Three Little Birds

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What happens when a man's ability to function, surpasses his body's ability to keep up.

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



Three little birds flew to my open window

Late one summer morning

A dove

A raven

A pigeon

They sat and watched me for a few minutes

Moving about occasionally

I decided to grab some crackers

And made a pile for each of them

I sat and watched them eat

They ate steadily

The dove began to swell

Like a great big balloon

And rolled off the ledge

The raven began to caw caw caw

He cawwed ten times

And then he exploded

Into a little puff of feathers

His skeleton turned to dust

And blew away in the wind

The third bird looked up at me

"Thanks for the food"

"No problem, sorry about your friends"

"What friends?"

"I guess I'm seeing things"

"Maybe you should get some rest, you don't look so good"

"Maybe later"

"You're gonna go crazy if you don't sleep man"

"Get the fuck outta here already"

"Whatever you say weirdo"

And he flew away

And I watched him fly

Straight into the sun

A little plume of smoke came off its surface

My roommate came out of her room

And put on another pot of coffee

So much for that idea

© Copyright 2018 Alexander Jackson. All rights reserved.

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