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Brian Burke has been kicked out of his newspaper buisness in New York and now he has a job in Connecticut where he has to mine & clean sewer pipes. The only problem is that there is something lurking the mines and rats are getting bigger, the boss is hiding a terrifying secret that Brian must find out before "THE SEWERS RUN DEEP".

Submitted: March 28, 2012

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Submitted: March 28, 2012




Alexander Feliciano

The Sewers Run Deep












Elizabeth Caswell

Susan Burke







Chapter One


They threw out the business. Everybody hates me of course because all I do is the paperwork, the bills for the damn building, there treating me badly—I never wanted to work there anyway. When I got back home I just randomly looked through job ads on the newspaper seeing nothing but that exterminator crap. I kept looking through every one of those crappy jobs until I saw one I was good at; plumber. As I checked the job with my yellow sharpie my wife looked happily at me like she was happy I got a new job or she just wants me to leave her alone all day while I’m at my job. I walked to the place the next day and all I saw was an old factory with mist coming from its pipes and it smelled so horrible like something from a sewer, I bet it’s not an ordinary pluming job; I walked in the factory and saw an office where an overweight clerk sat there reading the newspaper and eating a slice of pizza, I didn’t want to upset her so I complimented something about her “I—I like your dress mam” the woman smiled a little and then spoke “if you’re looking for the boss he is in his office” after that I walked to his office and all I saw was a guy with a cloak and he was smoking, watching the men work through the window which was disguised as a boulder. He asked me what I wanted in a low voice then he coughed “ I know I shouldn’t be smoking but—it’s so fucking good” I saw the man take a big breath of smoke in his mouth I started to cough myself a little but I held my collar around my mouth and nose. “so you’re here for the job aren’t you” he said “of course sir” I replied but he interrupted “ don’t call me sir—call me Frank” he said then looked back at the window and chuckled a little as I left the room. I walked over to the sign which said tunnel and there were head gear on a coat rack so I grabbed it and I walked down the slippery stairs which were covered with water and the moss which made it slippery and it was so dark. I suddenly started to see light up ahead so I ran but I stopped at a point and fell; I felt the sticky green moss all over my elbow but I stood up and went in another direction where there was light as well. I ran and ran until I fell off a ledge in an underground lake. “Help me! Can’t—swim” I couldn’t swim that was true, I’m so stupid that I forgot I cannot swim! I felt something sliver around my leg, it was burning my leg so I kicked up my legs and I saw a group of men laughing at me except for three of them which dived in to help me. The thing was getting closer but I kept kicking up as the men helped me. As I finally got out the men asked if I was alright, my hearing was like an echo at first then I understood them. I nodded as they asked me if I was okay, “oh man I thought you were a goner, hey my name is Zack, Zack Foster what is yours” I just said “my name is Brian, Brian Burke” then Zack introduced me to his other two friends Marc, and Anthony. Later we were checking out the pipes and mining for gold… gold is what Frank wants. As I mined time was getting really hard, we couldn’t have a break until our mining is done like at midnight or something like that or probably even until five in the morning when I usually wake up. When I was at my house sleeping with my wife I heard a strange knock on the door, I didn’t want to answer it at first since I was naked so I put on my pajamas so as my wife and I walked to the front door seeing that Frank stood in front of the door so I opened it and there was only an envelope on the ground so I took it and got back into my house then I opened the envelope which had a pay check inside which was $20,000. The next morning I didn’t want to waste time eating breakfast so I took my bike to the factory and saw Zack mining in a dark area, I walked down the misty path to the dark area where Zack mined and he saw a canister sitting in the mist and he told me to stand back as he examined it. I was frightened that I didn’t know what was in that canister, probably nothing dangerous I hope! Well after that Zack just left the canister alone for a reason, it’s probably that fragile.

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