The Little Girl That was not There

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Somewhat of a Mysterious Ghost story with a mix of a Spirit Mediums new found power...

Submitted: December 06, 2008

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Submitted: December 06, 2008



It was September3rd, 1999 about ten after twelve in the morning.

I was heading downstairs to the kitchen on my regular food binge when I saw her. I saw a little girl sitting under the dinner table looking out at me with terrible fear in her eyes. She had a white gown on with Pink lace at the top around the neck, and a doll in her arms that looked like a raggedy Ann.

I was so startled that I dropped my piece of cold chicken onto the floor and sort of climbed the counter. I screamed “Honey! Honey! Get down here quick!” Just then I looked back under the table and the little girl was gone. My wife came running down the stairs and into the kitchen and noticed me sitting on the counter and said “Honey did you see a mouse?” I looked at her and said “No! I didn’t see a mouse, I saw… I saw a little girl under that table with a doll, “a what!” “I saw a little girl under that table just now.”

My wife stood there staring at me for a minute with her hands on her hips with her mouth open a bit and then turned and walked away.

I stood there for a minute just looking under that table and wondering what the hell is going on. I know what I saw. But how could that be?

My wife called down to me “Honey come up to bed.”

I started up the stairs and about six steps into my climb I felt a cold tingle go up my spine, I slowly turned around and there she was at the bottom of the stairs. I ran quickly up to the top of the stairs and looked back down and again she was gone.

I went into my bedroom and got in bed, my wife sat up and cut the lamp on and asked “Honey are you alright?” I assured her that I was fine so she turned over and cut the light out. I didn’t even bother to tell her about the little girl at the bottom of the stairs. I tried to sleep but I found that impossible to do as I watched the clock on the side of my bed until I saw 5 o’clock, after that I must have passed out.

When I woke up it was after 11 o’clock and my wife was already gone to work. I work at home, so I get the convenience of sleeping in as long as I like, so I sat up, grabbed my laptop and powered it up.

I decided to Email my mother and tell her what happened, because I knew she would always listen to me no matter how strange it sounded.

I sent the email and then got up and went downstairs for a bite to eat.

When I walked into the kitchen I couldn’t help but stop and look under that table, just then the phone rang and scared the hell out of me.

I jumped, then laughed as I picked up the receiver and said “hello”

A voice on the other end said “Denny what is this Email about?”

I said “Mother aren’t you even going to say hello Denny, How’s the family Denny?” She said “Forget that, explain to me what you just wrote.” I told her everything I saw just like it happened, and when I finished she said “You are a Sprit medium” I said “What?” “You are a sprit medium son.”

I was speechless for a second or two then said Mother what are you talking about? She explained to me that she, my grandmother, and her mother were all mediums but she never dreamed that her son would inherit such a thing. I just turned thirty and never had anything happen like this before so I needed my mom to explain this so I could understand it.

She started from the beginning, and for a solid hour she explained to me how it all started, and what to expect from this day on.

I said “So you expect me accept the fact that a ghost is trying to tell me something?” My mother said Son; you have no choice, accept it or it will drive you insane. I said “mother, you know Diane is going to think I am crazy as hell right? She said yes but you have got to make her understand that it is real, tell her to call me and I will try to help her accept this phenomenon.

I hung up the phone and sat down to try to take this all in and I just couldn’t get my mind around the fact that this was real.

I asked myself why this little girl chose me to come to.

I also asked myself what I was going to do if she came back.

This kind of scary movie stuff scares the hell out of me; I am not made for this kind of thing. I got up and got me something to eat and went back upstairs to my office and did some work. I finished my work on the computer and hit print, then got up and went to the bathroom.

When I returned from the bathroom I walked over to the printer and fell backwards in total terror when I saw the printer steady printing the words “help me I want to go home! Please help me! I want to go home!

I sat on the floor in a faze frame of mind half afraid and half amazed

At the spectacle that was happening before me, and then a calm came over me and the little girl walked right out of the wall an stood right in front of me and looked up into my face and asked “Can you see me? I nodded my head to her because I was speechless.

She said “My Name is Anna May and I can’t find my way home”

After my lips were unfrozen by the sheer mystic happenings that were upon me I asked “How did you get lost?

She said a man picked her up while she was walking home from school.

She said he told her that her mother sent him to get her, but instead of taking her home he took her to a place in the woods and got on top of her. She said he pulled her panties down and put his mouth on her, and then she said he hurt her so bad. I asked her where are you now. She replied “I don’t know, can you find me?” I told her that I wasn’t sure if I could or not. She said “They told me you could” I looked down to her and said What? Who told you I could? She said “The others.”

