Managing Happiness

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Submitted: June 22, 2012

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Submitted: June 22, 2012




-Managing Happiness- 

DEFINITION: "happiness is what we get when we get what we wanted".

Humankind wants to be happy. Needs to be happy. Craves happiness. They move to become happy; thereby making decisions; changing their future.

Humans, whether rich or poor; fat or thin; have many things in common. One of which is that all of them need management of their happiness.

Persons define happiness in terms of reaching targets. It is a steady line. It must be a steady line; going up. If not, we're not coming closer to happiness, you following my draft?

Have you seen it with the rich guy? Success after success; he just needs one more (SHOT). Drugged, isn't the crazy guy? No, it is the same for any other person. Lets take another leap.

The employee receiving credits for his work.

The lover receiving love and appreciation.

And this could go on forever.

The funny thing is, if you've not been sleep-reading, is that you would argue that these persons would be as happy as the first time they received a certain degree of succes-appreciation-love. IT MUST GROW FOR HAPPINESS TO STAY.

Another fun fact adding to this is that, if it were to keep on growing, us human beings would simply become fed up with it and restructure our - become happy objective-

Lastly, the final fun fact might be the most hardest thing to tolerate; as it really cuts all humans as a knife. The worse our performance is to meet our objectives (sufficiently), the worse we find ourself reflecting on our process of life, our roadtrip towards happiness; re-experiencing every 'dent of faillure'.

With this, I leave you 
(whilst keeping the management of happiness for myself)

Alexander As-Sabr (Add me on facebook for more!)

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