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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

A spirit filled make you smile and maybe believe type of story...

“What is it you seek?” The doorman said, as I looked around my surroundings and tried to focus in on what was going on here.

I said to my self, I must be dreaming, yes I am dreaming.

I heard a clearing of a voice and looked back to the half open door with a huge doorman standing in the opening. I looked at him and said “I’m not sure, who are you?” “I’m the person who is going to determine whether you get in to see the ONE.” The doorman said.

“The ONE? Who is that?” “Who is the ONE, You ask? He is the great decision maker, the one and the only, the all mighty. I said “If you’re not talking about God my friend you got your information wrong.” The doorman opened the door widely and said “Enter!” I walked into this massive stone dwelling and was totally in awe of the awesomeness. There were humans levitating in mid air, stone white pillars that were everywhere you looked. The music of heavenly harps played, and my ears were the better for it. The doorman cleared his throat again and said “follow me.”

As we walked along the long winding corridor he finally turned to me and asked my name. “My Name is Thomas Jackson, and yours?” “I am Albert Benny” I said “Glad to meet you Albert” he didn’t reply. We finally came to an entrance way, He stopped and Said “You are to venture forth from here alone; I hope you find the answers you seek along the way.” I looked down the long hall then back towards the doorman and he was gone. I started to walk slowly down this hallway noticing every once in a while, levitating angels above me. I stopped and looked up at one of them and asked “Where am I?” but they never answered back. So I walked on, expecting something or someone to tell me what to do, or where to go.

Then I saw the most deeply invigorating sight of my life. The door opening glowed from the top, to the floor, and was so bright that I couldn’t look at it directly. I felt afraid all of a sudden, I wasn’t sure what would happen if I just walked through it without knowing what was on the other side. But then I thought about the Bible. It said that my life was all about choices and most of all faith. Do I have the faith to just walk through? Or will I wallow in self doubt. I looked behind me and noticed a crowd of angels quietly speaking amongst themselves. I turned to the sparkling entrance and put my hand through it then pulled it back and noticed it different. I being a man of considerable age with spots already on my hands noticed this hand had none anymore. I turned my hand indifferent ways and it was clear of all spots and it felt better than it had in years.

I put the other hand into the opening and the same effect came upon me.

I turned and walked towards the angels and they all of a sudden started to levitate as if not to want to be close to me. I looked up and asked “Why are you distant from me?” They looked at me as if not to understand my language. I turned back towards the entrance and cleared my mind of all impurities, and doubt, then walked slowly through the passage way. I felt the same tinkle as I did with my hands but this time, it was all over me.

I went blind for about ten seconds, and then my eyes opened with incredible healthiness; my body was completely healthy from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I walked back out of the entrance and the angels met me with open arms. I heard them all saying in quiet heavenly tones “Welcome, your Home now.” Then and only then did I realized that I had went into the light, I had chosen the light over going back to the living.

I started to see what happened to me to get here, and then I saw like a movie, my life from the birth canal to my demise, right before my eyes.


Some one walked up behind me in a parking lot after a night on the town and shot me in the back of the head and stole my billfold with about two hundred dollars in it. That was why I died, Two hundred Dollars.

I never knew what hit me, I was living then I was at the big door wondering what was going on. I got to see my funeral, and all the people who loved me came and said their last goodbyes. I saw my mother who was keeping the brave face because she knew I was alright and in the right place. She walked up to my casket and whispered to me “Son I’ll see you soon, Mama loves you very much, goodbye for now. Then she walked away with a smile.


All my brothers said the same thing, word for word, “We’re going to find who did this man!” I wished I could tell them that God already knows, and have his punishment set for him. My sister took it the worst; she was beside her self and had to be held down. She just kept screaming “Why! Why! Who would want to kill T. J! Everybody loved him!” I so wanted to tell her that everything was going to be alright, but I wasn’t of this earth anymore.

Life had to play out as God would have it.

I was touch upon my shoulder, and as I turned I noticed the angels beckoning me to follow them. They started to levitate in the air above me.

I looked up at them and asked “how do I join you?” One angel bent down to me and said in a whisper “Spread your wings” I felt it, I had wings and I felt myself starting to float into the sky. When I reached the height of the rest, they surrounded me and started to sing a heavenly song, a song that was music to my ears. Then we all ascended into the sky higher than I ever thought the sky could go. We passed through space and were beyond it in seconds.

This was the last time I knew of earth as I use to know it…

I had found “Angelic Joy.”

Submitted: December 07, 2008

© Copyright 2021 alexandablackman. All rights reserved.

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Vincey Delaney

Such a beautiful story, I love anything about angels and spirits. If you have the time, could you look at my stuff. I have two special ones, A Comforting Light and Do You Believe?? Hope you like it. Thanks, bye for now.

Wed, September 16th, 2009 6:34pm

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