A Visit from Osiris

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An outsider looking in...

Submitted: December 21, 2008

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Submitted: December 21, 2008



The Visit


“We will each take the body of a human specimen and interact with them for the next planetary six month period.

Once everyone has taken a human host we will then fulfill our duty.”

[We fly over earth’s atmosphere then enter, unknown to the human race, because our ships are undetectable to earths known objects.

We hit the oceanic floor just ten earth minutes from exploding into the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Once we arrive to the depth environment and pair up I find myself with another of my planet ascending to the earth’s surface in what we call a member pod.

As we surface we travel behind the world’s eye to land and on our journey into the world of humanistic euphoria. I walk up behind a human male and entered his body without rejection. He gets into a vehicle and drives to his destination, I inhabit his body but our minds are separate.]

“Good morning Melissa!”

“Good morning sir, You are looking quite chipper this morning, what‘s gotten in to you?”

“Life Mel, life is good.”

“I agree sir; you have a ten- thirty appointment this morning sir”

“Give me a holler when they get here”

“Yes Sir”

[He walks into his office and sits down in a huge black chair, reaches over and cuts on a huge flat screen television, and then he relaxes.

I feel the contentment in his body; he is quite committed to happiness.

[As the intercom on the phone addresses him I finally hear his name, which up to now had been sir.]

“Mr. Trump your ten -thirty has arrived”

“Thank you Melisa, please send them in”

“Right away sir”

[The door opens and three men walk into the office with broad smiles on their faces]

“Don! Long time no see my man, how are you?”

“Great as usual Tony, make your self at home, everybody have a seat.”

“Thank you Donny”

“Donny I want to introduce you to my associates, this is David Minor, and Arty Major.”

“Great to meet you guys, can I get anybody anything to drink?”

“Donny it’s early but I could still use a gin and tonic”

“Yes Tony I figured you would”

“HA! HA, Donny I’m not a drunk!”

“Yes Tony but your close! Ha - Ha”

[The Meeting seemed to go on for about an hour, and I heard this friend’s last name was Curtis, and he was some kind of well known person in the movie business. The other two men were his business lawyers. Once the meeting adjourned they all shook hands and exited the office together.

They exited the building and got into a limo and went to place where females were dancing scantly clad, and had lunch while enjoying the show.

While there I came into contact with another of my specimen that had taken over one of the female’s body. After lunch this Donald shook the hands of each man and they left, but this Donald stayed. Soon I found out he owned the establishment.]

“Hello Mr. Trump”

“Hello Megan! How are you?”

“Doing great Mr. Trump, are you going to stick around for the Evening show?”

“I will be around for awhile taking care of some business up in my suite,

After you finish why don’t you join me for a drink.”

“Alright Mr. Trump I will do that!”

“Okay I will be looking for you, bye for now”

“Goodbye Mr. …

“Call me Donald”

“Goodbye Donald”

[This Donald walks into an elevator and punches a button that just has a big M on it then turns a key. The elevator rose to an area where it regularly doesn’t go without a pass key. He exit’s the elevator and enters a huge room with crystal and ivory statues lining the walls. He walks into a side office that not only had a huge fireplace but a waterfall inside.

He sits and opens a drawer and takes out a document and starts to work.

He works on this document and makes a few calls for the next several hours. Then the bell rang to his room, he looks into a monitor and sees that it is the woman he met down stairs before, which worked in his building.]

“Please come in Megan”

[She walks into the room and gasped at the awesomeness of the statuettes that lined the walls while he watched her on the monitor from his office.

When she gets to his office door he meets her and invites her to his Media room, there they sit and watch a movie where the people on the screen were also scantly clad but mostly nude. They drink and position themselves in several enclosed situations until finally they exit to a bedroom where they exchange body fluids. Afterwards they cleansed their bodies together and then this Donald escorted the lady to the door, and they said their goodbyes.]

[He said into the intercom on the outside of his door]

“Thanks for coming Megan”

“Thanks for inviting me Mr. Trump; I really had a great time.”

“Maybe we will do it again in the future”

“I am hoping so Mr… I mean Donald”

[As she walked down the hallway to the elevator, This Donald guy watched with a sly grin on his face until she turned waved and entered the elevator.

Then this Donald guy called down to his driver and told him to get the car ready and that he would be leaving in ten minutes. After leaving the establishment the driver took him home to his wife and family. Where he was met by his wife, little boy and girl.]

[We are from the planet Osiris in the fifth galaxy of the third planet.

As we near the planet Earth we meet to decide how we are to probe this planet.]

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