The Farmer

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Hello All,

Fumbling through my documents, I found the below story which I lost in the folds of the years that passed... I thought it would be selfish to keep it for myself especially in these darkest of times on our planet and here I am troubling you all yet again but I pray you bear with me and with the World one more time for the message below, hoping it reaches the weakest and strongest of the faithful, with myself named as Weakest...


How do YOU measure Time? Is it by the ticking of a clock...or the hours spent in an airplane going from country to country or the seconds it takes for a bomb to explode in the suburbs of Baghdad...
Maybe we measure it by the deeds of men or their thoughts or by how much time it takes to read an email or the time it takes for us to be impatient enough not to continue reading...


How does God measure Time? How does He measure men? or their deeds or their thoughts or their History?... If I were God, I would not measure US !! for Fear of the result...
Since as certainty hugs my mind that the clock ticks on every second, the same certainty hugs Men into losing on all measures and on all scales... But that's only me... Human and Weak as I am...
Go through the below and you will know why we are ONLY men and God is God.

Submitted: June 02, 2012

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Submitted: June 02, 2012



His hand crashed on her face and she tumbled onto the floor over her son as she writhed in pain.
She covered her boy with her body as her husband's foot came spearing into her side again and again and again.

Gabriel could not take it anymore as he stood on a neighbouring roof, watching through a room's window the onslaught of the Drunken father as he depleted his rage over his wife and child .
He stared one last time at the moon overhead as it dimmed into sleep inviting the Dawn of a new day as it shyfully broke the deafening silence of the night.
With a grieving sigh, Gabriel grabbed the hilt of his sword and flapped his wings up towards the morning sky; his 1000 year patrol was over and he had lots to report over Mankind's History... and a bloody one it is!

What would he tell God? How would he justify on Men's behalf the hundred of Wars, the Famines, the massacres; the deeds of One Man and that man's weakness as he ravaged Death and destruction with machine and Fire over half the Globe... How would God forgive Men their trespasses over Mother Nature and the millions of Deaths inflicted... The sight of the father hitting his wife as she covered her son is one of the thousands of monstrosities that Gabriel witnessed in those long centuries...

The clouds came upon him as he purposefully beat his wings faster in a dying effort to overcome the noise of the ruthless World of Men below... As he cleared the Clouds, he saw the sun, majestic and pure...
He raced towards it faster as his heavy thoughts dragged him back down towards the Filth of the Earth... He feared this day more than anything and now here he is, going to see his Lord and Maker and inform him of the sad and irrefutable Fact: "Mankind should not be saved"

A tear dug its way out of his eye and flew with the wind that carried him to his destination ... "How could they have fallen so far?!" and as Gabriel asked the question, the First of the Towers in the Skies started looming in the Horizon, gleaming Gold across the New Morning ...

Gabriel then decided...God cannot speak their end, there must be something that can be least to give them more time to be rectified! "I will plead for their souls... God should listen to me"

He started his descent towards the Main City Gates as an old Man started towards him as Gabriel softly landed on the Grass...

"Gabriel my friend, Welcome back..."
"Father Peter, it has been a long time..." but the Grief in Gabriel's eyes were more than what Saint Peter could handle and he asked "You fear God's verdict?"

"Yes Father Peter, I do! There is nothing that would help my case, i know i asked for this 1000 year mission as I truly believed that Mankind can be saved...But there is nothing i have seen to prove me right!"

"Go see Him... He is waiting for you, trust in His Wisdom and speak your heart, Go..." and he nudged the angel forward through the opening Gate...

As Gabriel passed the main gates and took to the air again, two angels flew in position to his sides and they passed the towers/the houses/the perfect pavements on the streets... A Rush of Sweet Honey misted air greeted him from the West and he lost his gaze in the great Waterfalls falling from the mountains where he used to play eons ago... As they neared the middle of the city, a single house with a garden in the back appeared in front of them as Gabriel prepared for descent... An old farmer, was tending to the flowers and the three angels dropped down in front of Him and straight to their knees...

Gabriel unsheathed his sword and layed it on the soil in front of the Farmer...

The Farmer, wiped his hands onto his shirt and looked at Gabriel, His eye gaze reached the angel's soul "Gabriel, Welcome back my child...I almost lost Track of time while tending this garden, has it been a 1000 years already?"

Gabriel, eyes filled with tears stood on his feet again as did the other two angels... "Yes, it has my Lord"

The farmer smiled, approached Gabriel and put His right hand onthe angel's shoulder , He eyed the two other angels "Michael, Nathaniel, leave us..."

The angels immediately disappeared; then the farmer continued "Come Gabriel, walk with me" and they started treading slowly in the garden...

With a shaking voice, Gabriel began "My Lord, I am here to beg for the Soul of Mankind...Spare them Lord, Give them more time..."

It felt like forever before the Farmer,going down on one knee,grabbed a handful of dirt, opened Gabriel's hand and poured them in the angel's palm "This is the Soil I work on Gabriel,I tend to it time after time after time, and now see around you what a beautiful garden I have made, What kind of farmer would I be if I did not believe that the soil will bring fruit after all, and what kind of father would I be if I left my children out in the Cold"

The Angel, confused, said "But My Lord, if you knew this to be true, why did you send me out there in the World for 1000 years to investigate what seems so obvious in Your Eyes?!"

The Farmer smiled again, looked at the sky above and said "I wanted to see if YOU, the most faithful of my disciples, would lose hope after all what you have witnessed... " Then the Famer grabbed a nearby plow, laid it over his shoulder and continued " You did not...I wanted YOU to see that; If Hope resides in your soul, then it resides in all souls...Mankind's as well"

The Farmer sweeped his hand into His silver hair, his deep eyes and ancient wrinkles spoke volumes of what Gabriel knew was the Wisdom of the Universe, and from that Wisdom the farmer said "There will be rain today, I still have the second half of the garden to tend do... Go Rest Gabriel, you earned it..."

Gabriel, the Archangel and High Commander of God's armies, lost in the Wisdom of the words spoken, stood in the middle of a garden next to God as He tended the soil next to a house in a City guarded by a Gatekeeper called Peter in the middle of the skies, in a place we know as the Kingdom of Heaven.


Joe Aoun

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