a seasonal guide to witches

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a guide of witches

Submitted: July 11, 2012

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Submitted: July 11, 2012



First of all it's witch(girl) and WITCH(boy). Glad that's sorted.

Warlock= magical orc Wizard= Mathematician/potion master Magician=Do I have to answer that?

There are witches and mages. Witch-witch= baby is a mage. witch-mage= baby is a witch witch/mage-human=baby is murdered for being a devil child(can't be controlled) mage-mage=human(bloodline ends)

A witch only has one form of power (ice music ghosts etc.) Mages can use any sort of magic

Every witch/mage has exams in magic.

Trainee witch= no exams passed. Grade 4=has passed first exam now an honourary witch. Grade 3=has passed second exam. Grade 2=third exam passed. Grade 1= all exams passed.

All grade 2 witches are given between the good and evil courses for grade 1.

After a Grade 1 has reaches one year a witch they are given the oppertunity to become and elite.

One more exam and they can join the council.(in charge of exams and other witchy affairs)

If on the witches council when the mother witch(head honcho, girls only) dies the first to kill(evil) or help(good) 100 humans becomes the new mother witch. If the they are witch for ten years+ they are given mage status and unlimited power(they're trusted to use it wisely at this point)

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