I started to cry. I said it hurt man! Don’t do this please don’t do this! He paid no attention to me at all and started to pumping in and out of me with force, I couldn’t do his wife anymore even though my member had gotten a new hard. She started to just back up on it by herself, and talking to me, saying, “It will be over soon honey, don’t cry.

After about five incredibly painful embarrassing minutes, he pulled out of me, called her over and deposited it down her throat while I was pulling my pants up and composing myself. I gently bent down and got my check and my pizza warmer and watched them finish then walk over to me and warn me of the trouble I could be in if I told anyone about what had happened. The man walked over to his pants still dripping from his member, got his billfold out, took out two one-hundred dollar bills, and gave them to me.

She walked away down the hall without even looking back at me. He walked me to the door and said “Listen if you ever want to do this again I will pay you two-hundred dollars a session. I just stared at him without saying a thing hoping he would get the answer from that, then turned and walked down the long pathway to my car and got in.

I sit there awhile crying like a newborn baby wondering what excuse I was going to give to my boss when I got back to the store. I was clearly walking as if I had a stick in my ass and my eyes were bloodshot red from crying. I drove out of the driveway and made a right onto the street and halfway to the pizza store I just turned around and went home….

When I got to my apartment, I immediately rushed to the shower stripping off my clothes on the way there. By the time, I reached the bathroom door I was completely naked, I went over to the shower and cut on the hot water only. I got in and let the water burn me, It couldn't hurt as much as what I just went through at this hell house.

I fell to my knees and dropped my head and let the hot water run all over me while thinking to myself "What do I do about this?" I can’t tell anyone because I would put myself in bad with what I done, not to mention the fact that I would have to tell that I had gotten raped by this guy. SO I decide for now I would just try to forget it.

I went to the phone and called my job, the store manager Gwen answered and said "Wallace what happened to you? Are you not coming back in? I told her that I had gotten very sick and threw up in my car and all over my clothes so I had to come home and shower. She asked me "are you all right?" I assured her that I was, and that I would bring my money and Warmer back tomorrow.

She said, "Okay and we will see you tomorrow take care of your self." I hung up, went over to the freestanding mirror, and bent over to look at the damage this experience had caused me. I still hurt when I walked, and really hurt when I sit down on a hard surface. I would really like to catch that guy out somewhere alone because I know that I would kick his

Those two bastards tricked me, and I suppose they have tricked other guys also who have this dark secret like me. I wondered just how many they have done this to, so I decided to watch them when I got off work. However, the next day I didn't have to watch them because they boldly came into the store for the all you can eat banquet.

My eyes were like saucers as they passed me with big smiles on their faces. They sat where they could see me on the other side of the bar and the wife winked at me. I acted as if I didn't see her but she whispered something in her husband’s ear and they laughed. I looked at them and noticed under the table she was opening her legs apart.

She was wearing no panties and she knew that I could see her. I quickly turned away and went to serving the customers. They came and got in line, and when they got close to my serving spot, I went over to the ovens and kept my back turned to them until they returned to their seats.

I don't know why, but somehow I got the impression that a few of the guys that delivered with me at night were looking at them the same way I was. Donald and Terry both didn't want to be on the serving line. Gwen was asking them why and they just said they would rather work in the kitchen, so she said "Okay" Wallace, you and Mary work the line.

I walked up to the serving line and really didn't mind serving, except for those two sitting there whispering to each other and looking at me. After the all you can eat was over, me and the other drivers got ready to start delivering for the evening, and I somehow made up my mind I was going to ask Donald, whom I've known for awhile about those two.

I walked up to Donald while he was putting his pizzas in the warmers and said "Hey Don, do you know those two older people that came in for the all you can eat? He said without looking up "No" I said have you ever delivered to them. He turned away from me and asked me "have you?" I said yes I have, and then asked again, "have you?" Donald turned to me, said “yea”, and walked away.

I knew then this was serious, those people had done this before, and I think Donald and Terry fell prey to them. I didn't talk about it anymore to the guys or anyone else again, and those people never ordered from us again.

"The End" (so to speak...)

© Copyright 2020 alexandablackman. All rights reserved.

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