Mist of the shores

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man is lost at sea

My heart is a ship in the sea Of her soul 
Her beauty strikes me with the cool salty kiss
The bends and dips of her curvature leave me at her whims in the rough seas
Though the look of her strikes a shift in the sails of my heart
It is not her aesthetics that cause me to sing her name to the heavens I as a siren and she as my sailor captivated by the tune of an everlasting heart that belongs to her
What truly brings me to look for her day in and day out along the vast empty shores of life is the freedom she gives 
She's unpredictable one moment her tide is calm with the swells being few, but in the moment were the storm clouds shadow above her is when she makes me soar the most.
The power is captivating as it rocks the ship the fear that hits the bow of my back is misty and eases the pain from me trying to stay afloat
The water overflows into my heart and I almost drown. But right before I can't breathe of anything but her. The seas calm. The ship straightens out and it's as if she never even changed her demeanor. 
This is why she posses my love. Her disregard for what's right and what sane. I may never posses her as my own because she cannot be possessed. This is the wind under my sail and the water underneath my ship. I will search for her love drunk with passion. But she doesn't care. I think of what il do when I find her. 
4 nights I will spend marveling at her beauty alone. That is nor to little or too much.
1 Day shall be spent learning the vastness of her seas
2 flowers I will lay for her at her shores
9 marvels I will take her to see so that I may entake the beauty of amazement in her starry eyes
7 days a week I shall spend pleasing her
9 times I will test her rage to see if I can weather the storm for this is when she is at her best
9 more times I shall sing her name now that I have found it my own
5 nights she will hurt me 
7 nights I will grieve in her absence
5 years I would search for her to call her my own again 
My heart is a ship in the sea of her soul and I am lost.......... And I don't wish to be found.


Submitted: March 07, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Alexander Matthew. All rights reserved.

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Wow!! You are seriously talented when it comes to writing poems!! I especially love the link you've made to the sea. Great job :)

Sat, March 8th, 2014 4:27am


I love this. The movements of the ocean work so well as expressions of emotion!

Thu, June 2nd, 2016 8:07pm

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