The Wild Mile Chapter 1 & 2

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Oliver has had a normal life so far but today he won't have luck as he notices that his family vanished, now he and a group of survivors must find their loved ones as well, now they will go on a horrifying journey to figure out the deadly truth.

A Stephen King Masterpiece
-Lillian Reyes

Submitted: April 20, 2012

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Submitted: April 20, 2012













A Novel



It was dawn and I could see the bright sun beating down at my face, it wasn’t enjoyable at all knowing that its summer and nobody likes the damn sun beating down at their motherfucking faces! God how I hated the sun only when it would be summer and it would be humid, the stickiness was bound to dehydrate somebody during the summer, probably not in Alaska or Antarctica but it sure works here in Connecticut. As the sun beat down on my face I covered my face with the sheets I was holding on my lower left arm I was sitting on with my body, I grabbed the sheets and put them over my face making me look like a ghost in one of those Vincent Price movies. My name is Oliver and I have a wife and three kids. My wife’s name is Julia; Jason, Freddy, and Amanda were the mischievous little kids Julia have to take care of all day. I would always be at work just selling houses and shit like that, I call it shit because I have to stay outside most of the time talking about the goddam house while it’s so hot outside like I live in a volcano or Africa. There I was sitting at the kitchen table with all the commotion going on in the kitchen. Jason and Freddy won’t share the last waffle and Amanda keeps talking about the studies of cells and there life cycles. The same confusing shit I had to deal with in my math class while I was in sixth grade learning the fractions and the square roots, after Mr. Mielniczuk would ask me if I had any questions I would just say that he bored the shit out of me! I walked up to the little coffee maker my mother got me while she still lived but too bad that old bag is dead now, I thought how cruel I was and made a commitment to myself. My mom was a mean person but all that’s left of her is her old 1947 coffee maker she gave to me; even though it’s 1988 doesn’t mean I can’t have a 1947 coffee maker ( stupid remark). Well my grandma died a bit young, but I guess she smoked herself to death and she also had aids from well you know from my dad, and she got bit by a raccoon two days before she died! I was on my way to the drug store in Plymouth, Connecticut where all you find are trees and pilgrim shit from thanksgiving, here I go again, overreacting! I smacked myself in a motherly way. I was on the highway just thinking about the trouble you could get into back in my day the 60’s while me and the boys stole a couple of baseballs to play with and two boxes of Hershey bars (that’s the only thing my mom was proud of). It was so silent this morning as if my family disappeared or if there was a zombie apocalypse, I started to worry. I ran outside seeing nobody around but the lake shimmering and the brown wooden dock. Five hours I have been searching, there are no people in the town either it’s like they disappeared; it’s like an episode of the Twilight Zone. I then paced in my study with the bright sun reflecting off the mirror and into my eye sending off a bright painful ow! It hurt so badly and now all I could see is green and red everywhere I look! It’s like I’m in a motherfucking horror movie. I saw nobody anywhere, all I saw was bags flying through the wind and cars jammed into light posts. I walked down the empty streets grabbing a pipe in case someone tries to beat the crap out of me. I could hear nothing but the sound of the wind whistling in my ear which was so damn annoying and loud at my ear drums. I felt myself scarce as I saw a sign which said: Caution just flapping about in the wind, I heard a noise behind me I was getting more scarce and desperate now as I heard a voice nearby. I turned and turned and then I saw something behind a car near the gas station it sounded like crying. I slowly walked toward the car grabbing my pipe firmly in case, I saw a woman with blonde hair and hazel eyes staring at her hands crying “anything I could help you with miss?” I asked but the woman was shocked and gave me a scared look “I thought I was the only person here” she said “so did I but do you think there are more?” I replied “I guess” she said in a light tone. We walked down the black road seeing nothing but signs and gas stations. We decided later that we went to a gas station nearby to get something to eat or drink “my name is Ashley so you are…” she ended with a question type form “my name is Oliver” as we started to talk about each other I realized that there still might be more people out there but there too afraid to show themselves.



I saw something out the gas station window lurking throughout the station, I grabbed my pipe and slammed the door open seeing a dead man getting eaten by ravens, but on my right to the car this tough black guy grabbed my pipe and tried to choke me. Ashley ran out and hit the man with a coffee mug on his head, blood leaked from his head and she thought she had committed murder but nobody’s around, where are the police, the guards, where is anything! I had gone mad thinking where everyone has gone. The black man woke up and I was ready this time “no don’t you dare throw that pipe at me! I just thought you were a zombie or something!” I understood his apology and he worked with us. How are we still here while everybody is gone? It’s not a simple question, I wonder where my children are, and where is my wife? Andy and Tony agreed that they couldn’t find their children or loved ones either; it was like a zombie invasion, or a nuclear attack which wiped out the world instead of us for a reason, but I don’t know that one reason. I remember when the family set out camping and my wife almost drowned in the water but thank god she’s still alive. At least I think she’s still alive but somewhere else. I walked outside seeing the moon shine on the water’s surface, how smooth it looked and I could see light coming from the water reflecting toward the gas station making it look visible, it was beautiful how it looked; I heard a yawn come from my back which was Ashley who woke up to get an ice cold can of Coke in the mini fridge under the counter. I see something moving in those bushes, is it another person? I walked out but it moved again so I stood away from the bush and jumped in it and I grabbed on to a thing which struggled to let me go, I flew everywhere and I got dizzy, as I let go I fell rolled down a hill into the river, I was out cold. I saw a flashback of me and my wife’s wedding but it was different because something interrupted, it sounded like a contact from my family and it fainted away as I thought harder. I woke up with my hands all blue; it was dawn so I walked back up to the station to see who that person was. As I made it up there was a pastor sitting on a stool in the station “so you’re the guy who knocked me out” he said “ I’m sorry I thought you were something else. I mean there are no people but you still never know what’s out there!” the man nodded. I walked up to Ashley and Tony and then we walked down the long road seeing dead squirrels and birds; it was disturbing because there were dead pets too, while we walked we just saw dead things on the road and nothing else.



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