I asked her what the others look like and she told me that they looked like regular people. I somehow found myself comfortable speaking with this little girl, because she made it that way.

I wasn’t afraid anymore; I finally accepted what was a part of me.

I told her that she had to help me find her, and the only way we could do that was if she looked around and told me what she saw.

After she told me I was frustrated because I didn’t recognize any of the surroundings at all.

I realized the time only because I heard my wife driving into the garage

Form work. She walked in and yelled her customary shout out “Where’s my Man?” I answered and she asked “Do I need to check the mail?” I said “yea, check it for me darling” I watched her from an upstairs window go to the mailbox and to my shock in broad daylight there she was walking behind my wife.

I ran downstairs and out to the yard where my wife was just coming up the driveway and she smile and asked me “When did you start coming out to meet me?” I diverted by saying “I missed you more than usual today sweetheart, how was your day?” She looked at me and said “what’s wrong honey?” I put my arms around her and walked her to the front door, and in to the living room. We sat down on the couch and I told her what my mother had told me about my condition.

She stared at me for a minute to see if I was going to say I was kidding or something then said “Denny that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard from you, and your mother! You believe that? Just because she told you that you believe it?

I said “Diane I know what I saw last night and I saw her again today. She wrote the words “Help me I want to go home, Please help me I want to go home on my printer and then she came right through the wall and spoke to me.

She said her name was Anna May and she was kidnapped by a man who raped her and left her for dead someplace. She also told me that others told her to come see me.

I need you to go upstairs and call my mother so she can better explain what is going on so you don’t think I am crazy.

My wife got up without saying a word and walked upstairs to the bedroom and shut the door.

I noticed the phone lit up so I took it she was calling my mother until she hollered down to me to get the phone. I picked up the receiver and said hello expecting my mother’s voice and heard Dr. Ellis, he said

“Denny your wife has told me you are experiencing Illusions of some kind, would you like to tell me about it?” I said Dr. Ellis I am what is called a Spirit Medium. I know you don’t know what that is or even want to know but I am what I am. I don’t blame you for thinking I am crazy but I am dead serious about this.” The doctor asked me to come see him in the morning and I said that I would because this was all new to me and I thought he could help me to better handle something like this.

When we hung up my wife came to the top of the stairs and said “Honey I was just trying to help” I looked up at her and smiled, then said I’m not upset darling, I know why you did it and I love you.

Just then, the little girl appeared at Diane’s side. I stood up and told Diane that the little girl was standing right next to her; she looked down both ways and said “where do you see her Denny? I said “On your right side, she’s checking you out. Diane had a smirk on her face and said “Denny there is nothing here, the Doctor will help you out tomorrow to get this thing in check.” She turned and went back into the bedroom.

The little girl appeared on the couch next to me and asked me why my wife couldn’t see her, I told her that she was a spirit and not a real human being anymore, which was probably not the right way to say it but she seemed to understand. She said “So I’m dead?” I said “I’m not sure Anna, but I am going to find out tomorrow.

She smiled for the first time and said “Thank you mister for helping me find my way back home, I miss my mommy”

I said to her “I am going to try.”

She then disappeared right before my eyes.

I got up and went into the kitchen for a bite to eat and my wife came in

And said don’t eat that foolishness I’ll fix you something nourishing.

I put my sandwich meat back in the icebox and snuck up behind her and hugged her tightly then kissed her upon the back of her neck until she got goose bumps.

I went back into the living room and cut on the television set to see what was on and the first thing I saw was a newsperson saying that a child was missing, and the Mother pleading to whomever took her to not hurt her and to please send her home. She also said her baby’s name was Anna May. My eyes widened and a weird feeling came over me, I knew now that I had to do something. I picked up the phone and called the news station that was doing the story and asked to speak to someone in charge.

A gentleman came to the phone and introduced himself as the reporter that broke the story. I said “My name is Denny, I have information on the little girl name Anna.” He said “What kind of information?” I said I think she is dead… The phone went silent for a second or two then he said “How would you know that sir? I reluctantly told him what had been happening and he abruptly hung up in my face. I sat there for minute contemplating whether I should call back or just move on,

I decided to move on.

My wife called me to dinner and we ate a very nice meal then went up to bed. While Diane was taking a shower I sat on the bed and watch the television attentively for any other info about the little girl, but there was nothing else new since the last time I saw the news.

