lego agents 2.0 II

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Cole and the squad are back.They have anew recruit,john

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011




lego agents 2.0  II

by Alex Wilson

Three Days later,Cole and friends are going back to work.their next mission is to infiltrate enemy territory,Again!Well,this time we are going to a EAC warehouse.Cole had a M16(model 16),ace had a assualt rifle.Bratt had a Stun gun again.
 "Are we all equipped?"said the 2nd command of the agency."YES SIR!"Said the agents."then Good Luck!"he said.
 EAC Warehouse,9:00am,Cole told his soldiers to move in.They all were ready to fire.cole said to hold fire.FYI Cole got to command troops for one mission.
  "we need to go through the warehouse silently"said Cole silently."Got it Cole."said one new recruit."You look new,what is your name?"said cole."Recruit John" He introduced himself.
  cole,ace,bratt,and john moved in silently.they saw 2 lego EAC Mercs.Ace and Cole silently eliminated them.
 "Watch and learn john"said Cole.Cole gave him a silenced Pistol."Hey John do you want to join our squad."said bratt."Too soon"said Cole."YES!"said john.So we explored the Warehouse until we seen three soldiers of EAC.Cole,John,and Ace eliminated them.
" Good job Recruit."said cole.This was no ordinary warehouse,this was a weapon warehouse.Cole had found a 2.0 Laser Rifle.It came with an extra zoom.Ace found another SMG but it was upgraded.It was like a Laser Rifle,it shoots lasers!John found a Mech.
 "look what I found."said John."Dang." Bratt said.As Cole controls the mech,it starts to move."I wonder what this button does"said cole.It shot rockets everywhere."COOL!!!!!!."the whole squad said excitedly.
 EAC soldiers heard that.Bratt took out is stun Launcher(it can stun up to 100 people!).Bratt shot it.It hit all of them.They were paralysed for probably 2 Hours.
 John said"Lets get out of here!!"We all agreed to evacuate the building and tell the base about the warehouse.
  All the agents were gone.They were captured.Cole called base about the capture and about warehouse.They sent a Jeep over there to pick them up.
  "Commander our squad is going to be called`Beta Squad`."Said Cole the squad leader."Well alright."said the Commander.Cole said"send us some ammunition."
  Beta squad got their ammunition.They were still on their way,until  EAC agents flatten the jeep tires."Go Beta,Attack!."said Cole.Now they were in a real firefight.John took off the suppressor and blasted like 10 of them.Ace was behind the jeep and blindfiring.He took out like Twenty.Bratt stunned the rest of them with the stun launcher.
Ace said"guess we have to walk."So they walked."Lego city is such a beautiful city."Said John."It sure is Private."Cole said.John knew he had been promoted to a private.
  3:00 pm Lego Agent HeadQuarters:They have just arrived 2 minutes ago.
What a Boring Day said bratt.

TO BE Continued

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