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A Poem written in Story fashion...

Submitted: March 02, 2009

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Submitted: March 02, 2009



While walking down a half lit street

From my favorite steak and ale

Staggering a little bit

Maybe drunk I couldn’t tell.

I heard a noise come from above

I peered into the sky,

And what I saw fly over me

Will haunt me till I die.

I fell and covered up my head

For fear it was coming down

But when I looked up in the sky

There nothing could be found.

I got to my feet and dusted off

Then peered back in the night

Then I ran back to the steak and ale

To tell them of my sight.

As I ran in the door and up to the bar

The bartender said what’ll it be?

I was sorta in shock and pointing straight up

He said tell us man what did ya see?

I saw a dragon fly over me

It had horns and an elephant trunk

I think it swooped down to eat me

Someone said “Go home your drunk”


I said No! This is for real

Take heed to what I say

I saw this monster in the sky

Think what you will or may.

On this night I’ll take a cab

Cause there’s no way again I’ll walk

The bartender laughed and said to me

“Leave with that crazy talk!”

I left the pub, walked to the curb

Where a cab awaits

I told the cabbie take me to

114 heavens gates.

As he drove I feel asleep

When I woke I was alone

The cab was running at a light

The cab driver was gone.

There was blood on the front seat

He was jerked right through the glass

On the floor lay both his shoes

It must have happened very fast.

If I was drunk, I am no more

I realize the creature is very real

I got out of the cab and ran quickly

To an all night bar and grill.


I ran in the door and straight to the bar

And asked to please use the phone

I called 911 and told them my plight

And how my cab driver was gone.

An officer came, took me outside

And tested my blood alcohol

Soon I was in cuffs and in his squad car

This was my thanks for the call.

I was taken to jail and put in a cell

To sleep my drunk evening away

Nobody seemed to care at all

About what I had to say.

I was released after paying a fine

And left just not feeling right

When I walked out the same cabbie was there

I asked “what happened last night?”

He said he got jacked and pulled from his car

Robbed and taken away

He said if it wasn’t for me calling the cops

He might not be here today.

I told him I thought he was killed last night

By a creature who flew on high

He laughed and said “what you saw while drunk”

Was a parade balloon in the sky.


He said Tomorrow is Mardi Gras my friend

What you saw was simply a fake

You drank too much ale and thought you saw

A giant flying Snake.

When I got home and paid my fare

Got out and checked my mail

I stood and laughed at what I’d done

After getting drunk at my steak and ale.



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