"TEDDY" Chapter One

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Calvin & his family move to a new town, a not so normal town.

Submitted: April 14, 2012

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Submitted: April 14, 2012




There I was so excited to see this new house in Connecticut. Some people say that creepy things happen there but I don’t believe that. It was the summer of 1984 when all the teens and kids go to those crazy horror movies so as back in my day the early 50’s when me and my friends would sneak into those horror movies, actually all we liked was the gore and the babes too, I missed my friends but they said they’ll be having their degree at Granby somewhere near Cherrymill where I’m going to live, they probably live in Granby I hope. My wife slept on my right shoulder with my jacket around herself because the air conditioner was too much for her. My daughter Danny sat in the back she is about seven years old and she loves to write and she is also really smart well almost pretty smart. My dog Balto, a husky who is two years old sat in the back of the car sleeping through the entire trip and ignoring the damn bumpy roads. There we were good old Cherrymill! It looks so peaceful and beautiful but I bet it’s only the bright side so far. My wife woke up yawning from the ride and my daughter was still awake reading her books with her thick glasses. As we stopped I saw the lakeshore beyond the house and it looked wonderful, simply fascinating! My neighbor welcomed me to Cherrymill his name was Konrad a guy about in his early forty’s a bit older than me I should say, he was wearing fishing gear so he was probably fishing near that beautiful lake in the backyard of his home. My wife unpacked carrying my typewriter to the second floor of the house. I talked to Konrad a bit and I had a chance to see his wife Bedilia who cooks great almost like a chef! At least that’s what Konrad told me. “Hey what’s with the town down there it looks like a new version of ghost town!?” I asked Konrad, “well you see that a long time ago there was a some sort of demon and he was a stubborn one because he would always try to slaughter little kids and he would slaughter the parents next so nobody knew what happened but my great grandfather noticed but before he told anyone he got slaughtered by the little demon and then the demon burned down the town. Quite shocking that story is!” I nodded and then walked in. it was now nightfall, thunder crashing in the sky and lightning flickering swiftly through the skies, the shutters repeatedly slammed shut and opened. . I was asleep and I was having a nightmare, I was in front of an old toy box and it creaked open a bit and I saw red glowing eyes like the blood of a human being. I heard it growl like a bear and saliva was running down its teeth with its sharp claws and its creepy glowing eyes. I woke up after that and it was the crack of dawn, I could smell bacon from the room and the fragrance was so deliciously good I had to eat something! I ran to the kitchen like a lightning bolt about to hit a person, I saw my daughter eating her breakfast with those glasses and went off to school feeling confident and free. Danny was walking calmly down the sidewalk seeing people mowing the lawn or watering the plants without even noticing her. She walked and walked but none could see her even Konrad couldn’t see her. She was at school and the teacher saw her looking at nothing but thin air, but Danny could see that a man in a black suit watched her like a hawk and at lunch the kids weren’t very nice as they took Danny’s lunch and splat! They squished her lunch, later they pushed her on the ground and all the kids screamed “you’re not perfect!” then suddenly she got so mad that one of the kids screaming at her got killed by a Saint Bernard that just randomly shredded him to bits as the dog ripped his arm off and blood came squirting all over the children’s faces and then the dog ripped his head as he screamed in terror and the children screamed and cried as well. Mrs. Tollins came out and saw the child laying there on the floor dead with no arm or head; she ran to the dead child and cried dramatically. Later the police came surrounding the place and Danny walked away from the crowd to Mrs. Tollins and said “I did it Mrs. Tollins” Mrs. Tollins gave her a strange look like she the child would never kill a student “no Danny it’s not your fault it was that dog who tried to attack the poor child now go home and be careful!” Mrs. Tollins said as Danny ran home seeing her father quite worried. Danny couldn’t sleep that night so she walked to the hallway and heard voices whispering Danny. Danny followed the voice and ended up at the attic door where the doorknob was all dusty and rusty, Danny slowly turned the knob and a creak came from the door which scared the child. She walked slowly up the stairs and saw a ballerina music box play by itself and then she saw a toy box. She walked slowly towards the toy box but before she opened it there was dad AKA Calvin. “Sweetie what are you doing here it’s midnight” he ended with a great yawn “I heard voices dad” she replied


“Yes dad! I heard voices coming from the hallway and I ended up here”

“Oh! So you are sneaking off!”


Before Calvin said any other words he saw the toy box sit there and he heard the terrifying growl of that beast. He started to get flashbacks of the happening, there was a thing that growled and had big sharp teeth with saliva dripping from its razor sharp teeth! The claws were covered in flesh and blood and the thing growled like a grizzly bear (I guess Smokey wants to fight back against those wildfires!) it sounded like a dragon growling at my feet and I was holding the sword but I just let go and surrendered to the fierce beast. As Calvin woke up from that disturbing day dream he grabbed Danny and put her in the safe comforting bed just in front of daddy’s room!  As Calvin left Danny fell asleep but there was something glowing in her closet which was the same thing in Calvin’s day dream. Next door there was a kid still awake just staring at the glowing and grudging eyes in his closet, the thing came out of the closet and ran up on his bed, the kid pulled a blanket over himself so he wouldn’t get hurt but the thing ripped through the sheets so he wrapped the thing in sheets and threw it in the closet after that he locked it. He ran to open the door but it seemed locked and the thing was clawing its way out the closet, the kid had no choice but to break the window and jump on the first floor roof, he grabbed his bat and swung it at the window breaking it into pieces. He later then crawled out before the thing clawed his leg, he walked outside on the first floor roof and it was raining as hard as the ocean. The kid saw the thing walking closer to him so he swung the bat at it knocking it off the roof and into the pond. He sighed in relief as the thing stood there dead, but then the thing struck back behind him clawing his back and blood came spraying out of his back, he screamed loud enough that all the neighbors saw the kid who bullied my daughter just saw blood gush from his mouth and fell in the pond drowning in blood and dirty pond water, luckily he was still alive after the accident and after a few days in the hospital Danny and the kid were friends and his name is Steven. Later after a few days there was spring break so me and the family just had a trip down the Granby road where those strange happenings are going on or something like that. As we walked my wife Glenda was starting to worry about Danny if she well end up just as bad as Steven, I told her were just searching for valuable items, then she chuckled a bit as I kicked a garbage can. Her laugh is the sweetest thing she can offer to me, she is so cute and she acts like a teen.

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