Jack The Ripper?

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Jack The Ripper.

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013



It was 1788 East Landon. It was just a little bit after midnight, Allie and I were walking together from work, and there was nobody else on the street just me and her. We got to her house, there we was standing at her front door, I looked into her eyes and kissed her then let go her hand she turned around to walk in her door then suddenly a scream let out a few blocks away. Allie and I both looked at each other, and then looked down the street. Her and I begun to walk down the street soon we came to a dark alley way, there was no street lights just darkness. She grabbed hold on my arm as we slowly started to walk down the alley; she leaned over to me and whispered into my ear “I’m scared…”  “It’s okay nothing’s going to happen while I’m with you” I told her. She loosened her grip on my arm. After awhile we reached a coner of the alley. I tripped over something I couldn’t see what it was in this darkness but I fell into a puddle of something I thought it was water but it was red, I took a closer look to it, It was blood and there was a trail of it leading further in the alley way. Allie and I looked at each other and begun walk some more into the alley, I could tell she was scared from the shaking she was doing. I could see a pack of dogs in the Conner; I rushed the dogs chasing them away.I looked down towards the other side of the ally way where the dogs ran to, I saw a man standing there. The darkness hid his face from me but I coud see that he was wearing a tophat and overcoat. The fog started to roll in and slowly the man dissappeared. There was a dead body; it looked to be Mary a woman who would sleep with any man for the right amount of money. 10 minutes later the cops show up but Allie and I were long gone; we went back to her house and lay in bed. She fell asleep fast but I couldn’t sleep after seeing Mary dead like that. Her troth slit open, Her chest stabbed over and over and covered in her own blood. Soon I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up Allie was already gone for work, she left me a cup of coffee like usual and a letter. I got dressed and went out for some breakfast. I walked into the dinner and sat down at the bar,  the man next to me was reading the news paper once he finished reading it I asked him “Do you mind if I read that?” the man didn’t mind and handed it to me. I read on the front cover “JACKTHE RIPPER STRIKES AGAIN”

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