my little murder game: samuel

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In this world, greed is ruining the lives of everyone. This is my little way of seeing how clean the world can become.
So, what would you risk for $1,000,000,000?

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012



Samuel wasn't the nicest man in the world. He was a theif and a miser. Now, let's just see his deadly game unfold... ¨What the hell?!¨ Samuel woke up in an unrecognizeable room. He was sitting in an iron, unmoveable, unbreakable and downright uncomfortable chair. His arms were handcuffed behind the chair and were held down with heavy chains. There was a lock over his left shoulder and the key was... embeded into his thigh! He lifted his leg to find it and it's partner were restrained by the ankle in a ripcord into cuff setup. He lifted the and with a slight tug broke away from the chair revealing twin holes. The holes then began foseting water onto the floor. ¨What the ?!¨Relising that he was in a sealed room Samuel began to panic. He craned his neck and ripped the key from his leg. ¨Jesus Christ!!¨ He screamed. He unlocked the lock with his teeth and let the chains fall to the floor. The water had reached his knees. He stood up and, wincing, he threw his hands against the chair. He cursed in agony as he heard his bones crack. The water at his waist collected the handcuffs. He got to the door and tried to open it with his limp hands. It was locked. The water had his shoulders submerged. Frantically, he began to hammer the door with his head. He saw the keys just before he passed out.

He couldn't survive. Could you?

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