My wife came out, then I went and showered, while I was in the shower the little girl appeared and startled me, I grabbed my towel and covered myself and said “You shouldn’t be in here young lady! I don’t have any clothes on! She said “I just saw my mommy on the television, she was crying! Help me get back home! Please.” My wife knocked at the door and said “Honey who are you talking to?” I said no one darling, I’ll be right there. I turned to the child and said “Come back to see me tomorrow and maybe I will have some answers as to how I can help you okay?

She looked up at me and wiped a tear from her face and said “Okay.”

And she was gone.

I open the door to the bedroom and when I walked out there my wife was at the foot of the bed looking at the news with her mouth wide open.

She looked at me and said “Denny, there is a little girl missing named Anna May.” I got in bed and said “Honey, everything I have told you is the truth, Tomorrow I intend to find out where this child is, dead or alive, her mother needs to find her, and she needs to find her mother.

We fell asleep in each others arms in anticipation of what was to be.

I dreamed the whole night, and my dreams now were different somehow. My dreams turned from black and white to color, and the details were clearer than I had ever seen in my life in dream sleep.

I met a host of others that were spirits, and they all were in their own ways lost and looking for a way home.

I knew from that dream that I was destined to be that conduit that was going to help them all get home.

The dream taught me a valuable lesson about the spirit world, and even knowing that I was dreaming and asleep, I still was awake in thought, and in feeling.

I walked into the spirit world with a sense of belonging, and everyone around me knew I belonged there also.

I overheard one of them say “He is the one that will guide us home”

Each one would bow their head as I passed them as if to give me some

Religious respect that I didn’t understand but knew that I would before long.

When I awoke the next morning Diane was already gone, I turned and noticed a note on my bed side, it read “Honey please don’t cancel the doctors appointment, I need you to get help.

I love you, D.”

I got up with no intention of missing my appointment. I was really hopeful the doctor could help me understand better what I was feeling about the situation I am in.

When I arrived at the doctor’s office, his secretary told me to go right in.

Dr. Ellis welcomed me in and asked me to have a seat.

“Denny first I want to you to relax and clear your mind” I said “Okay but may I ask you a question? He said “Yes, we can take this any way you choose. I explained what my mother had told me and told the doctor of three generations of spiritual mediums in my family.

I had him call my mother and speak to her about what she had told me,

After he returned from speaking to my mother he sat at his desk, picked up a pen and started to twiddling. He got up and walked over to the window and sort of peeped out then turns to me and said “Denny, this is a phenomenon that I can’t help you with because I simply don’t believe in it, I simply would have to have more proof than your mother telling me it is true. Just as he said that, out of the wall walked a little girl and it wasn’t the little girl that had visited me at my home.

I said “Doctor Ellis I may just have your proof” He sat back down at his desk and said “How do you propose to convince me of such a thing?

I told him there was a little girl standing right beside him, and he started to look down but he didn’t, he just said who is she?

I looked at her and she told me she was his daughter, my eyes widened as I looked back at him feeling sadness inside me.

Dr. Ellis said “Denny is this little girl you spoke to me about?” I said no, she is your daughter. His mouth fell agape for a second, then he said “Denny I don’t have a daughter”

I said “I know she is not of this earth anymore.” Doctor Ellis looked deep into my eyes and said “What do you mean? “She’s dead Doctor Ellis, and she told me to tell you it was either her or the mother that had to die, and she said that she is happy you picked her mother. Doctor Ellis got up and walked over to me and said “I don’t know how you knew this but if you were talking to my daughter Denny you would be talking to a fetus, and we both know that you can’t be having a conversation with a fetus, right? I smiled at him and said “Doctor, she tells me that she is 7 years old now, and she also says tell daddy that the soul never dies. Doctor Ellis turned to walk back to his desk but stopped in mid step swung around and said “What does she look like Denny?

I said “Blond hair, baby blue eyes a clef chin like yours, and a nose that I think is your wife’s nose. She is wearing a powder blue dress with frills at the bottom, and her shoes are like Dorothy’s in the wizard of oz.

Doctor Ellis said “Denny your time is up, but let me say before you leave, that if I believed in this sort of thing that would be just about the most special thing to hear about your child in the afterlife.”

He said if I wanted to come back I could but he couldn’t be a party to this sort of thing in the future. I asked him “Doctor, did you and your wife lose a child in the way I said you did? The Doctor looked at me and said “Yes, and she would be about seven years old. My wife even bought a power blue dress for her, even though we didn’t know what the child would be. But my wife wanted a girl and she was going to name her Dorothy like the girl in the wizard of oz, then he closed the door as I stood there, I turned and smiled then told the secretary to have a good day.

