We Live On

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Submitted: March 02, 2009

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Submitted: March 02, 2009



I gave you love when you hated me

I treated you fair you berated me

I gave you shelter so you ran away

And we live on for another day.

I give you warmth but your body’s cold

Our love is new but the feeling’s old,

I pull you close and you pull away

And we live on for another day.

When the time is right you are always wrong

When I hate a tune it is always your song,

When you ask my opinion you do the latter

I say your ass is fine even though it is fatter.

I gave you a life, but you seem to be dying

I give my all and you don’t seem to be trying,

I gave you my heart but me you deny

I tell you the truth and all you do is lie.

I go to work and leave you in bed

With stuff on your face and rollers in head,

When I get home the game shows are blaring

You’re still in your sweats and don’t seem to be caring

If I get fed or how my day went

An Elephant Faithful one hundred per cent.

Though I see clearly you are totally blind

Though I am sane you have lost your mind,

Though I want to go you want to stay

And we live on for another day.

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