The Cafe Du Luxe Car Show January 9, 2010

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Event coverage of a Dallas based car club.

Submitted: January 10, 2010

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Submitted: January 10, 2010



The Café Du Luxe Car Show January 9, 2010

Posted for Buddy Love

On one of the coldest days of the year DACC members warmed up with the fun filled atmosphere at the Café Du Luxe in Denton, Texas.Café owners/Club members David and Jana Carles set up an impressive venue for DACC cars and trucks and café patrons in general.
The quaint little art cafe rocked as a musician performed Elvis and Stray Cat’s songs and employees dressed up in ’50 attire. In between applause, Club members went back and forth between mulling around an impressive array of 55, 56, and 57 autos and sipping on upscale coffees and fine wines in great company and conversation.A special treat for all was the unique ’50 specials of root beer, hotdogs and floats along with a ‘50’s horror movie projected outside, drive in movie style. Despite the Cowboys’ play off game looming later in the evening, club members made a reasonable turn out with their classic Tri-Fives.
Congratulations to all class winner winners and a Happy Birthday to Dan Bunch who celebrated during the show. After Dan made the mistake of telling the group of his birthday of course an embarrassing round of “Happy Birthday to you was lead by the Rock a Billy musician was sung ending with, “You look like a monkey and you smell like one to!” For a birthday treat a bottle of chardonnay was purchased and gladly consumed by all.After sipping his wine Dan received a huge slice of dark chocolate cake that covered a whole dinner plate, drizzled with chocolate slurp and 5 forks. Truly too damp and rich a cake, but we ate it anyway.
This next member activity may seem strange.It may even be the first time this type of activity has been covered in any form of media.Even the event participants were a little hesitant at first to speak of this pleasurable experience. Nonetheless, once discussed most club member felt compelled to ventured forth to experience the unique new age, modern-styled water fall bathroom faucet in the rest rooms.The three inch wide “waterfall effect” of the bathroom’s faucet gave the bathroom a desirable edge and more natural feel to washing ones hands.Yes, we know what you are thinking; we or at least I need to get out more in the 21st century.
All-in-all, a superior event that was enjoyed by all that participated in the friendship activities and light banter.I would highly recommend that if you want to enjoy an artsy café that serves private label coffees, wonderful wines and a broad menu featuring everything from breakfast pastries and great lunch choices to heavy appetizers and decadent desserts, café Du Luxe is your place to go.

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