Winchester Falls Chap2

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The story thickens....

Submitted: January 04, 2009

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Submitted: January 04, 2009



Franks feed store was the last business before leaving out of Winchester, so he got the last look at this car as it blasted pass him on the way out. He called Bob to see what happened in his barber shop.

“Hello Bob, did ya get any info on this guy?”

Bob cleared his voice and said “Believe it or not Frank, He said he was born and raised in this town”

Frank replied “Could that be true? I mean did he look familiar to you at all?”

“Not at all, but I did recollect something he said to me.”

“What was that?”

Bob said “What’s my damage”

The phone went silent for about five seconds which made Bob ask. “Frank you still there?”

“Yes I… I um… seem to recollect hearing that also, a long time ago.”

Bob said “I thought you would, seeing that you were on the same jury as I was when we convicted that young fella back in 1953 of the murder of that young Wilson Girl.”

Frank sighed and replied “Still to this day I’m not sure that the right was put to death, but what’s done is in the past and why are we talking about that?”

Bob said “Because he was the only one who ever said what’s my damage.”

The bell at the entrance of Franks store rang and he told Bob “I’ll talk to ya later I got a customer.”

As Bob hung up the phone he turned and noticed that that Rusty his brother Donnie and the mayor who had closed up the station for awhile were all headed his way.

He walked over to the front door and met them outside where they all sat on the long wood bench out front.

Bob said “Fella’s what’s going on?

“Oh nothing much Bob, we just thought we would come over and get a report on what that strange fella was doing here.” said Rusty.

Bob told them exactly what he had told frank earlier, and as they talked the crowd got larger around them until there were about sixteen of the towns people standing around and relaying the story that bob had said to others that were walking up, and

Of course the story got changed a little bit every time it was retold.

Bonnie Wilson the dress shop owner and mother of the murdered girl walked up behind the crowd and listened intently and they spoke of her then teenage child.

As the townsfolk noticed her they quickly came to a hush. Bonnie then walked up to the Sheriff and asked “Why are you speaking of a man that died so many years ago Rusty? Why is his name in question here?”

Rusty said “Bonnie it’s just people talking. This stranger that rolled into town this morning has got the town in an uproar over nothing. He ate breakfast, got a shave and left town that’s it in a nutshell, he’s gone.”

Did he say who he was? Bonnie said in a shaky voice.

And Rusty replied “No Bonnie, he just said he grew up here, but nobody remembers him at all.

From what I heard Rusty he wasn’t old enough to have grown up here, so why would he say that?”

“I don’t know Bonnie, but he’s gone now so everybody can just relax and go back to what they were doing.”

The Sheriff turned to the crowd and said “Come on everybody let’s get back to normal.

Let’s disperse and go about our business as usual.” Soon the crowd had gone their separate ways but the gossip had just begun. People began to crowd into the town square for the daily market, and all that was talked about was the tall scruffy stranger with the hushed voice that ate breakfast at Millie’s and got a shave at Olson’s Barber shop.

The Mayor and Sheriff Martin went up to the staging area where the town held auctions and called for the attention of everyone in the town square.

“Everyone may I have your attention” The sheriff said. “Please give me your attention for a minute, I won’t keep you long.” Everyone is in an uproar about this visitor, and it’s starting to cause unnecessary gossip. The Mayor and I would like everyone to go back to the norm, this man is gone and I don’t think he will be coming back.”

A voice from the crowd said “What if he does come back Rusty” That voice was the towns only reporter, and newspaper person Guy Ritchie.

“Then we will deal with it Guy” Rusty replied.

“Why did he say he grew up here Rusty, and no one remembers him?” said another voice from the crowd.

The Sheriff threw up both hands into the air and said “We don’t know why he said that, we are checking records to see if in fact this man was from here or not. But rest assured everybody he didn’t do anything other than eat breakfast and get a shave!

Let’s stop being so unnerved by this. You all go about ya business and forget about this, It really isn‘t that big a deal.”

As the Sheriff and the Mayor left the podium they were met by Donnie who said “Rusty you and Otis come over to the office, I got something to show you both that will blow your minds.”

They walked across the square to the Sheriff’s office and Donnie took them over to his computer.

“I ran those plates you asked me to check on rusty, the owner of that vehicle’s name is Roger Brendon… ring any bells guys?”