As I walked out of the Doctors office building I knew that this was for real beyond a doubt. I traveled home in peace, and with the comfort of knowing that I possessed a gift that I choose to believe came from God.

I got home and went directly to the refrigerator to get a bite to eat because I hadn’t eaten since I left this morning. I sat down with a turkey sandwich and chips at the table and thought about what I was going to do about my situation. Also I wondered how my wife was going to react when she learns that I am what I say that I am. After I finished eating I went upstairs to my office and started on a project for a client and for the next three to four hours I was putting in a days work.

I heard my wife come in and announce that she was home, and as she entered my office she was already talking about my Doctors appointment. She said “Denny I spoke with Doctor Ellis and he told me of your little escapade, He thought you might need a different sort of help? What’s he talking about? I beckoned for here to come and sit down so I could explain. She sat down at my desk and looked at me intently. For the next hour or so I pounded her with truths that couldn’t be denied anymore.

In mid sentence while I was speaking to my wife the little girl appeared.

I told my wife “She’s here” My wife still hesitant to absorb what she had heard asks, where is she Denny? I pointed to a spot.

As I and the little girl spoke with each other my wife got up and said “I’ll leave you two to your conversation” Then she left my office still looking strangely like an unbeliever.

The little girl told me everything I needed to know to lead authorities to her body in the woods. So the next morning I planned to find her, dead or alive, hopefully alive, but she couldn’t tell which she was when I asked her.

When I woke up the next morning I noticed that my wife was still home, she should have been gone already. I said Diane why aren’t you gone?”

She said “I took off Honey; if you are going to do this I am going to be by your side ever step of the way.” I grabbed her and pulled her close to me, and then kissed her hard on the lips then said “I love you” She said “I’m going to get dressed while you do what you have to do.” As she left

The room I grabbed the phone and called the authorities to try and get someone to meet me in the woods where the little girl she told me she was.

A gentleman picked up the line and said “My Name is Dorsey, what can I do for you? I said “Mr. Dorsey I know where the missing girl is”

He said “Slow down, what missing girl we talking about, and who are you?” I told him who I was, and what I was, then told him where I would be in the woods.

He said “Okay Denny I’ll be there, Is there a number I can call you back on?” I said yes and gave him my number.

My wife and I left for the woods where the little girl told me she was and I was actually nervous, and a bit scared. I didn’t want to walk up on a dead carcass of a little girl. We arrived at an unexplored part of the woods that was full of moss and low lying trees.

We waited until we saw lights of a police car coming up the road with about three or four others accompanying it.

They all parked in a perfect line and Mr. Dorsey stepped out of the squad car and identified himself by flashing his badge.

He walked up to us and said “Denny lead the way”

I turned and looked into the woods and there she was,

Standing there at the opening of the swamps.

The officer said “Denny talk to me, what do you see?”

I said “I see the little girl and she is beckoning for me

To follow her.”

I started to walk into the woods with my wife’s hand in mine, and about eight officers and paramedics followed. We approached a cabin that had smoke coming from the chimney; the officer had us all fall to the ground so nobody in the cabin could see us. They crawled on their stomachs all the way up to the cabin and sealed off all exits.

They rushed into the cabin screaming obscenities and we heard a shot go off, then three more, then there was silence…

My Wife said “Honey look!” I looked up at the door of the cabin and there she was, the little girl in an officer arms.

We all got up and as the officer approached the paramedics put the child on the gurney and wheeled her right past us. The little girl said “Stop!” and she called for me; I walked up to her and said “Hi”

She said “I don’t know how I know you but I do, I dreamed about you at night many times, I think you were meant to save me.”

I told her I felt the same and I hope she will be alright.

The Paramedics took her inside the ambulance and slowly drove away.

My wife walked up to me from behind and put her arms around my waist and said “I will never doubt you again darling, I love you.”

Just then the detective walked up and said “Denny thank you, I don’t believe in that medium stuff but whatever gets the job done is what I’ll do. You saved a little girls life today and me, the Mother and the whole

City is in your debt.

You are going to be famous my man I hope your ready for the press, and the interviews.”

I looked at my wife and back at the detective and said I will not do any interviews Mr. Dorsey, and there won’t be any fame and fortune for me, just the satisfaction of helping is my fortune.”

My wife and I walked hand in hand towards our car as the hoard of reporters rushed into the scene and crowded around Mr. Dorsey.

He was kind enough to just say he got anonymous info on the whereabouts of the child, when they asked who it was he said again “The caller is unknown.”

After we watched the news story at home that night we cut the television off, turned some good jazz music on and celebrated our love and our new found relationship with the spiritual world.


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