Lego Agents 2.0 Part 1

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Lego agents have been around for 25 years(Fake Time).The secret agent recruit,Cole(My OC Main character) must rise in ranks to be called more than just a recruit.His Squad has to eliminate the EAC(Evil Agency Corps.).Join Cole,Ace,and Bratt on a short story series,Lego Agents 2.0 I.

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



lego agents 2.0 I

by Alex Wilson

once lived minfigures who were agents.One was an old agent who has been in the agency for 25 years and he is now the guy who runs the agency.He change the agency by making new weapons like laser rifles and super zoom weapons/super weapons.Well me,im a new agent who likes zooming weapons also we are legos so we regenerate.I have been on 4 missions so far.Im Going to introduce myself.My name is Cole.My 5th mission was to stop a bank robbery.They were different,they had hightech gear like gadgets and weapons.I sneaked behind them and arrested them before they could shoot me.The agency gave me a medal for being quick and sneaky.My new title was recon!!!!!

The sixth mission was a recon mission to go find out what EAC was doing.I went to an EAC warehouse.I seen only about 20 people.I am going to use a laser rifle(extra zoom),i used it and i sliced them up.THEY REGENERATED!!!!!!!!So i gave up.I went to HQ!!!!!! That was a hard mission.Later,i met up with Ace,who i was put into a group with and also Bratt too,the hacker/techy.Next i was setting up for a new mission,Go to The EAC(evil agency corps.)Mini base.I had a sniper,a .50 cal.,and ace had a machine gun.Bratt was a techy so he used a stun gun.We let bratt stun them so we can take them out.Pew.they weren't taken out silently so more EAC troops came in."So much for going in silently,"Cole said.I let ace to take out the soldiers.PEEEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!They were all out and they respawn back to base.Mission acomplished.So after that we took a long break.

To Be Continued!!!!!

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