The Sheriff and Mayor both looked at each other and the Mayor said “It can’t be the Roger Brendon, because he would be seventy-four years old, not to mention alive!”

Roger Brendon was the young man who was unfairly charged at eighteen years old with killing Tiffany Wilson sixteen years old and sentence to death.

Rusty said “Donnie look up when this Roger Brendon was born”

Donnie did a background search while Rusty and the Mayor stood behind him watching the screen. When it came up it said that he was born in Winchester Falls in 1935 and was convicted of murder in the first degree and sentence to death.

Rusty asked Donnie to see when Brendon was put to death, and when he called that up from the prison records to their puzzlement it was blank.

Otis backed away from the computer took out his handkerchief and wiped his now sweating brow and said “Rusty what’s going on here?”

“I don’t know Otis, but this guy can’t be Roger Brendon because we both saw him and he looked about twenty-five years old!”

Otis sat down and said “This is all too weird Rusty, Why would a guy with license plates matching a Roger Brendon born in 1935 come riding into town, eat breakfast, get a shave, say what’s my damage and then just leave?”

Rusty said “Let’s just keep this to our self’s guys we don’t need to get this town in an uproar over nothing.”

“Nothing?” said Otis.

“Yea nothing! He is gone! Okay?”

Otis said “Okay, but what if this isn’t over Rusty, what if he comes riding back in here tomorrow morning?”

“We will deal with it then, and only then Otis, now go back to your station and open up; people are going to be hungry after a day at the market.”

Otis turned and walked to the door, paused a minute, turned and said

“Rusty could this have something to do with the Wilson girl?”

Rusty said “I don’t think so Otis, I really don’t think so.”

Otis turned and walked out the door.

Donnie got up from the computer and walked over to Rusty’s desk and sat down in the chair in front of it and said” If this dude comes back we should detain him and ask a few questions as to why he would be driving a car that is owned by a guy that supposedly died years ago. Don’t ya think?”

“We would have to have probable cause to detain him Donnie.” Rusty replied.

“As far as I am concerned Rusty driving a dead mans car is probable cause!”

“Let’s milk that cow when it comes into the barn, Okay Donnie?”

“Okay Rusty, you the man” said Donnie.

Rusty got up and headed toward the door, while walking he said “Keep the radio clear Donnie in case I need ya later, and stay off the phone with Liz. Talk to her on your own time.”

Just as he got to the door Elizabeth Johnson, Donnie’s Girlfriend and part-time waitress at Millie’s came walking through. Rusty said “Evening Liz”

“Evening Rusty” Liz replied, then went over and kissed Donnie as Rusty left the Sheriff’s office.

Liz said “Hi Baby, what eating Rusty? He seemed weird.”

“This guy that came through town has got everyone a little testy.”

“Well I am heading to Millie’s now that he decided to open up; I had been parked there for an hour before I realized he was in town.”

“Okay but be careful”

“Be careful? What’s that suppose to mean?”

“Nothing! I’m just saying be careful, Can’t I tell my girl to be cautious?”

Liz looked at Donnie with the eye and then said “Whatever”

Then blew a kiss at Donnie before leaving.

Elizabeth got into one of the few cars in Winchester and started down the road towards Millie’s with her favorite song blaring on the DVD player, when she noticed a car come from nowhere to right behind her. She looks in her rearview mirror to see who it was, but the windows were tinted. She beckons for the car to pass, but it continues to just remain behind her. Elizabeth started to get a bit shaken because of the word around town about a tinted windowed car and a mysterious dude driving it, so she pulled over to the side of the road to see if this car would also, but it didn’t it just continued on. She sit a minute and then a broad grin came upon her face and she said “Liz, you have overreacted girl!”

Then she slowly got back onto the dirt farm road and resumed her drive down to Millie’s.

When she drove up, she noticed Otis was outside putting up the new price for gas in the neon sign.

She parked and walked over to Otis, and grabbed a big number for him to put up with his magnetic pole and said “Did that car stop or just pass right through here Otis?”

“What car is that Liz?”

“The car with the dark tinted windows!”

Otis stopped hoisting the number he had above him looked at Liz a said “what?”

“The car was riding my ass! Until I got off the road Otis! “Elizabeth shouted.

Otis walks up to Liz and said “ Aint no car passed here Liz! Ya hear me?”

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