Radar Love Saved by the Uneasy Rider

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Adapted from the songs listed in the title.

This is what started me writing for fun. I saw the movie "Super Bad" and decided to write a short screen play for fun.

Submitted: July 24, 2008

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Submitted: July 24, 2008



Radar Love Saved by the Uneasy Rider

Adapted from the songs listed above


An ARS production

On a dark screen in the left-hand corner an amber glow begins bringing in new sunrise over a lonely stretch of Texas black top highway. We hear a radio playing only static. The car radio starts to play the sounds of someone changing radio stations. After, passing over several stations the radio is tuned to the song "Radar Love" by Golden Earring. While the camera looks down the barren two-lane highway, we hear the song play:

The radio explains some forgotten song

Brenda Lee's comin’ on strong

The road has got me hypnotized

And I'm speedin’ into a new sunrise

When I get lonely and I'm sure I've had enough

She sends her comfort comin’ in from above

We don't need no letter at all

We've got a thing that's called Radar Love

We've got a light in the sky

(Instrumental break)

On the right side of the screen, we hear the roar of an American V-8 engine as it begins to get louder and louder until a candy apple red 1957 Chevy appears and zooms past with dust flying in its wake.

Main title and credits appears over the action of the car driving away

Shot: At another section of the road, the cameras placed in the back of a moving truck facing rearward as the 57 Chevy gradually over takes the truck from behind, getting closer and closer. The Chevy follows the truck briefly. We hear the Chevy down shift before signaling, then passing the camera and truck.

Shot: The camera views the side of the car as it passes by before resting on the rear of the Chevy as it pulls past the truck and ahead of the truck.

Shot: The camera zooms in from behind and slowly enters the rear window.

Shot: From the back seat of the car the camera pans the dashboard of the car from right to left to focus on the driver setting behind the wheel wearing sunglasses, staring straight a head, nodding his head to the music.

Shot: The driver slowly reaches into his breast pocket retrieving a pack of cigarettes. As the Driver holds the pack in one had and the steering wheel with the other he flicks up a cigarette then removes one cigarette from the pack with his mouth. After putting the pack of cigarettes away the Driver produces, a Zipo lighter to perform a much practice ritual of lighting his cigarette.

Shot: The driver glances towards the radio when he noticed the station went off the air.

Shot: The driver utters multiple curses under his breath as he turns the knob to find another radio station.

Shot: After turning the tuning knob several rotations the driver finds another station. The radio station plays the song, "I Love LA" by Randy Newman.

Shot: In a spectator, view from across an intersection we see the Chevy roll to a stop at a stop sign. As the car pulls away from the stop sign a camera inside the car shows the driver depressing the gas peddle, the clutch and his hand changing the gearshift, until the driver has shifted through all the gears. The roar of the accelerating engine overtakes the music to change to a loud tire sound.

Shot: From the front of the car looking through the front window, we see the driver frowned then look over his right shoulder.

Shot: The right rear tire of the car is displayed as it rolls down the highway. In the shot, we can hear a whining tire sound.

Shot: We look from the rear seat to see the driver grimaces and roll his eyes.

Shot: The previously shown tire returns to slowly go flat in a cloud of smoke.

Shot: From the front of the car looking through the front window, we see the driver.

Driver: Oh, man, not now!

Shot: We see the tire again. As the tire rolls down the road, we see that it is going flat.

Shot: We see the driver behind the wheel.

Driver: That's just great, that's all I need now is to have a flat in this God forsaken place. Why me? I knew I should've stopped at Pep Boys before I left to have the spare fixed.

Shot: The driver bites his lower lip and shakes his head in disbelief.

Shot: We see the car as it drives slowly down the side the road with a flat tire.

Shot: The car drives down the road until it comes to a halt in front of a country bar.

Shot: We view the driver's hand as he turns off the ignition.

Shot: We view driver pull the parking brake on.

Shot: From outside the car we watch the driver opened the door of the Chevy.

Shot: The driver gets out of the car, stretches, and takes a hard look at the bar that is in front of him.

Shot: The driver takes his cell phone out of his pocket. The driver looks at the cell phone screen.

Shot: The view the screen of the cell phone we see that it has zero bars.

Driver: Isn't that just typical, no service.

Shot: The driver shrugs, walks towards an into the bar.

Shot: From inside the bar you see the entry door. The driver opens the door and walks in the bar. After taking two steps, the driver takes off his sunglasses looks around the room.

Shot: Looking as from the driver's eyes we see the bars is empty except for the bartender who is standing behind the bar wiping it with a stained white towel.

Driver: My car has had a flat and my cell phone will not work. Do you have a payphone I could use?

Bartender: We don't have a pay phone here any more. But, if you order something, and you just need to make a local call, you can use my phone at the end of the bar.

