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Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Submitted: February 09, 2017



“ Turner, we’ve detected one of Tritans ships on long range sensors.” One of Turners advisors told turner, “ how far?” “ we currently can’t determine that right now.”  The advisor replied, as turner walked to where his fighter was kept. “ what are you trying’ to do?” “ I’i’ll intercept the vessel.” Turner replied, “if you deploy a drone , there’s no telling’ what could occur.” “ well it doesen’t hurt to try,” the advisor replied, “ if you board that cruiser, you may not come back, we’d rather risk a drone.” , Turner got out of the fighters cockpit, “Launch a drone.” He replied, as he walked to the USS pegasus’ bridge. Once the drone was launched, the holographic controls were displayed as well as the various holographic gauges like the power level, shield status, hullintegraty, and the 3 different camera views . As the drone approached the cruiser, it took a picture using its camera of the cruisers call name. “ that’s not tritans, Ours, or any known fleets craft.” Turner replied , the drones x-ray camera revealed more, the cruiser was carrying a payload of 200 canisters that were kept in a cryogenic area of the cruiser. “ what do we do?” Tyrone, the pilot asked me, “ send a message to turner informing I’ll bring it to the nearest research facility.” I told my communications officer Burt, who went about typing, then sending the message. While Burt was sending the message, Tyrone positioned the USS Smith close to the unknown vessel, and I engaged the gravity cable, which successfully anchored its self too the vessel, and we towed it to the research hanger on centian4. Centian4 was a desolate planet, a jungle like planet. The creatures that roam its jungles aren’t very teriffying. The uss smith landed after the other cruiser we towed to the research hanger had landed at the hangers front, large doors, which slid open, a trolley traveled out along a built in track stopped at the vessels mid-section, latched on to the vessel, and made the vessel move forward, once the vessel was inside the hanger , the large metal sliding entrance doors slid closed, and sealed shut. “okay, let’s see what’s inside those canisters.” Turner said to me , as I bypassed the cruisers exterior control panel, the side loading door opened and a ramp extended down, then turner entered the cruiser, at first every thing was normal, then as turner and his group of 6 men made their way to where the canisters were stored, I started reciving alerts from the cruisers thermal and motion sensors, “ Turner, it appears someone else is inside the ship.” I said into my headpiece, which was directly linked to turners headpiece. “ alright, thanks.” He replied, as his men began placing teleportation beacons on the 200 canisters. While, they did this, footsteps approached from behind turner, then a silenced pistol shot was fired into Turners head, turner hit the floor, the thud caught the attention of one of Turners men. “ stay here” he told the rest of the men, and entered the hall. The barrel mounted light shone on Turners body, then gunfire broke out as the assailant attempted to kill the man, the soldier fired back, emptying the clip on his auto-pulse rifle, then bent down ,and placed the headset on his head. “Alex, Turner’s just been shot, he’s dead, the cause of his death is unknown.” The soldier replied, this news shocked me, since, jn turners will, I was next in line to take his position. “Place the whole fleet on lockdown, we’ve got a possible assasant loose. I ordered the soldier, who walked up to the cruisers bridge. The soldier activated the cruisers lockdown protocol and placed the fleet in lockdown protocol which made the assailant high priority. Meanwhile, the assasant ran to his fighter which was at the hangers rear entrance , got in its cockpit, and took off. I sawe the fighter take off, and ran to the uss smith, where my fighter was at, and engaged my fighters auto-summon. The fighters 2 engines immidieatly fired, and propelled the craft to my location,once my fighter hovered at my location, its cockpit opened and I jumped inside, and the cockpit canopy lowered. I switched to manual, and movved the throttle lever up to the MAX position, the fighters afterburners engaged, rocketing the fighter past mach 8, in no time I had reached maximum speed, and had caught up to the enemy fighter, then something peculiar occurred, a shockwave was generated ahead of the enemy fighter, and it engulfed the sleek fighter as it flew into the portal, once the fighter dissapeared, the protal collasped in on its self, creating a strong shockwave the sent my fighter into a chaotic flight.
I awoke a few days later on a surgical bed, with Turners face hovering over me. “He did well for the operation” “Doc, can you explain what was done?” Turner asked the doctor before he left the room. the middle aged doctor leaned over the bed rail. “  Numerous enhancements are implanted into your body, your also linked permantly with the uss smith, as well as any other pattern. My fighter was recovered by the USS Smith 2 hours later. “ what happened?” Turner said, since he was onboard the uss smith as well, as the hangers tractor beam brought in the heavily damaged fighter, “ Get a medic!” Carlos yelled over the intercom, once he saw the wreckage, 20 minutes later, A medic, along with a trauma team arrived at the hanger with a stretcher, they had to cut the fighter in half to get me out of the wreckage, and then put me on the stretcher, and immiediatly pushed the strecher to the 1st operating room on sickbays deck. “ we’ve got a bad one.’ The team of nurses told the surgeon, “ what happened?” “ his fighter was severely damaged.” “ okay let’s begin the operation.” The sergoun replied. The operating rooms doors were sealed off, and 2 security guards were stationed out side the doors. 
When I awoke I was in the recovery wing, at first my vision was blurry, then it cleared up. “What happened?” I asked, “ I’d like to tell you the operation was a success.” The doctor told me, this confused me, “ you were the first person to be fitted with the helios control and weapon system.” “ exactly what’s the Helios system?” “it’s a experimental weapon system that’s vessels in your fleet. It allows you move objects with your hand movements, you can run long distances, you have the strength of 4,000 men. We’ve perfected SERUM X.” , I was amazed, all of turners research paid off. “ how soon will I be ready to get back to work?” “I’d recommend 5 weeks, but you could start immiediatly.” He replied, and I got up, and walked out out of the recovery room.

