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Submitted: May 21, 2012

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Submitted: May 21, 2012




(ST) Cargo

Jared has never traveled before but tonight he will travel around the airport to see why nobody seems to be over there because earlier there were people but now the airport has turned into a wasteland of papers and cargo people have left behind. Jared is at first too scared to go searching alone so he tries to remember a backstory about his worst fear. Jared is also locked in the airport because of a strange pulse is pulling him back from the doors, is Jared going to get out alive? What is this strange force? Where is everybody? Find out in Alexander Feliciano’s short story that involves Horror, Backstories, and Cargo.


(ST) The Dead Pit

The Dead Pit is a shocking tale about if the dead were to come back and have revenge on the living people who killed them or the people the dead have always hated. A group of mine workers find a secret door which leads to an underground goonie adventure which leads to an underground cemetery known as The Dead Pit.


(ST) When Midnight Flies By

It is the year 1990 and James Rosa is a movie producer who gets lots of cash. James later wastes some of his cash on a cursed antique which is about one hundred- five years old. The antique could damage the timeline or even steal your soul as the future goes by. You age fast and you can’t stop it When Midnight Flies By.


(ST) Heart Of The Devil

Max Serino is your average kid, his sister Margret is the average teenager, their backyard… Not so normal. As Max and Margret’s parents are away they can do whatever they please but digging in the backyard isn’t a good idea. Under their backyard lies a treacherous terror which feeds on the souls of us the living. And as Max digs up the truth he has the devil’s heart and now demons are haunting them until they give it back, Max’s friends say put it in the museum but the demons have other plans to steal back the Heart Of The Devil.



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