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Christian works as a cropper who works in the fields but somehow the sun gets closer and starts to send weird creatures down to earth but good thing he's staying in a diner in Wormwood, Kansas.

Submitted: March 11, 2012

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Submitted: March 11, 2012





By Alexander Feliciano


Chapter One


Me and the guys were just working on the fields, getting the corn and all that other tiring shit back at the farm like, feeding the chickens, and all that western shit we usually do. Men work too damn hard to get fifty dollars a month, and the women get over one thousand dollars, to be honest “what the hell!” I mean that’s not fair at all like that’s really unfair to give a woman more money than a man who works hard in the fields all day while women wash dishes and sweep houses. We were in the field as I said before, cropping the fields, for some reason the sun seemed to be getting closer to Kansas. Closer everyday. It’s like space came closer to the earth’s atmosphere or something like that. I sat at the bench under the cool shade with my water bottle sweating, refreshing water, the cool taste of the ocean, my pupils got bigger as I stared at the ocean in my mind, I started laughing like a hyena as I watched the ocean “ it’s too hot! Need water!” that’s what kept repeating in my head. I took the water bottle and gulped all its cool refreshing water (I was ashamed of myself really). I took a paper out and the paper said:

Alaska at July. Don’t forget Christian.

Love, Teddy


I almost forgot! Alaska! Next month finally the coolness arrives to me next month. There was less cool breeze than last year, now the air is all hot and really humid. The summer was sticky last time but now it’s really sticky! I can’t wait to go to Alaska. I walked home with a pick ax on my back not noticing the sun was now getting closer—it’s like the sun is trying to stalk people or maybe even burn to death, as I walked the heat seemed more closer to my body so I started to speed walk then I felt it again so I started running down the dirt road dodging the cactus’s afoot. I ran faster and faster trying not to get burned but the second I stopped…ow! The hot touch of the heated ax tried to burn my back so I threw it to the ground and kept running, no turns just the empty dirt road ahead of me like it seemed forever to run home. I ran and I ran and I finally saw a diner ahead, not my house but probably some place cool. I entered the diner and fell on the floor feeling the hard ground hit my head, all the people looked at me fall, I saw light come from the outside, I stood up limping toward the waitress and I said “ lock your doors and shut the windows! everybody do the same thing!” everybody thought I was crazy and started laughing at me except for this old woman who said something as they laughed at me “do what the man says, he is not joking at all, there is something going outside, something really terrifying—to terrifying to describe just do what the man says!” the old woman yelled. The people looked serious and stopped laughing except for this fat bitch “What’s gonna happen if we don’t close the doors and windows, ha! What’s gonna happen huh! Old lady as if this is the end of the world”, I stood up for the old woman and said “I don’t know what the hell is out there but that thing made me burn my back which hurt like fucking hell! So shut the damn freaking doors and windows until this crisis is over will ya! You fat lard!” the man punched me and started to pull my shirt and threw me on a table across the room that hurts! Two men pulled the fat bitch away from me so I wouldn’t die! I stood up and something flew through the room and into the kitchen—we all paused for a minute looking at the window which was smoking, the fat bitch walked to the kitchen being so stupid as to walk into the kitchen alone, there was a ball which looked like a meteor, he got closer to the thing. It popped up bouncing around the diner “what the fuck!” the fat bitch said, the thing flew at a person’s face ripping through his flesh, he screamed and blood gushed all over the floor spilling out blood and brains everybody started to scream and shout, I had to get something, I saw the man getting eaten by a thing, he was moving too much and now the thing went down his throat chewing through his pallet, it was so damn nasty, too late he’s dead, it was headed for the waitress, she screamed in terror as the thing tried to rip her leg off, the thing chewed through her leg muscles and now chewed through her bones, I saw her scream as blood sprayed out of her leg. I ripped a chair leg and stabbed the thing through the middle after it ate her leg, the woman was crying and in pain, her husband thanked me for saving her life but too bad for the guy who’s face got eaten away by that thing, what was that thing anyway?



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