Blue is Blue

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Yes is no and no is yes.

Submitted: October 13, 2015

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Submitted: October 13, 2015



I may see and call it blue but you call it Sapphire, blue is blue.

I love cooking, creating delicious delicacies that bring a smile of satisfaction. Crumbs around your plate, instead of on your plate, are a good sign of enjoyment and satisfaction. Cooking is cooking but to me, it is LOVE.

Introducing new coffees and methods of brewing it and knowing that I play a part in starting your day makes me happy. Although not all attempts are successful, your honesty means the world to me. Coffee is coffee but to me, it is LOVE.

Encouraging you and teaching you one of my life's passion, running, is you wanting to enter my world. I get to be there to help you accomplish something you have never attempted, 13.1 miles. I get to ask the question, "Want to do another one?" Running is running but to me, it is LOVE.

I do not ask for your definition of LOVE to change. I do not ask for your patience while I change mine. What I promise you is my never ending attempt to step into your world of LOVE and enjoy what you enjoy, undivided love and affection. LOVE is LOVE but to me, LOVE is you.

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