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Sometimes mindfulness can be very helpful and this story just about this.

One day, in early June, when the sun's heat had well penetrated already into all corners and nooks, permeated the earth with its rays and this meant that summer had come, one girl, Maya, was reading an interesting new book under the light from a half-open morning window.

The curtain moved slightly to the beat of a light breeze that sometimes entered the room and filled it with a wonderful pizzeria aroma that located very close, on the same street, two houses away.

Oh yeah! They made there an excellent pizza, according to an old Neapolitan recipe, of course in the kiln.

And if you were there at that moment, you would certainly hear Italian speech.

A real Italian pizzeria, you know.


Nine o'clock in the morning. Rare cars are heard, the clatter of heels on the sidewalk, birdsong on the nearest high poplars and low bushes. It's quiet.

Maya had already had breakfast with a delicious bun with coffee and was sitting in a comfortable armchair, reading and sometimes looking at the street, digressed for a moment from the interesting story. And then, she returned to the book and plunged into its world again.

By ten o'clock, when the city became a little louder, began to stir and the coming day began to be felt, the room became completely bright and completely woke up too.

The curtain no longer swayed. The breeze has slowly gone away somewhere.

And Maya, as though following it, closed her book too, got up from the chair and went to the bookcase.

It was a lovely bookcase! Keeper of books, stories. Among them were small toys, a pair of beautiful dolls and statuettes, beautiful turquoise beads that glittered in the gentle sun. All this made up a wonderful aura and gave the room a new space, filled it with some kind of power.

Maya put the book on the shelf and looked at another, blue one, which stood slightly apart from the others. Yes, that Book really was separate, special. Although, at the same time, the most ordinary. And other books were very friendly with her.

It's Magic Book! And the Letters there are very special.

Maya took her in her hands and with a habitual movement wanted to open...

But she didn't succeed! The book was closed. The pages seemed to stick together. Only the cover opened, showing a flyleaf and on the first page ... on the first page was written:





Below there were six empty squares, apparently for writing a word or a set of symbols. And under its a small funny smiley and the words: "be careful and everything will works out."

‘Have you already tried to write something to open it?’ began Stella.

‘Not yet. Are we in a hurry?’ - answered Maya.

‘Of course not! We are in no hurry, we wanted to meet.’ Stella smiled.

And Maya, nodding her head in the affirmative, said that it was.

‘Maybe try to write "LOVE"?’ - said Stella into the phone.

‘Come on!’

Maya returned to the bookcase and, taking a pencil and Magic Book, wrote in the squares: LOVE

... She even thought that she heard a typical refusal sound. Such a triple "tu-tu-tu". And it was so really, but only very, very quietly. And the Book didn't open.

Maya erased this word and tried the word "FRIENDSHIP". No... Wrong again...

She reported it on the phone and Stella said

‘Oh, okay. Not now, so by the evening something will turn out! And what? We are going?’


Maya was going to put her phone down and go to get dressed, but something inside, some inner ray, maybe similar to today's sun, told another option to her. She opened Book again and wrote, without straining at all: PASSWORD

And then ... Magic Book has opened! She sparkled with joyful colors and it was evident that the Letters were very pleased, shimmering with good feelings.

‘Stella!’ said Maya in a firm and at the same time very joyful tone.

‘I've solved!’ and this phrase of hers sounded happily.

‘Yes, of course, dear!’ Stella was delighted, when realizing what was going on. ‘There is really written about mindfulness.’

‘Exactly! So, what? Let's go to the pizzeria? Giovanni is preparing a wonderful "Marinara" today!’

‘Of course!’


Soon, our ladies met and, probably, the same light breeze that had been in Maya's room in the morning now carefully cooled the freshly made pizza, gently and slightly flied the smoke rising from the plates. And the Letters calmly and happily lay, as usual, on the pages of Magic Book, preparing a new story for their dear reader.

Submitted: April 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Alexander Melnicov. All rights reserved.

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