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Alexander Feliciano, author of "THE OTHER ROOM" presents a terrifying tale filled with terror, fate, and cats. Craig has waited too long for his mother to move to Louisiana for her to live in a beautiful home, instead he gets a old ugly mansion which belonged to a latin captain who has died from his own cats and now people say his ghost floats in this very bayou, searching for new blood in a new soul. Craig is scared, his mother is mysterious, the pastor is out of his mind! Only Alexander Feliciano can give you the terror you need in "NINE LIVES"

Submitted: March 09, 2012

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Submitted: March 09, 2012



Nine Lives

By Alexander Feliciano


I wrote this book to grab attention from all you people reading this, not a very good thing to do but I am ignored by my teachers, friends, classmates, so now I am writing this book for a very good reason in my imaginary world. I believe that you people reading this will have a good life, a good family, and good hope—just to tell you.

I was at the park walking with my mother as I saw these small children behind me talking to her mother saying “mommy said that we can go to the park!” the other one said “oh! We should go when were done walking” the other one said something else “hey mommy” the little girl said “yes sweetie?” the mother replied “do you have your wallet” the girl said “yes” the mother said in a low tone “can we use it to get ice cream when the ice cream truck comes driving by?” the mother looked confused but she knew what they said, I never heard anything else since me and my mom walked away, later we saw a dog, a puffy golden dog, it was cute so my mom scratched it “your dog is like a plush” my mom said, “my dog is getting so much attention today, thank you for the compliment!” the two women smiled, me too a little bit since I like seeing my mother happy—it always reminds me of a book I read a long time ago but I just can’t put my finger on it. It was a warn day, a few days before spring, at first it was hot but I got used to it.

Anyways I was writing a novel called Nine Lives this is just the introduction, now I hope you enjoy my first novel.

-Alexander Feliciano

Chapter One:

Grandma’s House

I was sitting on one of those seats near the end of the ferry, kinda scary was what I thought to myself but I just wanted to feel how it felt like, probably you’ll get sea sick and chunk out your own breakfast. The captain was really suspicious and the way he looked, I mean he had a stitched eye for Christ’s sake! That is so freaky! It’s like he was born in tough town Brooklyn, that’s where I was born. It was usually calm there first with all those Jews walking around the place. I was always fascinated by books, the way they take place and the way they end is like Alice in wonderland or something like that. I was on my way to my mother’s house—she lives in Louisiana but not the Orleans place… in the shitty bayou, she’s poor but why would she live somewhere ugly like the bayou, I mean she always wanted to live in Louisiana but I hoped it wasn’t a bayou and now she… she’s stuck in the goddam bayou! I just want to shoot her in the head and say “live somewhere better you old hag!” that’s what I would say if I saw her but… she’s my mother! I can’t do that to my mother! This is a big situation for me. I just remembered something, I remember that when I was five I saw my mother with another man!

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