“the serum??” My medic could only shake his head before explaining what occured while i was out. I became so agitated that i grabbed my pulse rifle and forced my way out of sickbay. “wait!” But the medic frantic yelling didn’t make me stop. I now had the technology to hunt down and kill this savage & i planned to do exactly that. I walked as far as the fighter hanger when a security lock-out code was engaged on the access panel. Luckily, the good doctor activated my nueral up-link, which allowed me to hack almost any computer system. It only took me a couple of seconds to over-ride the lock-out and thus i was able to reach my craft. The doctor went to the bridge and gave orders to the on-duty pilot to lay in a intercept course. 

I managed to evade sensors by the time they left the planets atmosphere. “take me to nimbulan 3.” The fighters positronic brain took over control for the 3-day flight, during which i did some reading and sleeping. once i was at the planet, my crafts sensors detected battle cruisers in orbit. One was Tritans and the other vessel was Tibus’s craft. “Arm weapon systems and give me control of flight systems. target any enemy craft.”  i went from a low orbit to a attack dive as i reached a speed of 900mph. Both of the enemy cruisers detected my fighters thermal signature and began to deploy a wave of ships. this ariel battle took most of what i had remaining for strength, thus i quickly blacked-out. At first, i wasn’t aware of the fact that those vessels were planning to capture me, or even kill me. my own craft entered a un-contrlled dive towrd the planets surface, the end seemed near for me. But, luckily, back onboard the USS-Smith, my homing beacon automaticly over-rode helm control and forced the vessel to arrive at the sME LOCATION. “We’ve got hostiles!” A crewman annouced then the battle alert was activated. as my crew and soldiers fought their two opponents, the doctor feverously attempted to activate the nano-revival system he had implanted into my whole body, but the signal wasn’t transmitting. Burt walked over and gently pushed the doctor away from the panel. He then made a fist and sung at the control panels surface and cracked some of the glass on it. Luckily, the signal transmitted and activated the revival system thus awakening me. Realizing the dabngerous position i was in i jerked the flight yoke in my cockpit back as hard as i could in hopes that i could prevent from smashing into the planets surface. My craft suddenly changed direction whithin a few feet from the barren surface and it rose back up hastily. once i was level with the 2 cruisers, i activated the fighters hexium afterburners and accelerated to a very high velocity. while traveling toward my vessel, i scanned a nearby cavern that held a creature that was considered not only highly deadly but also had a kill-on-sight order if it was ever encountered. From the small cockpit of my fighter, i could tell that we were close to losing this battle. 
Meanwhile, Turner saw that i had set a collision course for the cavern. “Conduct a emergency beam out!” He yelled at any avalible crewmember that was on the bridge at the time. At first, i thought that i was going to die because the cavern was approaching at a rapid rate. the air onboard the USS_Smith was filled with the same tension in the same anticipation. Luckily, that particular crewman was able to remotly activate the transporter and beamed me back onboard a few minutes before my fighter crashed into the cavern. “Well,” I commented after i returned to the bridge. “Get us the hell away from here.” “With pleasure the pilot commented and engaged the warp drive, thus propelling us away from that battle scene. While we were enroute to a nearby station for some repairs, Turner came up to me and shook my hand with great pride and respect. “ I knew you wouldn’t die” I looked at him and asked “How?” “You’ll die alone, in the feild of battle” He whispered to me, thus i knew that i could pretty much face any challenge. 

a few years went by before we were given permission to return to that planet, except we knew about the reason that  they almost were willing to risk everything to claim that planet. “Our new orders” Turner told me and let me view them. “They built a laboratory? who would build one there??!” “We’re going to find out why soon” Turner remarked to me, as our vessel dropped out of hyper-space and began to approach the planet.

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