The Reckoning

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The clouds are rushing across the sky as if to be racing each other as I stand in amazement of this aerial show, then everything started to go wrong...

Submitted: February 12, 2010

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Submitted: February 12, 2010



The Reckoning


The clouds are rushing across the sky as if to be racing each other as I stand in amazement of this aerial show, then everything started to go wrong. The sound that came from the sky was like a trumpet, it wiped the smile from my face, then there was a roar of thunder followed by the most incredible lightning strike imaginable to the human eye.

I started to back up and head toward the house because this event was getting out of hand quickly. As I reached the porch I turned and noticed that the lightning strike set fire to the ground for as far as I could see, and it was rushing toward me so fast that all I could do was throw my hands up in front of my face. Then there was total silence… nothingness was my companion and I quickly woke into a new existence.

This was it, the day of reckoning, the end of the world…

My mind returned back to the last week of my life and this is my story.
I woke to the television blaring a report of several crazy people on corners preaching the gospel and saying the end was near. I got up with a smirk on my face and got dressed to head to church. When I drove up to my church I noticed one of those folks from the tv standing in the church parking lot speaking to anyone that would listen. Most of the congregation was telling him that he needed to get off of the churches property but it didn't deter him one bit, he just kept on repeating the phrase " These are the end of days, he is coming for his saints and he comes to conquer the sinners."

As I walked pass he called my name " Jeremiah, time to go home" I stopped in my tracks and turned to him and asked "How is it you know my name?" he looked to the sky and said "It was written in the clouds." I walked a bit more briskly toward the church doors where some of the congregation still were standing. They were talking about the gentleman in the parking lot. " Can you believe the crazies out there in the world?" said one woman, and another shook her head while saying " He needs to come in and get his mind right with the holy ghost."

I walked up the church stairs to them and said "Good morning ladies, are we ready for another good service?" One of them said " Yes if we can ever get that crazy fool out of the parking lot." The preacher stepped out of the door and said " Everybody come on in, don't worry about the gentleman in the lot, let God take care of him." He held the door until everyone came in steady saying "Good Morning, thanks for coming."

As i sit and listened to the sermon it was totally about revelations and i found it a bit scary as most of the congregation did. but knowing my faith and trust in God I wasn't worried in the least because i knew i was ready to be in that number. As church let out and everyone was making a bee- line to the churchateria as we called it the same man stood in the parking lot holding a sign that read "He has Come are you ready?"

Some laughed and some others just paid no attention to him but i somehow couldn't take my eyes off him, His eyes seemed a crystal blue inside of the grayish black hair and totally bearded face, and everything seemed to slow down as i walked across the parking lot to the dining area. I bumped into the back of one of the women standing in line to get into the chuchateria and quickly said "Oh I'm sorry i wasn't watching where i was walking" She smile and said That's alright brother Jeremiah, you fine."

After a very good meal as always the congregation went their separate ways, some home to watch sports others off to bingo. I simply went home and got ready for another work week the following monday.

I wake up six thirty in the morning as usual and stagger out of bed to the bathroom while listening to the television that i leave on all night everynight, and the good morning show is on, and after about a minute what they were saying started to make sense. They were actually reporting on strange people showing up all over the world trumpeting the word of God and the end of days.

I thought to myself as i brushed my teeth, "I don't remember reading this in the bible" Could I have missed it? i thought to myself. As i got dressed i made up my mind that i was gona do some study in that bible when i got back home from work.

I ate breakfast and went to work, and as soon as i walked into the office i heard the talk of those strange people. Some were saying that they were aliens which made me giggle, but others were a lot more serious about it, Working in an environment like telemarketing you get a real diverse thought process from a very different kind of people.

I sat down at my cubicle, shifted my seat forward and started to read my leads sheet when my neighbor Gary stepped around and said, "Mornin Jer"

"Good Morning" I said as i yarned quietly.

"What do you think of these stories on the tv man?"

"Don't really know what to make of it Gary, but i intend to read my bible when i get home to see if this is a real sign." I sad.

"You think there could be something to somebody saying the end of the world is near? I mean, how could anyone really know that?"

I looked up at him and said " Yesterday at church one of them called me by name, I asked him how it was he knew my name and he said he saw it in the clouds."

Gary laughed and said "And you believed him?

"I didn't say that, but I do know to get into the word and find out, because God will always lead me in the right direction."

The start to work light lit up and everyone sat and started making their calls of the day. After work i drove straight home and as i walked into the door i went to my bible and took it with me to my bedroom. There I read revelations until i feel asleep.

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