Driver: Cool, give me an Old Shoe. Do you have a phone book I can use?

Shot: The bartender picks up a glass and fills it with a beer as he gestures with his head towards the phone with a look of disgust on his face.

Shot: We see a wall phone surrounded with writing and graffiti.

Shot: The driver walks to the phone and picks up a thin phone book that is in tatters with half of its cover missing. He leafs through the Yellow Pages before finding a service station listing.

Shot: We see a finger pointing towards a service station advertisement.

Shot: The driver picks up the receiver and punches in a number.

Phone voice: Joe's Garage.

Driver: A… yeah, my car has had a flat I was wondering if you could send someone to repair a tire.

Phone voice: Why sure, I'm not very busy day, I can have someone there in about 10 minutes or so. Where you at?

Driver: I'm in town parked in front of the Do Drop Inn, it's a red 57 Chevy.

Phone voice: Now, you just stay right where you're at, you hear.

Shot: The driver hangs up the phone and stares at it.

Driver: Well I sure as hell don't have any place else to go.

Shot: The driver walks around the bar and sits in front of his waiting beer glass.

Shot: The camera turns to the entry door as it opens. In walks a menacing looking man.

Menacing looking man: Who owns that car with I love New York sticker, mag wheels, and four the floor.

Shot: Driver turns and looks at the bartender.

Driver: Check please, I gotta go!

Shot: The driver pays for his drink, stands up to start walking out the door to leave the bar. The door opens and three big redneck men along with a obviously drunk blonde wearing a belly exposing tank top, walks through the door blocking the driver's path.

Redneck 1: Who are you boy?

Redneck 2: Where you going?

Driver: Nowhere.

Redneck 3: You must be going some place; you're leaving here ain't you?

Redneck 2: What's the matter, we ain't good enough for you to drink a cold beer with us?

Shot: The three rednecks walk close to and surround the driver staring menacingly with Redneck 2 standing in front of the driver.

Shot: The driver stares at Redneck two with a scared look on his face. The Driver looks down and bows his head when suddenly with his right foot he kicks Redneck 2 in the knee. Redneck 2 falls down with a high-pitched scream as he holds his knee. The driver picks up a chair, holds it over his head, and yells.

Driver: I know you; you're that guy on 60 Minutes. They said you were an undercover agent for the FBI. You were sent down here to break up all the meth labs.

Shot: The group looks suspiciously at redneck numbertwo on the floor still holding on to his knee.

Driver: He might look dumb but that’s just a disguise, he’s a mastermind in the ways of espionage. He’s a snake in the grass I tell you guys, He may look dumb that that’s just a disguise. You know he's gone as far, as tearing goat roper's need loven to stickers all the bumpers of cars and he voted for John Kerry for President. He's a friend of those left wing Hollywood types and I bet he even has a rainbow flag nailed up inside of his garage.

Shot: The groups of rednecks stand looking down at redneck to with a suspicious look on their faces. As redneck two starts to address the group the driver slowly puts the chair down, backs away, and quietly walks towards the door.

Redneck 2: Wait a minute now! You know he's lying; I've been living here all my life. I don't know nothing about no meth labs. What's a rainbow flag? And, I ain't even got a garage; you can call home and asked my wife. Where did that Yankee go?

Shot: We see a garage worker lowering the Chevy with a jack after having just changed the rear tire. The Driver runs up to him as he throwsa wad of bills in his hand. The Driver opens car door hastily and jumps in the car. Fumbling with his keys the driver starts the car to a loud engine roar.

Shot: We see the group of rednecks run out the door of the bar into the parking lot chasing after the driver.

Shot: We see a close-up of the driver behind the wheel of his car through the front window. At first, he has a blank stare on his face, which charges into a half smile as he watches the group of rednecks running toward him.

Driver: What the Hell!

Shot: We see the rear wheel of the car; we hear the engine roar; to see the rear wheels spinning in a cloud of smoke; we see the car leap forward as the car steers towards the group of rednecks; they see the car racing towards them; and they all have to dive out of the way not to get run over.

Shot: The car zooms past the group and spins around in a hard u-turn. The rednecks get up and run as the Chevy chases them around the parking lot. The Chevy takes a hard right turn exiting the parking the parking lot, sliding and spinning its wheels as it tears off down the highway. As the angry group of rednecks watches, the Chevy race away down the highway and disappears.

Shot: We see the Driver behind the wheel of the Chevy; we hear the car slowing down; the driver takes a deep sigh; wipes his brow and sags back into the seat. The driver reaches for the radio and turns it on. The song Long-Haired Country Boy by Charlie Daniels starts playing.

Shot: The camera pans back away from the car and slows down while the Chevy gradually drives away from the camera into the vastness of the Texas Highway

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