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Weapons are not just for killing they are for different ways but in this essay i am just telling you different kinds of weapons.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



 Guns are weapons that can be shot far away.Bows are the same but not automatic nor semi automatic.Melee blunt weapons such as baseball bats and clubs have no point,they can't slash but they can smash.sharp melee weapons such as daggers and knives, can slice and dice.Explosive weapons are the most deadliest weapon on earth.Mostly nukes are dangerous.You never want to get hit with these weapons.Assault Rifles,SmallMachineGuns,Pistols,LightMachineGuns,Snipers,and Shotguns are weapons called Guns.Knives,Swords,Daggers,Machetes,and Bowie knives are blades used for Cooking and other things.Atomic Bomb,C4,Bouncing Betties,Mines,claymores,and Nuclear Bombs are Explosives.Javelins,spears,and lances are medium range weapons with points.

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