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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
The story thickens...

Submitted: December 30, 2008

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Submitted: December 30, 2008



I sat and waited for hours and watched the rise of a new day. The door opened and the gentleman said “Please follow me”

He led me to a huge room with high ceilings and stain glass windows like in a catholic church. Everyone else was already there standing and conversing with each other then turned and eyed me as I walked through the doors. I was met by a gentleman who extended his hand to me and said

“Welcome to the games my friend, I am David Bonner, who might you be?”

“My Name is Winner, Joe Winner”

“What a freaking name dude”

“Yes, but it hasn’t helped much up to now”

“Nice meeting you man, good luck!”

As he walked away the host made his grand entrance, and everyone split up and let him walk right through the middle of the crowd.

He turned and looked everyone over then spoke;

“I welcome every one of you to my humble abode, and I trust you have all been informed as to what this little game will pay if you survive the night, and make it to the top of the light house.”

Everyone nodded in agreement as the host went to the front of the room and was seated in a high maroon and gold chair. Everyone approached the front as he opened a type of scroll and began to read the rules of the game;

Ten people entered this house of wax,

To win a million and I pay the tax,

Ten people five women and five gentle men,

Came to find doors that will lead to the end.

Ten people whom all have no sign of kin,

So if you die, no one will come in.

Ten people will start from this very room

And make their way to happiness or doom

Ten people whom all have one thing in mind

To finish the game and cross the finish line.

There are doors too many to count

Picking the right one is quite paramount

For they lead to the top but also your demise

There are doors of truth and doors of lies.

Doors that lead to stairs that rise

Doors that will cause a big surprise

At the strike of midnight you will all go your way

And be at the top of the light house by day.

Then his chair backed away and disappeared.

We all were fed like kings and queens and they provided us all with games and anything else we could think of. We all partied until the clock struck eleven, and then it seemed everyone started to plan and pair up, because some thought that two heads were better than one.

But I didn’t, I was a loner and was willing to take my chances alone.

When the clock got to eleven- fifty nine, everyone walked to the door in anticipation. When it finally tolled the doors opened and everyone spread out and went their separate ways…










© Copyright 2020 alexandablackman. All rights reserved.

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